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81 Dora Goes to Hell with Barney and Caillou

And make sure The Cat In The Hat, SpongeBob, and Mickey Mouse push them into Hell.

And so much more hated characters

82 Ground Her
83 Put Backpack and Map Up for Auction
84 Trick Map Into Giving Dora The Wrong Directions

Yes! Make this happen! Then Dora will get lost and her show will end. - AnimeDrawer

85 Swap Dora with Meg from Family Guy

Meg doesn't deserve to be bullied by everyone. Dora on the other hand, does deserve to be bullied.

86 The Once-ler Chops Dora's Head Off With His Axe

.. I'm laughing so hard at this - TeamRocket747

Yes! I agree! - IcetailofWishClan

87 Mr. Krabs Gets A Cold

However, Mr. Krabs could give it to Dora where it mutates into a rare, deadly strain of the common cold and she dies at the end of the episode.

This Was Added Here By Accident

88 Make Her Watch The Emoji Movie Trailer

But she likes it - TeamRocket747

I like it - Officialpen

89 Jason Kills Her With a Chainsaw

That is awesome PIKACHU

A machete would be better

Jason Voorhees you mean

I Hate Dora And My Name Is Jason! 😃

90 A Group of Titans Surround and Slaughters Her

...And Eren didn't get there on time :c - RaineSage


91 Put Her In South Park

That well be so awesome to put dora here so crazy but funny

There cursing would eventually kill her

Or she would turn into one of them

There Actually Is One With Her Where Ike (Unfortunately) Watches Her Show

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92 Give her to Justin Bieber

I'm glad they never made a Justin Bieber episode in dora the explorer, that would be so awful. Justin Bieber sings his song baby and dora likes him and a bunch of other girls want to go to his concert, including dora. That would be the worst dora the explorer episode ever.

Ha! Lol! I would die of laughter watching that because of how bad it will be. - AnimeDrawer

Good, so he can sing and make her ears bleed.

Shes so stupid she probably likes Justin Bieber - toptenzen

Then he's sing Baby and make her head explode. But if Dora's a Belieber... - Powerfulgirl10

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93 Make Bloom use her dragon flame to kill Dora

Well I hate them both I will blast them both

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94 She Rolls In Quicksand

This would be hilarious! Dora and boots will get stuck and won't be able to move out of there.

I would die to laughter if this happens.

Dora: now kids don't stand in ten quicksand!

95 Make Raven Use Her Azarath Metrion Zinthos

I was about to add that laugh out loud

The teen titans will be happy if raven did that on her

The original is what I would see

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96 Sandy Cheeks karate chops Dora's head off

And then squid ward grabs a knife and throws it at dora

Then SpongeBob gives her a crabby patty with a nuke hidden in it.

Marceline the vampire queen will elbow starfire and Dora to death and sandy will poke 6969 needles in Dora's face

And then sandy will smack teen titans go Starfire to death with a iron club!

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97 She Is Killed In the Vietnam War

She should side with the Viet Cong so the South Vietnamese and Americans would hunt her down and kill her so the South/Americans could have an higher chance of winning the Vietnam War (well, they lost, sadly) without being distracted by Dora's tactics.

She should get killed first if she was in the Vietnam War. - MLPFan

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98 Tell Yogi Bear and Top Cat to get TNT to Dora explode

Where will they get it from? Minecraft?

99 Tell the Minions to kick Dora's butt and punch Dora's face

I'd pee myself if I watched this,

Minions and Scarlet Overkill combined would be enough to make Dora soil her bum.

This would be so hilarious.

Me-Hey Gru?
Me-Do You This Mexican Girl Named Dora The Explorer?
Gru-Yes I Do!
Me-Can You Tell The Minions To Beat Up Dora?
Gru-Sure,They Hate Dora Too! (Then Dora Appears In Gru's Lab)
Dora-Do You See The Minions?
All The Minions-TATATA-BALA-TU! (Means I Hate You In Minionesse)
Dora-Oh..(The Minions Beat Dora To A Pulp)
Gru-Well Done Minions!
Gru-(Takes Out Freeze Ray)-Time For Your Freezing You Blind And Deaf Idiot So FREEZE RAY! (Freezes Dora)

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100 SpongeBob Gets Angry at Boots

You mean Dora, right?

That would be hilarious

Boots: so...why are these "Krabby pattys" so weird tasting?

That would be funny

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