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81 Read Between the Lies V 1 Comment
82 Here Comes the Pain

Are you kidding me? This song should be number one! The first time I listened to this song just made me love this band!

What an unbelievable, brutal riff - top from start to finsh!


83 Pride in Prejudice
84 Psychopathy Red

This song is awesome! You have to listen this song 'cause it is a perfect song.

Tchikatilo would b proud to have a song about him. The bastard deserved it and this song is typical crazy Slayer! Hanneman did a great job here.

85 Epidemic

How is this awesome track at 73?! I mean really... Perpetual demise!
On a fast decline!
Killing tendency!
Epidemic, permanent disease!


86 Aggressive Perfector V 1 Comment
87 You Against You

Probably the wildest solos I've heard! Especially Gary Holt's first solo with all the wild whammy and tremolo, wow.

An ultimate "fight song" from Slayer!

88 Sex. Murder. Art.

Short and fast. Classic Slayer.

Violent and agressive, fast and short with a slower ending, less than two minutes of pure Slayer!

89 Cast Down
90 Human Strain

Its catchy and also represents one of slayer's more vocal-based songs... I can't believe its not even in this list

91 Fight Till Death
92 Chasing Death

This is one of Kerry King's most heartbreaking songs about having close ones die.

Circle Of Beliefs should be on this list as well.

93 Death's Pain
94 Desire
95 Praise of Death

Have you even listen to the solos in the masterpiece? This song is pure adrenaline! - Dibildox

Good song! It should be in first 50.

Should be in top 20

96 Born of Fire
97 Deviance

A slower, creepier song about killers who kill for pleasure. Fells as if you are in a killer's presence!

98 Piano Wire
99 Drunk Drivers Aginst Mad Mothers
100 Walk
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