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1 YouTube YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

YouTube USED to be such an awesome site, but now it's just full of TRASH, Stars used to be good, but now they're bad meanies, yet they used to be original, but now they're copying each other, and keep talking about sex and porn, Why does YouTube allow that, it's against YouTube's terms of use, they're going to get sued someday sooner or later, If you like YouTube as it is today, then you would've LOVED it WAY better as it was in the past, YouTube has gone WAY downhill.

You can download videos if you have the youtube downloader. - dragon13304

because it is so much more popular than any other video sharing site out there, and I up load there so, haha! search for "v0lrad" under channels - volrad

Have to admit that too many people are using it. - Hakery

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2 Dailymotion

Very complexe. You can send video via Webcam, mobile phone, Dailymotion's Website, or via email. - ambet

Free online movies, Songs, Islamic collection and other more videos categories, visit,

The latest music videos, short movies, T.V. shows, funny and extreme videos. Upload, share, and embed your videos. Watch premium and official videos free!

This site is garbage. They don't restore your videos when they have been falsely removed and claim they have a system where they check every video for ad eligibility when they don't and you have to manually disable ads as an uploader by partnering with them and then disabling ads on the video settings and EVERY add is an unskippible video. - Mattwo

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3 ZippCast

This is an excellent site.

If you don't want your videos to be taking down (like YouTube), come to ZippCast.

You can customize your channel like what YouTube did in the 2000s before Google bought them out.

There are no ads in the videos.

ZippCast us way better than YouTube regardless of it's content and reliability. Users want more from a video site than just the ability to upload. They want to show their individuality, which is not possible on most video host sites like YouTube. Zippcast is the ultimate in customizing, and although it has a long way to go, it's already more appealing than YouTube. ZippCast for the win!

This video sharing website is absolutely awesome! You actually have the chance or "being seen"! You also get the option to customize your channel and really express your creativity to others!

They make good videos but not much activiy

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4 Metacafe

One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips.

You can't share your own videos here. Garbage. - Mattwo

It offers quality videos and a dedicated review system that keeps content up to high standards. - ambet

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5 Vimeo

Upload limit is garbage, have to PAY A MONTHLY FEE to remove it and copyright policy is almost as bad as YouTube. Also the rendering queue is worse than Zippcast's was on a good day, and that's just sad. - Mattwo

Family-oriented, has a simple interface, an easy uploader, and the option to let viewers download your original file. - ambet

Vimeo is a modern up-and-coming website with high-quality videos and a large variety.
Up and coming video sharing website

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6 Upload Society

The best site for Music lovers who want the freedom to customize their own Channels! Amazing sound & video quality! Make new friends, upload and share your favorite videos! Join your favorite group or form your own! Cool Animated Channel Backgrounds! This is a fast growing social/video sharing site that is quickly rising to the top. Please, SPREAD THE WORD, and help "US" grow!

Sound and Video quality on Upload Society is way better than most video sites out there. Even better than the most well known one. More people should check it out. Get outta the drab straight jacket video site you're on, and join UPLOAD SOCIETY and get your 'individual' channels back. The layout rocks. It's fast and efficient too. And I can't stress enough how good the VIDEO QUALITY is. Pass it along.

Top video sharing website, BAR NONE - UploadSociety

I searched Futurama full episodes, no results. (Upload Society suck! )

More like "Can't Upload Society" amirite? - Mattwo

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7 Vevo

How the hell is this alternative to YouTube? - Mattwo

This list isn't about alternatives to YouTube, it's just about video sharing sites! - izackak


It's the best!

8 twitchtv

How the hell is this alternative to YouTube? - Mattwo

I don't know I just want to watch videos at school hehe

9 Myspace

This site is great! Do you have American horror story on here?

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10 LiveLeak

LiveLeak is a video sharing website that lets users post and share videos.

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11 Megavideo

Blip is home to the best in original web series from professional and up-and- coming producers

Lets you upload video via its Web site, an FTP address, or a cross-platform desktop utility called UpperBlip; you can also upload a clip from your cell phone. - ambet

13 VideoEvo
14 RuTube V 1 Comment
15 Vpublic

Nice collection of videos

Good collection of social media shared videos

Nice effort it will grow...

This is great stuff

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This site is awesome it like YouTube

Good site like YouTube


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Now upload your Videos Earn Money On clipsnow First Asian Video Monetization Portal Now Online - gopal644

ClipsNow is the challenger in online video broadcasting business, and the premier destination to watch, share, and promote original videos online. ClipsNow is fully integrated with adpurg, thirdparty networks and Google AdWords for video, leveling the playing field for businesses that want to reach new customers with online video.

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20 Revver

Revver offers revenue sharing on your videos, but it also puts ads on all videos. - ambet

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