Greatest Things to Do On the Internet

Why is so special our gigantic cyberworld? say your opinion!

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1 Playing games with people

I always play games on the net, I am playing freerider right now. - dragon13304

2 Visit TheTopTens

This website is amazing. I like this website very much that is why I do top ten everyday. I am voting top ten because if this website was not here then I would like to vote playing games. We can make our own list can chat with others. Top ten is really amazing. - kormo

A website that is untouched by greedy companies. And there's very funny people on this website. There is free speech, and thousands of cool lists to look at. There's something for everyone. - ethanmeinster

if I didn't like this website than I wouldn't be making this comment - moose4life19

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3 Discover new sites

It is awesome to find new sites. I learned this site for looking for greatest band. And this is the site I love most now.

I love the internet just to surf to find awesome sites that amuse me like top tens!

I discovered thetoptens becauseI wrote thetop tens and I didn't know it's real - Jake09

4 Chat with your friends

It can be very interesting - MatrixGuy

5 Meet some new people.

you can find the one right here... - MatrixGuy

I meet daily people from all over the globe, and its fun

6 Troll

I hate when people troll... But I love to troll

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7 Discover everything, because the world is on the net

The internet is like a beach, you can surf on it and play with it

8 Upload photos or videos

You can broadcast yoursealf - MatrixGuy

9 Watch videos

Simply the best. Probably has incredibly devastating mental affects in the long run, but the best.

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10 Share your thoughts on blogging

Lhat others too know what's your opinion on things - MatrixGuy

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11 Advertise your website, game, blog, etc.

The best in my opinion - belarbi

12 Play games online
13 Date V 1 Comment
14 Look at rage comics V 1 Comment
15 Bully

We have to stop bullying. - JaysTop10List

16 Cyberstalk
17 Shop
18 Seek important information
19 Read news
20 Download music
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