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121 She goes to hell

She couldn't resist the pushing, punching and flames! That would be amazing! VOTE KNOW

The lake f fire is not eternal in a literal, fiery sense, but the effects are eternal.

If it and Satan exist then the minute she goes to Hell's doorstep Satan will personally kill her from a death that she'll never return from. - Anonymousxcxc

122 Have Freddy Fazbear and Foxy and the Others Kill Her

Lol that would be amazing foxy can kill her with his hook and spring trap can freak her out



123 Effie Trinket makes her a tribute and Katniss kills her

Dora would survive perfectly in the wild after years of unsupervised exploration and never coming across poisonous frog because her face is to ugly even for them.

Dora should enter the hunger games and be the first too die

Clove should have the honors instead.

V 2 Comments
124 Sanjay kills Dora with venom

Both Sanjay And Dora Are Awful

I Respect Your Opinion

You mean CRAIG kills Dora with venom?


125 The Powerpuff Girls girls take Dora down

This would be awesome.

PPG rules, dora drools. This would be the best thing ever. Ppg is a million times better than dora. She so deserves to go down by them.

Yeah! - Anonymousxcxc

126 Put her on The Nutshack

Dora's So Stupid She Probably Likes The Nutshack

127 She gets eaten alive by tigers

That could be hilarious! - TopLucas

128 Blue (Blue's Clues) Mauls Her

That is what she gets for taking over nickelodeon and dissing blue's clues.


129 Dora catches Ebola

And it spreads throughout the whole Dora Universe

This isn't funny. It's worse than cancer.

To quote Judy Hopps from Zootopia:
"Blood, blood, blood...and DEATH! "

130 Gretchen Grimlock Blasts Her With a Fire Ball

Now that's something I wanna see happen in Poptropica. - Discord1

131 Judy Hopps Arrests Dora

Judy is a cute bunny cop I like...

Dora is an ugly stupid explorer I hate...

So yes!


Nick wyld: it's called a hustle sweetheart

Here's a story I thought of, you can read it if you like:
*Dora and Boots arrive at Zootopia*
Dora: I don't care if humans didn't exist here, let's go! *jumps into a car with Boots and starts throwing tomatoes and eggs at the town as she drives by*
Judy: Oh man *gets Nick*
Nick: What?
Judy: Some insane football-headed girl and monkey are messing up the city
Nick: Oh man, they'll be sorry!
*5 minutes later...*
Dora: We did it!
Boots: Uh...Dora?
Dora: What is it, Boo-- uh oh...
Judy: *Nick is beside her, glaring at them* What did you kids do?
Dora: We threw things at the town
Nick: Loose them
*Dora and Boots quickly throw their boxes of tomatoes and eggs out of reach*
Boots: This was a huge mistake, we're so sorry!
Judy: Apology unaccepted, you're coming with us!
*After arriving at the judge*
Judge: Here we have Dora and Boots, guilty of throwing tomatoes and eggs at our beloved down, you will get 15 years in prison, thank you, Judy ...more

132 Gru Freezes Dora With His Freeze Ray

And then smashes the ice sculpture making blood and guts explode everywhere. - Powerfulgirl10

Then The Minions Throw Dora's Body Into A Volcano

Dora the diariea should die! because she is a crap head for all I know she belongs in hell.

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133 Sticks The Badger bounces on Dora and Boots with a pogo stick

That would be very funny to see a Sega character do something like that.

Yes! Then they could bary her in a garbage can and Mabye sticks could...accidentally eat her. - SeeU

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134 Tails Crashes Dora With His Plane

Blaze and sonic and silver: TAILS NOW
*tails crushes Dora with a disgusting crunch*

135 Squidward Twerks In Front of Her

I need to see this. It would be funny to see Squidward shaking his butt in Dora's face, and Dora would be sitting in a chair, stunned, and with a freaked out face. - Powerfulgirl10

I want to see this right now.

136 Put a sign that says "Free Bird Seed" around her neck and send in the Road Runner V 1 Comment
137 TR-8R Stuns Dora with Z6 Riot Control Balton. V 1 Comment
138 Pingu Annoys Her V 1 Comment
139 The Queen of Hearts orders Dora to be decapitated

Off with her head!

They should've put Dora in the movie and replaced her with the cards. Off With Her Head!

Are Referring To The Tim Burton Queen Of Hearts(AKA-Red Queen)?

OFF WITH HER HEAD! That is so funny! - Powerfulgirl10

V 2 Comments
140 Slice Her Face Off and Kick Her Into a Volcano

Just like Sedullus' death in Spartacus, just with a volcano added

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