Top 10 Death Metal Songs

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1 Lack of Comprehension - Death Lack of Comprehension - Death Cover Art

One of my favorite songs and Rammstein is not death metal. Lack of Comprehension is better than Feuer Frei. You can't compare Feuer Frei with Lack of Comprehension. Lack of Comprehension is better in all ways. Death is better than Rammstein in all ways.

I think Death has better songs, but this is the top Death song, so my vote goes with this song. Rammstein isn't even death metal. What the heck were people thinking? This list should be full of Morbid Angel and Death songs, otherwise, this isn't a good list.

Who comes up with these lists. Very weak. Rammstein? That is 100% lame. While I like Death, the genre offers so much more than this entire top 10 list. For those looking for something quality in the death metal genre, please ignore this entire posting. Abysmal.

Should've called this list "Top Ten Songs By Death, Opeth, And Obituary."

2 Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse Cover Art

This is actual death metal, sorry but Rammstein are NOT death metal.

I disagree with a lot of this list, especially that half the damn choices are Death songs. Death is an amazing band, and are the godfathers of tech death and many other subgenres, but let's pick one or two, okay? (which should probably Symbolic, Flesh, or Crystal Mountain) They don't own the whole genre anymore. As painful as it is to say, there are plenty of bands who have surpassed them by now.

There is one Cannibal Corpse song near the top, and it happens to be their best one, and easily one of the most popular, and even catchy death metal songs of all time while remaining brutal as all hell. I'll take one of these, thank you very much.

I thought it Death Metal songs..
Just hehe. This is Brutal death metal song!
And if I know right Rammstein an industrial metal band. No?
I think Yes. Cannibal Corpse also the best Death Metal band ever!

Should be higher on the list. No wonder death metal is dead if more people think death does death metal better then carcass and cannibal corpse. I'm seriously confused...seeing other better death metal ranked so low I think most of you are missing the title of "best death metal songs" and adding in your favorite...metal songs. Look up procreation of the wicked mortician version or Anything from infinite annihilator.

3 Crystal Mountain - Death Crystal Mountain - Death Cover Art

This song has too many great parts not to be at the top. The Progressive riffs, the Comprehensible growling, the clean Acoustic solo... Everything.

This is true Death Metal. #1 Death song, #1 Death metal song, and #1 song with harsh vocals (beating our stuff by Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, Slayer, Pantera, Slipknot, Lamb of God, and others)

The solos in it makes it very unique song and the vocals are just awesome and the fast drumming kick pedals in it..
And very awesome lyrics and meanings really :) should be in the 1st spot
On other Note :- Children Of Bodom, In Flames, Amon Amarth
Are Melodic Death Metal which is different than Death Metal..

This is literally the greatest death metal song ever from the greatest death metal band ever. Please please just give this a listen. It has very good riffs, some of the most awesome clean guitar parts and Chuck Schuldiner's solo is just beyond Perfect. So, do yourself and me a favour and give this a listen before you listen to any of the songs mentioned here. Give this a listen before you die.

4 Heartwork - Carcass Heartwork - Carcass Cover Art

Thought Unfit For Human Consumption would be up here. Carcass is great though!

One of the greatest and most complex death metal bands in my opinion. From their tough solo riffs to their medical textbook lyrics, these guys do it with style and a class of their own.

A great song! simply the best! P.S; Rammstein is not death metal!
this song deserve 2 be higher! and fools stop voting!

Deserves to be number 1. I'm sorry but Cannibal Corpse is too generic, overrated and boring. This is the stuff.

5 Blackwater Park - Opeth Blackwater Park - Opeth Cover Art

If Cannibal Corpse is death metal, this is classical music, but it isn't. This is death metal and cannibal corpse is overrated trash.

The fact that Cannibal Corpse is above Opeth on this list is baffling.

They made the heaviest song on the album the prettiest song on the album, and the most epic song on the album. That is an ultimate combo

This song is absolutely incredible. It is packed front-to-back with some of the best guitar riffs that I have ever heard, regardless of the genre, each one blowing your mind. This song really showcases Opeth's intricate and amazing musicianship, and is very dynamic. And as for the vocals? Some may disagree, but as a true metal head myself, I honestly think that Mikael Ã…kerfeldt has the best death growls in all of metal. Lyrically, it's a poetic masterpiece that only Mikael could write. More people really need to listen to this, I think that Opeth's music represents the epitome of quality musicianship, not to mention they can be heavy as balls and melt your face off at the same time. Opeth is an amazing band.

6 Only for the Weak - In Flames Only for the Weak - In Flames Cover Art

RAMMSTEIN ARE NOT DEATH METAL! This and hammer smash face by cannibal corpse are 2 of the best songs in the world! I love in flames!

Rammstein doesn't come close

This song is Nu Metal plain and simple! It is as Death Metal as "Like a Virgin". It's indeed only for the weak

That's a hit-song for all times! A great combination of melodic and heavy riffs, that is basicly original MDM style.

7 Spirit Crusher - Death Spirit Crusher - Death Cover Art

This song deserve more respect. Death is real death metal band. They showed path to other bands. Come on Chuck is the godfather of death metal with out him other wouldn't make it so far.

Hard to pick a single death metal song as the greatest -way too many-, but Spirit Crusher has it all, and it's by the creator himself, the reason why we have this amazing genre is so many of its various forms.
Saw them in Montreal in the mid-90s and although I never doubted his greatness, to see him pull off that music live was jaw-dropping (only Megadeth were as technically perfect live- in the Friedman/Rust in Peace days).

