Top 10 Things That Should Happen to Your Annoying Siblings

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1 They disappear

This list is mean, younger siblings can be annoying but they wouldn't deserve the stuff on this list

This list is wrong annoying siblings wouldn't deserve anything on this list

Brooo this is hella dark... - AlphaQ

This list is kinda meann...

2 They get arrested
3 They run away
4 They lose their ability to walk and talk

Don't you think that's a little- - AlphaQ

5 They catch ebola

Aight buddy I think that's a little too much - AlphaQ

6 They get adopted to another family
7 They finally move out
8 They become less annoying

This list is awful! Being a little annoying is far from the worst thing in the world! My siblings are annoying sometimes, but I still wouldn't want anything but this option and becoming more mature to happen to them!

This makes sence.

No matter how annoying someone is, they don’t deserve these things, so here’s a reasonable answer.

9 They become more mature
10 They get caught watching extremely raunchy porn by their parents
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11 They get yelled at by parents

My parents yell at me and rarely at my sister. I wish that they would yell at her more often whenever she does bad stuff :(

12 They get tickled
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