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1 Right Now (Na Na Na)

it is the best song by akon and it deserve no. 1

This song rocks and is one of the best songs..
well this song really stands out

I'll always Make Up... Great Lyrics... It's Global and everyone heard it all over the whole.

number 1

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2 Smack That

Amazing songs! This is way better than most of his new song albums which aren't as good or anywhere as close as his old ones like Konvicted and stuff.. This is definitely one of the best songs around by anyone! And it even reached 3rd in top 10 billboard list! Must hear

This song is much better
Wtf is Right Now doing in front of this song? This Song is Legendary... Eminem and Akon owns eminem kills in this song eminem rap was hilarious and with akon it turned into a beast. I don't know why right now is at the top this song is much better and the video is also good than right now (na na na). Simply awesome

Eminem rap was hilarious and with akon it turned into a beast. I don't know why right now is at the top this song is much better and the video is also good than right now(na na na). Simply awesome

Best and eminem is god

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3 Beautiful

Awesome song... Akon's best
Great music :) this song rocks should be in first place

This song so rocks! It should be on the first place. It is really very cool so much better and my fave.

This song is simply the best, I love his voice in this one
I think it should be number 1
Great music and better than all of his songs in my opinion

Too beautiful to listen! Extremely enamoring song!

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4 Sexy Bitch

Heart touching song. Really Love it and it should be the number 1 song of this century. Never Heard a song in comparison to it. The Music, lyrics, voice everything is Perfect.

Great music :)this song rocks should be in first place
This song so rocks! It should be on the first place. It is really very cool so much better and my fave.

This song resembles some people's everyday life... Whoa dude look at that chick... Man... Hehehe... Sarcastic song and perfect for fun loving adults

This song is a great song to listen to when your getting ready in the morning or just hanging out with friends and want to dance.

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5 Sorry, Blame It On Me

This should be Number 1 on this list right here.. This song is very good. Love this song to death!

it is the best song. my friends love justin they say many things about you but I don't care about them because I on you are the best love you keep singing
one of fav songs... love you love you love you

This should be Number 1 on this list right here.. This song is very very good. Love this song to death!

My fev song for akon

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6 Hold My Hand

Love this song. Always hear it when I am sad. Truly a optimistic song.
Perfect fusion. Makes anyone feel better.

Best singers perfect fusion
King of Pop With The greatest American African singer awesome!

Just love this song... It's made with the help of the two greatest singers in the world man... Akon and MJ... And what a voice both have in this one!

This one is perfect

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7 Chammak Challo

This one is wonderful. I think akon should do some more stuff with the Bollywood. He'll be a big hit there. Akon's the best.

well I don't like akon that much but this is akon's best song I've ever listened to in my opinion

This song is amazing! Been hearing it nonstop. The song never fails to me super happy! Even the song's video itself is awesome!

Awesome indian song by akon๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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8 Lonely


I like this song this is very good songs lyrics is very good

No words can describe what this song represents. If Chuck Norris ever had a broken heart he would sing this song.


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9 Don't Matter

wow what a song. it couldn't have better, this thing should be in No:3!

This song deserves much more up in the list...
Great song...
Probably his best ever...
Definitely not to be on no.8

wow what a song. it couldn't have better, this thing should be in No:3!
better than a few others on top really should be in top 5... very touching

The best song ever

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10 I Wanna Love You


This song is made for true lovers. I love this. This just touched my heart and my friend sings this for me.

The best song I have ever heard should be in the top 10 list
This song is made for true lovers I love this
Very high quality sound the best voice I have ever hearrd

The best song in the world

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The Newcomers

? No Sunshine (Freestyle)

Akon is singer and it's he's best song it. Greatest Hit song it.
Very too much Best lyrics and awesome song it. Awesome lyrics and good song it...
Akon is the best.
One of the most beautiful song ever.

One of the best song it. And this song best of akon...
Very too much Best lyrics and good song it.

The Contenders

11 Dangerous

Very awesome and says all about chicks and good ones. Everyone should listen to this song when in a mood to party or some thing. Kardinal official is damn awesome with his lyrics!

