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41 Epic

Awesome beat and great tempo!

42 Headband

Sickest beat ever, 2Chainz and BOB killed it.

Chop one chop two chop that ass down. BOB you are clever as hell.

I jam to this song!

43 Letters from Vietnam
44 The Watchers

A sign of the times

45 My Life

GREAT! Listen it! B.O. B's one of the best.. Akon is terrific..

46 No Mans Land

Amazing, simply amazing. It defines B.O. B Everyone should listen to this song. It blows my mind how good it is. Wow, just wow.

47 Nobody Told Me

Just released and its already one of my favourite songs.

48 Wait Your Turn
49 When I Was Your Man
50 Missing

Great chorus, educational and good for the soul!

51 Ready

This is the best B.O. B song ever

52 Problems

This is probably one of his best verses

53 Cloud 9

Great feel to this song, definitely under rated its in my top 3 without a doubt

54 Middle of the Day
55 Paper Route

It's his best RAP song, he said the truth.

Wake up people end times

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56 Higher

This song is by far his best, though its technically classifieds song its his lyrics which make it amazing, I can't believe it's so low on the list 73, what?!

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57 Created a Monster V 1 Comment
58 I See Ya
59 5th Dimension
60 Not Lost

Great song great meaning great rappers T.I. and B.O. B!

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