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41 Ken Masters Shoryukens Dora
42 Killua Zoldyck Speedblitz Dora to Death
43 Typhoon Katrina (from iMac G4 TV) Sucks Dora Into Her
44 Make SpongeBob Tell Nickelodeon Dora Is a Dumb Character

I wish they made an episode of this and then dora is no longer on T.V.. It would be hilarious to see SpongeBob say that.

45 Stop airing it

I would like it if they don't air dora



46 Team Rocket and Ash Work Together to Kill Her

Arceus! Use Ancient Power!

The wild Dora fainted

That would be the most funniest thing to watch

And then we will be happy

We should do that. - TeamRocket747

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47 Make a Character Tell Her a Bad Word and Then She Would Faint

That would be Swiper.

Make her listen to Family Reunion by Blink-182, they say all the curse words in existance in that song. Dora would die listening to that song because if how many bad words it has. - AnimeDrawer

Bring it on

Me:(swears the f word and calls Dora a mother effer

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48 Metal Sonic Comes and Kills Her

This would be the second funniest thing ever to watch. Make a video of it happening on YouTube! - TopTenJackson

Dora: whats that yellow thing in front of us?
People who hate Dora: YAY!

Hell yeah this should totes happen!

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49 Dora the Exploder (Explodes)

Me and my BFF were talking about this and it was so fun.

The theme song plays and Dora and her friends are waiting for their boats. Dora explodes of boredom. LOL. - Powerfulgirl10

Me: Dora is so dump
Dora gets mad and explodes - puglover2008

Theme Song: Dora Dora Dora the Exploder,
will explode for no apparent reason.

This so needs to happen. Make it happen ASAP!

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50 Take her to Kroger the grocery store and the foods come to life and throw bombs to kill Dora V 1 Comment
51 Somebody Sets The Map On Fire With A Lighter
52 A Shark Eats Dora
53 She Poops Her Pants

Then she thinks pee is Apple juice and she eats the chocolate and apple juice. She dies and Boots goes: :0/

Dora the Explorer has a feminine body overall, so that would be hilarious.

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54 You take her to a trip to outer space than leave her on Venus

Dora on Venus
(Shoots her with her Venus love chain)

Venus is the hottest planet I wanna see dora melt there - Officialpen

Sailor Venus: *kicks her to mars*
Sailor Mars: *kicks her to mercury*
Sailor Mercury: *kicks her to the moon*
Sailor moon: *kills her* - SeeU

Sailor Mercury: kicks her to pluto
Sailor Pluto: kills her

Pluto is the sailor of time

55 Pinkie Pie Blasts Dora With Her Party Cannon

Hell yea even Pinkie can't stand her'!

Pinky Pie is annoying, but Dora makes my life a hell!

Thank Pinkie Pie!

I don't care for Pinkie Pie, but I hate Dora EVEN MORE!

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56 Dora Dies

If you hate dora, watch ghetto dora, especially part 2. Part 2 is the best because dora flies a hot air balloon then it catches on fire and she dies and it's the most hilarious one to watch.

Hopefully Dora dies of a permanent & gigantic throat ache.

How about she turns into a cricket and gets eaten by my pet leopard gecko

YAY! - Jay12

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57 Silver (Sonic) It's No Uses Dora

I Hate The Its No Use Meme Nowadays Because It Ruined Silver's Reputation But The Quote Will Always Be Better Than Dora

I Sick Of The Its No Use Meme But Silver Can Say It One More Time To Kill Dora

Silver: nah she has no use other to be blind

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58 Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls fights Dora and uses the tornado on her

Yeah, this would be awesome. Buttercup is much better than Dora.

How did this get from so low to so high? Anyway Buttercup and PPG are better than Dora.

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59 Lloyd Garmadon the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master Kills Her With His Powers

Kai burns Jay electrocutes her Cole posses a chainsaw Zane freezes her Nya drowns her and Lloyd blasts her to bits.

Whoever put this on the list is awesome!

Behold the power of Legos! - RiverClanRocks


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60 Robo Pecola Shoots Her With a Gun
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