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21 Ghost in a Machine

This song makes me feel warm and inside on days where I feel blue. Hi kitty! Meow

One of my favorite all-time songs, B.O. B got some pipes

22 Price Tag

Song with great meaning
I listened t it 10 times a day
Must listen

23 Generation Lost

Amazing song. Sounds like a freestyle. Great beat. Always listen to it it sorta gets me going.

Song is great. Listen to it 3 times and you will be hooked. Where is Middle of the Day and Cloud 9 though?

I don't know how this is ranked so low. Should be at least top 5! My favorite song from B.O.B!

24 Bet I
25 New York, New York

The best song, this really needs more listens. If people just checked this out they would like it as much as airplanes or airplanes part 2, easy. Amazing beat, beautiful backup vocals, and really meaningful rap on BoB's part.

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26 Lovelier Than You

This Song is Beautiful! There is no one lovelier than B.O.B.

Probably my favorite song from him, really underrated, should be higher.

Why ain't this in the top 10?!

27 Headbands

Sick song love the it sounds makes you feel like your listening to tyga.

Best song, the beat and the beast raps are the best I've ever heard

Amazing song! Haven't heard B.O.B in a while but now after this song I'm gonna keep an eye on him. Extremely catchy "whistile" background sound, catchy chorus and of course 2 Chainz comes in to kill it. Great song! - decorulez97

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28 Arena

One of his most influential songs ever. Has heaps of meaning. Chris brown is awesome in this

29 John Doe

Easy the best song on his new album

30 Just a Sign

This is one of the most relaxing chill songs ever. HIGHLY UNDERRATED.

Chill chill song. One of his best.

WHY IS THIS SO LOW, it has such an emotional and powerful verse and chorus.

31 Things Get Worse

Its like artists agree to get dissed on the same song by Eminem on which they work upon with him. Voluntarily.

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32 I Am the Champion
33 Play the Guitar

B.O.B. and Andre 3000. They both looks the same and they're both good.
Enough Said. Both their flows were really good on this song.

34 Chandelier
35 Circles
36 The Other Side
37 Castles
38 Haterz Everywhere
39 Fame

Fame I'm gonna live how to fly high. Superb lyrics. My maw loves. Oh no that's from the 80s maw bag. What says what. Ill stick to the tea biscuits. Is this the 80s or the 90s?

40 Back Me Up
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