Why isn't this song higher?

it's an absolute masterpiece with a lot of progressive vibes in it and in my opinion it's way more interesting than Cannibal Corpse (please let me live)

This should really be at the top of the list, its bass and drum solos are mind bending and it just kills it in every way

8 The Pursuit of Vikings - Amon Amarth The Pursuit of Vikings - Amon Amarth Cover Art

This is real death metal
The epic growling what nice background.
Soul melting song!

This song is good but not as good as TWILIGHT OF THE THUNDER GOD

Amazing Song.
This has to be the most hard-hitting metal song I have heard in a long time.
Really packs.

My boyfriend used to play this song in there band.. My head fall head bangs till the end of the song

9 Pull the Plug - Death Pull the Plug - Death Cover Art

Chuck is the death metal god

Yup, chuck indeed

Awesome song

Chuck forever

10 Phobophile - Cryptopsy Phobophile - Cryptopsy Cover Art

Phobophile was the best song of none so vile, no doubt a masterpiece. With lord worm on vocals and flo on drums, and even a bass and piano solo within the first minute, undoubtedly the most technical death metal piece out

Cryptopsy at it's best, not the new deathcore version. Wild vocals, insane drumming and unforgettable guitar riffs

The best Technical Brutal Death Metal song ever, and best Canadian Death metal band ever!

Easily one of the best death metal albums out there. Completely insane track.

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11 Slowly We Rot - Obituary Slowly We Rot - Obituary Cover Art

I think this song deserves more.

Why only top 10? For me it's the best death metal song ever!

Underrated underrated underrated

Timeless classic!

12 Annihilation of the Wicked - Nile Annihilation of the Wicked - Nile Cover Art

Great technical death metal song

Super original tech death with egyptian/babylonian/lovecraftian themes. the vocals are amazing and are done by both guitarists and the bassist. Plus the drummer is GEORGE KOLLIAS

13 Stabwound - Necrophagist Stabwound - Necrophagist Cover Art

Some say Necrophagist is grindcore, but for me is Pure technical death metal... Also, this song should be number two, Fermented offal discharge should be on the top!

Pure Tech Death gold, should be higher on the list, and Only Ash Remains should be in the top 10 as well (or Diminished to Be)

It's not grindcore, it's technical death metal.

Necrophagist is the real deal

14 Needled 24/7 - Children of Bodom Needled 24/7 - Children of Bodom Cover Art

Alexei forever! Yeah, It's not famous like Metallica, Iron Maiden etc., But is very cool and gives us a new taste in the world of music. Every metal head should give it a try.

Its professional and hardcore than everything, everyband, alexi lahio he is cooler than everyone I love children of bodom I have all albums its not the best songs but its good.

Alexi laiho Rules m/ Hate Crew 4 ever

It may not be "true" death metal as it falls under melodic, but the sheer force off this songs and it's innovative sounds makes it truly godlike!

15 We Will Rise - Arch Enemy We Will Rise - Arch Enemy Cover Art

The Most Powerful song ever.
The meaning of the word EPIC!

Superb solos... Perfect notes and vocals... Great lyrics... ARCH ENEMY RULES...

My anthem! I love this song! Angela gossow is amazing!

This is seriously the type of song any death metal would want

16 Kafir! - Nile Kafir! - Nile Cover Art

Why is this masterpiece at #27? Come on guys, you aren't serious...Top 10 easily

Deserve to be in top ten 100%.i love other songs more,but this one should be in top 10

Sickest song ever


17 Drowned - Entombed Drowned - Entombed Cover Art
18 Dead by Dawn - Deicide Dead by Dawn - Deicide Cover Art

Pure amazing death metal

19 Murmaider - Dethklok Murmaider - Dethklok Cover Art

Now I know that Dethklok may not be one of the most well known death met bands but I think they are one of the best. And where is gojira!?!

Pretty good song, I like the ending when they sing like Murder! Murder! Murder! Murder! several times.

Jamming bass line that gets you jamming!

Became obsessed with them ever since I saw varietal returns!

20 Eaten - Bloodbath Eaten - Bloodbath Cover Art

Amazing simply amazing. Although quite possibly Melodic Death Metal is my favorite genre of metal alas it is not Death Metal so neither is COB. This hear Bloodbath is as death metal as it gets.

This song should be #1! When I am trying to listen to the hardest of the hard at work, this song always hits the peak in a mix of Nile, Necrophagist, Amon Amarth, and more. I love how the list has non death metal in it.

This is by far the best death metal song. I don't get why this list is full of other genres. In Flames and Cob? Not even close to death metal. Go listen to this more death metal is not possible.

I love Bloodbath but IF and CoB ARE death metal. Whatever you would say about it

This song needs to be in the top 5 at the very, very least. Amazing song, with awesome solos, heavy bass, and brutal riffs and lyrics.

21 Symbolic - Death Symbolic - Death Cover Art

A very good song

22 God of Emptiness - Morbid Angel God of Emptiness - Morbid Angel Cover Art

You know, there were much better songs by morbid Angel, why this?

The most death metal song I've ever heard!

23 Maze of Torment - Morbid Angel Maze of Torment - Morbid Angel Cover Art

Morbid angel are master of death metal

24 Flesh and the Power It Holds - Death Flesh and the Power It Holds - Death Cover Art

There is a reason that the genre is called death metal, Chuck will forever remain the master and commander of this RIP you are truly exceptional.

This song is epic! Great riiffs, drums, vocals. The song is also very progressive and melodic, but still really powerful. Simply the best death metal song.

Touch taste breathe consumed!

25 Infected - Obituary Infected - Obituary Cover Art

The entire album is a death metal masterpiece.

Pure death metal at its finest.

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