A awesome song. It couldn't have better, this thing should be in top 5 list.
Better than a few others on top really should be in top 5... Love you love you love you. A perfect song to played in a pub or some party

I just love this song... very awesome song I have ever listened

Should be in top 5 easily. One of my favourite song featuring Akon. - SebC

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12 Ghetto

What the hell is this doing at number 22? Why the hell isn't this in the top 10, or the top 3. What the hell, why isn't it number 1. Meaningful lyrics, a tight beat, and a very mature, well written, awesome song. Should totally be number 1.

Come on! Number 25? Akon's most mature song in ages and it gets low points!
An amazing song which deserves much more

I love this song, it's very good when you're in a bad mood, I think it should be number 1 and it kinda explains Akon's life in the ghetto in the beginning.

This is the best from Ghetto

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13 Freedom

you people are joking right...
are you crazy or something its the best ever and you rate it as the 26th I like this song no its most like a crush this song is the best song that I ever heard it have to be the first because it is...
and way

I really like this song and agree that it should at least be in top 10...
This really has to be Akon's finest work to date and you rate below 20.. Listen to the song carefully... And then rate!

This is such an amazing song! Love this song... One of akons best songs in my opinion! It totally deserves to be in the top ten... I can't believe its 16th!

It deserves to be in top 3

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14 I'm So Paid

This is 1 of the amazing song's of akon I've heard...

This is the best song of akon it is way better then any on this list! It is the best song of akon! Akon is and will always be the best singer in the world! 1

Akon nailed it! Come on people! This song does not deserve to be here, does it? I honestly feel that this song is far better than Right now (na na na). Can we get more votes, please?

My favorite

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15 Locked Up

Back when Akon spoke of things he truly cared about, and it showed in the song. Unique lyrics and a fitting beat

How is this not in the top 5? Much better than crap like Right Now, his older music was way better, vote Locked Up.

Love it boo boo

Not even in the top 5?! Hello, wake up! How could "Right Now" with electro/pop sound and gimmick (Na na na na) be number 1...? It's really not what Akon did best... "Locked up" is his best and most famous song - SebC

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16 Be with You

The best song ever! People should definitely listen this song.!

I think put this song 1 top please..

It's an awesome song.

good song

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17 I Just Had Sex

This Song Is Very Nice. That Song Is Messaging All World To Try The Sex In The Life That's Very Fabulous Song Of Akon. And I Think This Song Is Selected In This List.
I Love You Akon.

You never do SEX in your life


Gives me a boner

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18 Birthmark

What a wonderful song I just can't imagine

Always on repeat. The beat is bam

I love this song

Ooh... Nothig to say... Perfect!

19 That Na Na

It will be a huge hit.. Akon's vocal and Guetta on music is blasting..

Its a good song

Please listen to this song once you will surely be sure to vote this song to rank 1

20 Never Took the Time

What! This is one of the best song by AKON... Just give it a shot.

This is a beautiful song I play it over and over at time thinking of my old relationship that did not work out.

21 Keep You Much Longer

One of the stupendous song by Akon! Akon 'you rock always. You must sing these type of songs

Keep you much longer should be number 1 because akon changes his voice modulations most of the time.. Moreover it adds to the beauty of the song..

It's a cool song with great lyrics.

Great song man

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22 Holla Holla

Top ten stuff this! T-Pain Akon combo rocks just like the "Bartender" song

The combo of t pain and akon was rock I love the lyrics with holla holla

Ok very cool song

Datz a coool song..

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23 The Rain

It's just an inspirational excellent emotional song

24 Bananza (Belly Dancer)

It is a very fast song, I like the way he sang with a slang... With awesome tribal like music it is excellent

Akon's entry on that vehicle with that humming... WOW what a man he is!

It must be in top 10... for sure!

How is this so far down

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25 We Takin' Over
26 Tired of Running

Number 1 in my opinion.

Just listen to this song and vote...The best song I ever listen in my life...
Just awesome..

27 I Tried

Really?! He's with Bone Thugs-n-harmony! It can't get better, his voice sounds fantastic on that song - nonofyall

This is definitely his greatest song!

A song for the night

Come on guys, no other song even comes close to this. Akon and the bone Thugz are trying to pass on a serious message here and made a slammin' track while they were at it. No sane person can listen to this and then tell me f*cking Chammak Challo is better

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28 Against the Grain

Everyone please listen to this wonderful song and vote for it.
It has so much feelings. One of the best songs ever. Please hear this song as quick as possible.

the best song ever. donno what it is doin at 14. should be on no 1

First listen it! It should be at the #1! Best song by akon! Love this song!


