Is Big Mouth Really That Bad?

MegaSoulhero Recently, Netflix released two cartoons on the same day. The Magic School Bus Rides Again and Big Mouth. I still have yet to watch Magic School Bus, but I decided to take a look at Big Mouth. It’s about some kids who are going through puberty. I finished watching season 1 and honestly I am very surprised that a lot of people hate this show! But to be fair, the trailer does make the show look awful. It makes it look like it’s a show with nothing but child pornography, masturbation, shock humor, and sexual imagery. Even though it has those things in it, there’s actually more to it than that!

Most of the people who say the show sucks have probably only saw the trailer and judged the show by that, or they didn’t watch the show all the way through. In my opinion, the show didn’t start getting good until episode 3. The first two were pretty bad. It’s one of those shows that starts out bad but gets good later on. Like BoJack Horseman. I’m not saying Big Mouth is up there with BoJack Horseman but they’re both shows that require watching more episodes of to see why they’re good shows. Let me tell you, the marketing for this show does NOT do it justice! I don’t know what they were thinking! It’s more than just child pornography! Anyone who says that clearly hasn’t watched the show. It accurately depicts what teenage years are like. People who have gone through puberty might find this relatable. Obviously not everyone. So I can see how some might not think this is their kind of show. My favorite characters are the puberty monsters. Not only are they funny, they pretty much act as the voices inside the kids’ heads. And I though that was very well done.

The trailer made it look like there’s a lot of shock humor in the show, but the show itself actually doesn’t rely heavily on that. It’s much more tame than Family Guy. And I’m actually really surprised that people still like that show. Big Mouth definitely has great messages and is very smart! It’s not perfect! I’ll tell you that! Like I said, the first two episodes are pretty bad. Also, the character designs are pretty awful and I really didn’t like the scene in episode 5 where the girl was talking to her vagina. That was also shown in the trailer. It’s pretty stupid. But it’s funny how Kristen Wiig was more tolerable as a vagina than in Ghostbusters. This show isn’t amazing, but it’s definitely better than most people give it credit for. It’s not something like Mr. Pickles or Family Guy in which it tries to be over the top with its raunchiness just for the sake of doing so. It’s a pretty good coming of age cartoon. Sometimes I feel like people might’ve given up watching after the first couple of episodes or so. I can kind of understand why, but I’m glad I watched it all the way through. Phantomstrider on his second channel called Livestrider did a better job of talking about the show. So if you wanna check out his review, go ahead.

So, is Big Mouth really that bad? I personally don’t think so! I’m not forcing you to like the show, I’m not even forcing you to watch it, obviously it’s not for everyone, but it definitely doesn’t deserve the amount of hate it gets. And when I say hate, I’m mostly talking about from what I’ve seen in comments. The show actually has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.2 on IMDb. But it still gets a lot of hate from people. But opinions are opinions. The trailer was bad, but at least the show is good. Like seriously. Who judges something by a trailer? That would be like me judging the Last Knight, the Emoji Movie, Justice League, the Lion King (2019), Pitch Perfect 3, and Tomb Raider by their trailers... Wait.


I'm not too sure if I would get around to watching this show, but if the show is actually deeper than what the trailer made it out to be, I'll try to give it a chance.

I may or may not like it if I go watch the episodes, but either way, I think it'd be a lot better than watching Neo Yokio! But to be honest, I don't think we can deny Netflix's original content is absolutely in a bad state right now. So I'd be surprised if this show is actually a gem. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Though, my tastes may differ from yours. I mean, you dislike Bunsen is a Beast for its zany flash animation and annoying characters and while I think the show can be a bit crazy sometimes, I think it's pretty decent for what it is as a show and its social theme of acceptance and equality. So it's pretty much the opposite scenario here with Big Mouth, where I dislike Big Mouth for its horrid animation and bad moments while you like the show for its clever humor and being able to relate to puberty experiences. You can see what I'm saying, right? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah. I get what you’re saying. - MegaSoulhero

You finally get it, right? You should never judge something by the trailer. I actually watched all of Big Mouth myself, and it still sucks. - TheReviewer20

Like I said, not everyone’s gonna like the show - MegaSoulhero

Haven't seen it - visitor

I dislike this show because it's pretty much child pornography. It's also a show about puberty and anything associated with puberty is cringe-worthy. But IRYO. - visitor

We all experience puberty - MegaSoulhero

I completely disagree. Nick Kroll made this show basically to show his feelings about the horrific world of puberty and also his feelings He is actually still going through puberty at age 38. Anyways, this show is just very relatable like what MegaSoulHero said and I don't think that Nick Kroll made this show to be like South Park and make a raunchy comedy, but to make a show to express his feelings about puberty and at the same time, make a comedy. I don't understand why playing b-ball with penises is exactly a thing that could make people laugh but...still, the messages in this show are definitely helpful to people who are hoing through puberty now and I disagree that this show is just child pornography and a show all about genitals talking and playing sports. I recommend to watch the whole show and sit down and actually take the time to watch it. But since I obviously can't change your opinion on the show, I still respect it. - TristGamer

Hooray, someone else who really appreciates this show. The one big issue I have with it is definitely the godawful animation, but the writing is very good and it can get surprisingly deep. - kempokid

Yeah. When I saw the trailer, I was tempted to avoid the show. But after seeing the positive reviews it’s been getting, I decided to give it a chance. And I was pleasantly surprised. - MegaSoulhero