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1 Goodfellas

It is definitely a spectacle in the Gangster movie scene and is one of the most legendary movies of all time

GoodFellas is even greater than the Godfather films. Martin Scorsese perfectly depicts how there was a lot of mob business in Brooklyn during the 1970s.

Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro are so good, this movie is funny

Ray Liotta as Henry Hill was amazing! - CedreticFomento

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2 Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese has created many masterpieces. Taxi Driver is his greatest work. With Robert De Niro, he captures the very essence of crazy. A cabbie in a depressing city, where drug dealers and traffickers roam every street, who slowly descends into darkness.

This movie changed my understanding of what film could be. Hell, it changed me.

What a masterpiece, Goodfellas is great, but for me, Taxi Driver takes the cake!

Travis Bickle is the best anti-hero of all times!

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3 The Departed

Liked the leo-damon-nicholson trio.. But the credit for this masterpiece surely goes to the showman himself

This movie epitomizes Scorsese's excellence in understanding how both a criminal organization and a police department function. The climax is second to none

This should be the Best of Martin Scorsese.. followed by Raging Bull and Goodfellas. - redgedawson

The best film to be watched

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4 Raging Bull

that should be number 1 his best film ever
Departed should be like 4 or 5 but not number 1 for its a remake of an early film called Internal Affairs - sUx2Bu

Of course Niro's splendid performance. Scorsese also succeed to depicts psychological states of a human. How rage paranoia can destroy our life.

It should be no. 1, one of the ten best films ever made and the ultimate 80s masterpiece as well as Scorsese's

I like this movie

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5 The Wolf of Wall Street

Dicaprio and Scorsese are the best team! Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The departed, Shutter island and now The Wolf! Just all masterpieces!

That movie is so funny! I will never forget the phone/kitchen scene... An oscar now for Leonardo! Now! Now! His performance was... Was... Awesome at least! Congrats!

It must be at top 5 and please an oscar now for Leonardo!

The wolf of wall street
The departed
The taxi driver
... All masterpieces...

6 Casino

For me this is and goodfellas are the best. Both are just a little better than the departed, and I love the departed!

7 Shutter Island

Everyone says that the new movies of scorsese are not so good! I disagree... Shutter island is a classy movie with the best dicaprio. Its my favourite with the departed and goodfellas...

A classy movie which teaches you what mean directing, acting, music, cinematography, atmosphere... A classy movie...

The best masterpiece of Scorsese plus mixed with remarkable performance of Dicaprio, it resulted for an Epic/Classic movie. - johnalekseicanon

Great! Excellent movie

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8 Mean Streets

Mean Streets is Scorsese showing the world the world he lived in. It's his breakthrough film and one of his best. The characters are fantastic, the plot, etc. It's all great.

Great movie

9 The King of Comedy
10 Gangs of New York

A superb film, Daniel Day Lewis gives the performance of a lifetime

This should be, at least, in the top 10! - zero0520

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11 The Last Temptation of Christ

This film should be in the top 10...Shows Scorsese's creative genius and the film features a very honest depiction of Jesus Christ

Well handled low budget movie depicting a more human Christ. Wouldn't call it his best though.

12 Hugo

Casino is my favorite gangster one

Vote Hugo it is amazing!

13 The Aviator

It's best movie on the planet earth most inspirational, motivational movie in the whole of cosmos

The Aviator is such a great film and yet so underapreciated. Come on, let's give some love to this one which just happens to have Leonardo diCaprio's greatest performance to date

14 After Hours

One of the most entertaining films of Scorsese

15 Cape Fear

Super thriller movie

16 The Age of Innocence
17 The Last Waltz

Greatest music film ever!

18 Bringing Out the Dead
19 Silence

Just saw this and it was a brilliant, thought provoking masterpiece. Definitely deserves a spot in the top ten. Andrew Garfield gives his best performance to date, the cinematography is gorgeous, and Scorsese's direction was flawless as always.

20 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Excellent and always underrated!

21 Kundun
22 Once Upon a Time in America
23 No Direction Home
24 New York, New York
25 The Color of Money
26 Who's that Knocking at My Door - Martin Scorsese

"The End" by The Doors was used in this movie before it was used in "Apocalypse Now"... It wasn't as good as that Vietnam classic, but it's near to what we call "masterpiece"... First Scorsese motion picture

27 Boxcar Bertha
28 Who's that Knocking at My Door - Martin Scorsese
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