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41 Extremely over dramatic scenes
42 When they waste $50 on a game they didn't want

My Advice, if you want a game, wait a week after its been released, ignore all this day one crap, read the reviews, and finally, when you want to, buy the game-No, try a demo of it then buy it. - DapperPickle

This happened to me with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. - FasterThanSonic

That's a good thing about GameStop... game trading. - Skullkid755

43 When there is a game you really want to play but you can't find it

I remember I learned about this game called Werewolf: the Apocalypse I tried finding it on Amazon but all I could find was a book (Before you call me Alliterate and lazy just to let you know that I willingly read. Mostly nonfiction). I read an article on Wikipedia to see if there was a reason to why I couldn't find it and it turns out it was discontinued!

44 You're playing a game (Like Minecraft) With all your good stuff on you when out of the blue someone attacks you and you die.
45 Gamers hating on the WII U for no reason
46 Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

What pisses me off is when someone makes a list about good Sonic games and puts "Sonic the Hedgehog" as an item on the list, it ALWAYS shows a picture of the 2006 version instead of the original version!

OH COME ON GAMERS! The game has its hilarious glitches, but the story and the soundtrack is GREAT. It's my favorite Sonic game! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Glitchy and crappy. Simple as that. - RaccoonCartoon

47 Princess Peach appears to replace Daisy & Rosalina sometimes

The stry & music of Sonic 06 sucks! Why does the whole Sonic franchise have a soundtrack anyways? This is all something the Mario franchise shld have - Mario characters

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48 Rage Quitters V 1 Comment
49 Ice Physics

They are always extremely slippery

50 Annoying knockbacks that causes you to fall to your death.
51 You are about to beat the game when suddenly you get some sort of virus and your computer shuts down.
52 When you're trying to find items to fully complete the game and you cant seem to find one, you look everywhere and you still cant find it. You look online and it shows you where every item is and your still missing one!

I feel like the person who made this was playing San Andreas

53 You are playing a very scary action video game like Resident Evil and Silent Hill and somebody turn off the lights and scares you

I was playing alien isolation with my bedroom door closed. Then my bro opens the door behind me really loudly and scares the hell outta me!

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54 When the game won't show up and you have to turn the computer off and on again and again, and again until you just give up.

I have this problem with sims 3, when I put it into the disk drive and open the launcher and click play, it decides not to show up.

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55 When your PS3 can't play PS2 games
56 Your Wii nunchucks not working

That happened when I was playing MySims Kingdom on Wii I threw the nunchucks on the floor and said "F YOU NUNCHUCKS! " - YouShallEatPoopy

57 Terrible graphics

Halo 1 is the worst

Halo 2 was pretty bad also

I don't know why a lot of modern games still have spiky ol' polygons that make everything look pointy and ugly, really, step up your game! - RaccoonCartoon

58 When your partner thinks it's funny to stand in front of the TV V 1 Comment
59 When you play an online game and the host sets the difficulty too high.
60 Trick shooters in Call Of Duty

I hate these guys and I don't know why they think they are all that because they can shoot you with a sniper at extremely close range - TheSorrow1

These guys piss me off. Why don't you make a private lobby?

Called fun you like to reg gun and try hard trickshotters like to trickshot 720 no scope whatever you have a better weapon and guess what it is cool bet you couldn't hit the ocean and if you could you would hit marker it trickshotters are good luck and skill with lots of creativity it is extremely hard I snipe and go 10-3 then reg gun and go 28-4 relax they're better than you

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1. Lag
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1. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.
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1. You have failed several times to beat a hard part and you know you can beat it on one of your next tries, but that annoying person, be they a friend or a sibling or something else, keeps saying Can I try?.
2. Lag
3. You're about to finish a hard level and the power goes out.

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