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61 Is There Anybody There?

Great Reggae beat and catchy melody

Such a amazing song great rhythm great vocal It's one of their top ten songs for sure!

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62 Your Last Song

One of the greatest intro I've ever heard.

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64 Loving You Sunday Morning

#63... Seriously?!? Classic!

65 Fly to the Rainbow

Great song. A bit psychedelic & trippy. But I get taken away by it every time.

Great song. The surprising second part of the song.

Haven't heard too much on Scorpions, but this song is a true gem. Dunno why it's in 78th place right now!

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66 Alien Nation

Other songs are good
But this song is one of the best hard rock from this band...
So vote this song after listening it at least

This is the best song they have ever written as well as the most underrated. Heavy music with Dark lyrics. Over 20 years of listening and no other song of there's is more powerful.

Definitely a gem of a song. Much, MUCH better than the iconic Wind of Change, the latter being more popular solely for the message in it.

How is this one #51? Should Be top ten!

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67 When Love Kills Love

An often overlooked gem. Be sure to listen to the live version.

68 A Moment in a Million Years

Listen to the words. The best lyrics forever.

69 Speedy's Coming

One of their original hits and still a pretty good song!

70 Dust In the Wind

Do you never listen this song of scorpions aw aw aw. Its song...? You'll never stop to listen this song haha

An anthem to all living. Hectic lyrics true and no lies. The base of all living things. Deep, very deep. Surprising being so low.

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71 Now!
72 Steamrock Fever
73 Hour I
74 White Dove

So beautifully put together

This beautiful song would be in top ten. I'm disappointed...

Seriously White Dove #54?!?

This is top ten for sure.This site is not too good to see top ten songs

75 Born to Touch Your Feelings

Beautiful song from the early time of Scorpions, with Uli Jon Roth playing the lead guitar.
As usual, the melody is exceptional!
The emotion in Klaus' voice is awesome!
Furthermore, the song is about what you feel while listening to music!

76 Maybe I Maybe You

One of the best romantic song ever. Best best best

I think its's the best song of Scorpions!

This should be from the top 10

This is best song of scorpions

77 Are You the One

Yup insane that "Are you the One" ranks 55

55? This is one of the best..

78 Don't Stop at the Top

An amazing but unfortunately quite underrated song. Deserves at least to be mentioned in this list

79 Life's Like a River

Great intro


80 The Game of Life

I think this song is unknow so people do not vote it. It has the most song I have ever listened

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