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61 Boom Bap
62 Guest List
63 Grand Hustle Kings
64 Throwback
65 Friday Night Star

This song is great.. I don't know if B.O.B is the one who sing the chorus.. By the way this is a new song from his E.P.I.C. mixtape.

66 Never Let You Go
67 Champions

Its nice song written for Olympics 2012 by B.O.B and O.A.R man you gotta hear this song nice song just too nice!

68 Trippin

It's amazing. Recommend listening to it if you love your hood or love weed, doesn't matter! It's from his mixtape B.O. B vs Bobby ray. He produced it himself.

Listen to this trippy song. Just try to feel the song. Its amazing, especially when high. It sounds 20 times better when you're floating.

69 Never Lost

This song should be number 1. Please vote. I am really taken away by this song. It gives a great feeling of reality when I listen to it

70 Back It Up for Bobby
71 Voltage

Check out B.O.B's mix tape "B.O.B Vs Bobby Ray." That is my favorite mix tape ever (close with "A Kid Named Cudi" though). The song Voltage by B.O.B on that mix tape is the SICKEST SONG. Bump it in your car or somewhere really loud. I think it is his best song. I have no idea how its not popular. Probably because it isn't on itunes. But just try it!

72 Dr. Aden

Really deep lyrics, you can feel his emotions in his voice. Simply a masterpiece!

73 Shoot Up the Station
74 Through My Head

Such an amazing song about life and the government. This needs more recognition

75 Cranberry Moonwalk

This song has a nice beat and is very catchy

"and ma weed hydroponic that chronic that chronic that chronic that chronic

76 One Day
77 Drunk AF
78 All I Want
79 Across the World
80 Feet Dont Fail Me Now

Perfect track of No Genre, love the chorus and his verse

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