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29 Angel

This song is the best Akon song ever! Maybe even better than Right Now... Well maybe not but it is an incredibly awesome song, should be at least no. 3

This song is just rocking why is this song in this place it should be at least top 5

It is an awesome song I could not understand why the hell this is in 44th place it should be at least top 10

My favorite

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30 Sweetest Girl

this song should be @ #1... cash rulz everythin around me... one of the finest music eva.

"This song is beautiful and outstanding. I know words to told you". This is wonderful.

Song ripped of Wu Tan Clang but its nice anyway. One of my favorites. - dodog619


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31 Kush
32 Who Dat Girl

Amazing song.. should have been in top 20 at least

This song must be in top 5 atlest

33 Keep Up

Best song ever by Akon. Should be in the top ten.

Its an awesome song to hear especially when we are I rocking mood
I think itis one of akons best song of the year.

Super song from akon... Love this song... I will give 5/5 to this song

Deserves to be in top ten.

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34 What You Got

What?! This is great song!

35 Get Buck in Here

The beat of this song is amazing I can tell that the d-j did great jop
And akon made a wonderful course

36 No More You

Just hear it and decide

Why is this song so below? Please hear it once and I'm sure you will love it!

What the hell no 36 at least it should be in top ten. Its very nice song please listen to it

It's so so so emotional, when I heard it remember my girlfriend and should be in top 10

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37 Still a Survivor

Amazing and meaningful song

This song is full of meaning, I like this song. I'm still a survivor!

I like this song its awesome. Great voice by akon


38 Play Hard

Akon & Ne yo has a amazing vocal chemistry in the song with David Guetta in the music..Its too good..

What? So low? This song inspires me to do my work harder so to get success. True meaning of life lies in hard work. Top 5 ought to be even if its not solo.

Should be at number 1...Vote for this..!

39 One More Time

Awesome song. You must listen this before you die.

A great party song by Akon...

Real nice song that too those first few lines

40 Hypnotized
41 Silver & Gold

should be a top 10 its amazing
it has so good beat and awesome lyrics my best song really
- megomagdi

42 Clap Again

Really? This is the best song ever!
I totally like it, should be in the top 10 of course

Really! 26 should be in the top 3 of course

Should be in the top 10

43 Troublemaker

One of Akons best. I cannot believe it hasn't made this list yet.

Awesome song
You will never get this type of music in future... Very nice lyrics...
Akon you rock dude... I love you and your songs... Keep rocking...!

Crazy people! Vote for the number one song guys...! I can't see a 1st deserving song in such a low position... Whenever you hear it, just close your eyes and feel the music through your ears... You feel such a sudden relief in all your burdens... Feel like a floating angel in the vast expanse of ocean of music. I don't think you will get a song anything like this in your life.

Akon Rocks!

The Best in Freedom album!

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44 Dream Girl

Brings to me good/bad memories at the same time.

45 One Day at a Time

Man it definitely is one of my favourites and yet it is unbelievable that it is not in the top ten! I really advice to download the song!

This is a wonderful song... The best thing of this song... For which I love it. Is its wonderful music

Akon and enrique... awesome! One of my favorite

This should be in top 5!

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46 Oh Africa

This song is amazing! This song should be in the top ten.

This song is a good preserver of my 2010 FIFA World Cup memories. I was 10 then, & I remember everything well. Akon & Keri Hilson are awesome in this song.

It's one of the amazing memories of the world cup 2010

Nice one...

47 Crank It Up

I promise you it is the best club song of akon, THE best

Akon voice with David Guetta dj beats...! It's just awesome

I think it is one of the best song of akon with david

Perfect collab by the great dj Guetta & classy singer Akon..
Must move to higher position...

48 Criminal

Nice 1 good song I think he should sing more songs to Bollywood
"its criminal" love these lines by all Indians

Love this song very much ra one is best and the song is so good love it love it love it!

It is my most favourite song in Bollywood. I love it more than any other song

The song criminal is too good the lyrics of this song is nice Akon had done a great job

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49 Nobody Wanna See Us Together

Its a nice song with very cute music. It makes me feel relax,
Its fabulous

This song real touch one's feelings and emotions

50 So Blue

This song has to be his best song...Listen fast & vote..

Awesome tune! Definitely should be in the top ten!

The song is definitely the best!

super hit

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