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61 The Grumpy Old Troll Sets A Trap On Dora And Boots Right Under His Bridge
62 Dora Gets Kidnapped
63 Her Friends Tell Her They Do Not Want to Be Her Friend Anymore

Dora should live too be a fat lonely friendless hobo

64 The Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys team up to destroy Dora and Boots and the rest of her friends

This needs to be higher, this would be an awesome idea.

That would be sweet! I always like the Powerpuff Girls better than boring Dora the Explorer!

This would be so awesome, this would be the best thing to ever happen. Ppg is a million times better than dora. The ppg and rrb would get so annoyed of her, especially buttercup and brick.

Awesome! - AnimeDrawer

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65 She Throws Up In Her Backpack

This is too funny!

If you want this to happen, go watch the eighth episode of MAD from Cartoon Network. The second skit will feature her doing this.

That actually happened
Backpack: does this look like Dora's barf?

This is so funny! I would actually like to see an episode about this. Dora jokes are hilarious. But the original show is boring and sucks, which is bad.
Dora:I feel so sick like I wanna throw up.
Backpack:If you are going to barf, throw up on anyone but me.
Dora:Sorry Backpack, but I am going to have to barf on you, bwllk!
Backpack:Ew! EW! What are you doing Dora?! You are gross! - AnimeDrawer

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66 She Dies

This is the same thing as dora dies you know.

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67 Inklings shoot her in the face

Inklings and Octarians team up to kill Dora and every other character in the show (except Swiper and the Troll.)

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68 Tell Shadow The Hedgehog To Shoot And Kill Dora

Blaze: ok we have kidnapped her now let's torture her
*all the characters torture Dora by pulling out her intestines until she dies


(I love blaze.w.)
Every sonic character: *tortures her* - SeeU

Dora: let's go on an adventure!
Shadow: wut no...
Dora: I knew you'd say yes!
Shadow: I didn't say yes...
D: adventure!
S: only adventure I'd do is Adventure 2...
D: just come on
Looking for the house
D: where is the house!
S: right next to you...
D: I don't see it!
S: are you blind?
D: no.
D: Shadow no cussing!
S: :goes Super Shadow and kills her: DIE LOSER!
D: :dies:

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69 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends

Except Swiper and the Troll. - Powerfulgirl10

Except Swiper.

Not swiper;-; he is the only good charavter


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70 The Mayor of Whoville Throws a Stapler at Dora's Head

Dora: Do you see Swiper?

Ned: There! I'm too old to be asked these kinds of questions.

Dora: Where?

Ned: He's right behind you!

Dora: Where?

Ned: Oh, for Pete's sake!

Dora: Right behind us?

Ned: Really? You were too blind to see it before?

Dora: I need your help to stop Swiper.

Ned: *moaning and crying at Dora's stupidity* WHY?

Dora: You have to say, "Swiper, no swiping." Say it with us.


*thirty seconds later*

Ned: *throws stapler at the T.V., bounces off it, and implants itself in Ned's head* YELP!

Ms. Yelp: I'm on it.

And actually implants a staple in her forehead.

I'm sorry I don't know much about Horton

Dora Is A Blabbering Boob

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71 Somebody Puts Sticky Tape On Backpack's Mouth So He Will Stop Talking
72 Dora Gets Arrested

For being a baby show character,

73 Dora Plays Five Nights At Freddy's

Every character in the series will sneak up behind her, and kill her while she's playing it. THE END.

Then Chica will scare the crap out of her.

WHERE ARE WE GOING? -clap clap clap- The pizzeria at 3:00 am!
Then some animatronic rips her head off

Good because dora acts like a hate podge3bdhe3bdhe4df

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74 Waluigi Rapes Dora

Dear Lord... Please help me... I'm traumatized... I can't even imagine that...

Yes. either that or bazooka her in to a bottomless pit that actually leads to hell. YES! JUST DO EEET!

What? No. instead though, put her in a bazooka that blasts her in to a bottomless pit that actually leads to HELL! Yes! Do eeet!

This one is a bit of a sensitive topic...buuut if Doras gone then YAY! - SeeU

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75 Dora Gets Cancer

This is not even funny, this never made me laugh. Take this off the list. I may hate dora, but cancer is way too over the top. It's a deadly disease many people die with, which is sad.

This isn't funny at all. That's mean, because my grandad died of cancer.

Not funny, most of these are, but not this one, take it off and put in something else.

This is not even funny. - Jay12

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76 She will never be allowed to explore anymore

Yes this should happen then she is grounded for life.

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77 All of her friends betray her V 1 Comment
78 Luke Skywalker cuts Dora's Head off with his Lightsaber

Luke could lift her with the force and jump and slice her head off! 😁

79 Assemble an Angry Mob of TheTopTens Users to Chase After Her

I'm joining the mob! - Powerfulgirl10

-Grabs a chain gun and a bandana- I'm in

Come on users, let's kill Dora!

I'm joinig! - Jay12

80 She Gets Another Movie

Her movies take to long to finish do not make another movie

And every character except Swiper and the Troll dies at the end. YAY! - Powerfulgirl10


She’s getting a live action movie.

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