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1 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Google is a good search engine if your device isn’t part of a school domain. However, when I started secondary school, I realised that 75% of the images on Google Images were blocked. So I haven’t been a huge fan of Google ever since I started secondary school. I normally just use Bing instead.

Google also has so many other extensions, like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Translate, to name a few. With a search engine with added features, this clearly is the true winner. Thanks everybody for voting Google!

With so much choice, and Google being the most popular, this is a given. To "google" has also been added to the dictionary; how good is that? This has been my favourite search engine since it's invention.

I just use it all the time. It's what we do. Oh, you want to know who the 34th president of USA was? Just "Google" it. It's just become a international phrase and it's just what's easiest and simplest to use.

2 Bing

I use Bing for getting images at school. It’s great. On Google, they block 75% of the internet’s images on there, maybe more. On Bing however, they don’t block a thing!

Microsoft is talking over the web. Bing, MSN, and yahoo are powered by Bing and Microsoft.. My favorite thing about Bing is the Search and Rewards.

MSN and yahoo are now both Bing-powered... Google rules the search engine world, but I like Bing better. Could use a better name though.

I like Bing more than Google. Bing gives useful results, unlike Google. I just love Bing and wish it got more popular.

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3 Yahoo

As much as I dislike Yahoo and Bing, I think they deserve more votes. Google's search is very restrictive, censoring many sites that go against their "liberal" agenda. Yahoo doesn't do this, and neither does Bing. Don't believe me? Search "Do vaccines cause autism?" on Google, and then search the same thing on Bing or Yahoo. Notice the censorship? Google must be stopped.

I hate Yahoo, every time I click on a page, it opens up another annoying tab.

I like it because of speed results and games

Good but not like Google

4 DuckDuckGo

I think DuckDuckGo is an amazing search engine with many cool features. It is what Google used to be: an easy to use, and a free search engine. The only reason why DuckDuckGo is not so high on the internet explorer chart is because barely nobody knows about it. But once you do, I'm sure you will prefer it to Google. Also, if you are having any difficulties using it, you can just go to the home page and press on the duck icon. There it will show you how to use it well. My favourite thing about DuckDuckGo are their "bangs" for example if you want to search for funny videos on youtube, you can type: funny videos! Yt. This will send you directly to youtube where the search results of funny videos would be ready for you!

Clutter-free search. I have checked all these search engine listed here but found DuckDuckGo more efficient than others. Moreover, it does not track you, like Google. The cons are: Limited image search, limited video search, can't see IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes rating directly on search page (like Google, Bing and Yahoo). If you are scholar and need the raw data, then it's not good for you. It gives the best results with best answer.
The Best PRO is: I haven't see its 2nd page. (I found what I need on first search page only:))

I use it on my cellphone, as well as my desktop. None of that creepy tracking, predictive typing, biased search results, and overall phoniness you get from Google. Google violates my privacy, promotes a left wing agenda, and has grown too large. One more thing. Buy an iPhone, not android, if you get an android, they force you to get a gmail account so they can track you.

A very reliable resource. Although the safe search isn't very reliable in my opinion, you can find a lot of good information on it.

5 Ask

I always use this search engine, just a clean and good results page. I like it's layout.

And it must be said that it returns better results then Google.

Why would you use a search engine from the fourth circle of hell?

Oh ya the search engine I get when I download a virus

Ask is good because it gives detailed answers

6 AOL Search
7 Mywebsearch

I never even heard of this. And when I searched it, and searched something, it was just terrible. Sorry.

But, is'nt this a virus? No one even uses it! So, whoever put this here is crazy!

Is this a fart joke?

Worst! It's a virus!

8 DogPile

I know that it doesn't look great to a lot of people, but I love it. Try DogPile, not silly old Ask. This was number 3 in the worst search engines list. THIRD! Probably because of the name and the look. Ask and Bing are just terrible. This and Google are the best ones.

A meta search engine: it searches the search engines for their results. Add it to your list.

Its great the name says it all

9 Ecosia

Ecosia is an amazing search engine. I used to be part of Environmental Club at school, and I would use it all the time. But for some reason my school blocked it. I was really annoyed. I couldn’t believe the school were actually preventing us from helping the planet.

There is no reason not to use Ecosia. It plants trees and works pretty much just like Google

Search the web privately and prevent global warming at the same time.

Search the web, plant trees. Works well, too, and respects your privacy

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11 WebCrawler
13 Lycos

Lmao... Just had to vote for lycos cause I haven't used it or heard of it in so long.

Has a pretty good mascot. Can't beat a Chocolate Lab.

Has a pretty good mascot. Can't beat a Black Lab.

14 Galaxy
15 HotBot
16 Gigablast
17 Baidu

Chinese Google

18 Yandex

Yandex. We find everything.
(Yes this is their slogan)

19 AllTheWeb

It just does not make sense at all it almost is the same as google the logo is at the same position as the google logo. JUST STOP MAKING THIS

20 Searx
21 Blekko

It's spam free. 'enough said

22 Infoseek
23 Volunia
25 MetaGer
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