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1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The original... it started it all

Love this one. Its was an absolute classic when I was little and I had the biggest crush on Kimberly Hart and looked up to Jason.




2 Power Rangers in Space

The only season where there was good dialougue, touching moments, thrilling action, and possibly the greatest Bulk and Skull moment. Not to mention this rode on the heels of the worst season, turbo.

By far the best power rangers story & cast of all time.


3 Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

This is the darkest series

This is a great science fiction action T.V. series

4 Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

It is one of the best power ranger series with good cast and the climax was too good

Dino thunder is way better then in space

Awesome I base my hair on tommy

I like white ranger's style and zord and his weapon saver
and lasers

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5 Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

They are awesome and powerful. This is the best power ranger series I have ever seen

Wait,this is 8th worst on TheTopTens worst power ranger series list.what

6 Power Rangers: Zeo

All I have to say on behave of zeo. " it's time for a gold rush ". Both trey and Jason were I think ideal for the gold ranger role. I mean Jason as mmpr red was an uncomfortable feeling. I'd rather see rocky as the red ranger any day

7 Power Rangers: Mystic Force

Operation Overdrive can kick Time Force ass

Time Force Sucks

SPD sucks

They have awesome weapons and costume especially daggeron

This one is awezome

8 Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

Take out the theme of "Power rangers" and this would be an epic Kung Fu story that would become an instant hit. I would've loved a few less corny moments, but the themes and ideas here are so good that it keeps you glued to watching it. Highly recommended

The theme was martial arts and I loved it and the super sentai one too it's just plain awesome!

It should be in top 3

Lily is cool cassey is cute theo is smarat and di shi is best

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9 Power Rangers: S.P.D.

Underratted season

Things that made SPD great are the following
1. Jack and Z I loved their team work in Beginings part 1 and in Sam part 1 I loved how they were just street kids and they out witted and out fought trained cadets.
2. The Organization of SPD, it had a Commander Doggie Cruger and Jack as leader of the rangers. When Doggie was out Jack was in charge will he was away. It reminds me of how the militay is, you have a person that can step in when the leader is away.
3. I LOVED Jack as red ranger, I consider him in the top five for best red rangers. You had a street kid who lost his parents and rose to the rank of Red Ranger for the most ELITE fighting force known to man. And he did a damn good job.
4. The progression of their skills was shown in the show was amazing, at frst they had trouble taking out one orange head then they could take out mulitple ones.
5. The Zords were cool I love the S.W.A. T mega zord it was pretty sweet and one of my favorite zords of all time.

I ...more

10 Power Rangers Time Force

I'm glad they didn't make the movie, that movie would have suck

Even Though the way that Ransik was arrested was kinda messed up, overall for me the series is great. I like the start of the series where we see the villain Ransik fighting with the first red rangers alex and arrested Ransik, Alex Proposes to the Pink Time Force Ranger Jen/Jennifer but the next day Alex was Killed, Ransik escaped through time with a prison full of mutants jen and the other time force rangers stole and untested time ship and landed in the year 2001. The start of the series is great according to linkara time force was supposed to have a movie and 10 additional episodes but was cancelled if there were a movie. Overall I loved the series

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11 Power Rangers: Turbo

Justin is a common name. It was the 90s.

12 Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

It's morphin time Lightspeed Rescue

Bring back lightspeed rescue

Comet-Star (from the) Sucks and stupid

13 Power Rangers: RPM

This season is great and dark.

This season has Power Rangers lost loves ones.

Red Ranger lost his older brother.

Green and Black Ranger end up in jail.


This series makes Time Force a joke!

This season is the darkest of the Power Ranger series.

Time Force was a fake.

RPM had the villain took over the world.

This season had death scenes.

The Power Rangers lost love ones.

This is a great theme

14 Power Rangers: Wild Force

Power rangers is my favourite season ever.

The best power rangers ever been made

I loved it! It was the best and RPM was very close! People need to stop favoring Might Morphin just because it's the original, because this one is the best! Especially the wild zords!

Love the villains and zords/megazord... Love how Coles doctor was master org

15 Power Rangers Samurai Power Rangers Samurai

It is totally awesome. They have a lot of bad guys, the special effects are out of this world plus they have a lot of powe

The samurai symbles are real kanji

to cool

16 Power Rangers: Super Megaforce

Spike Lee joint sucks

17 Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive
18 Jungle Fury

Jungle fury have 8 rangers but mostly use 3

19 Dino Charge
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