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1 Paper Hearts Paper Hearts Cover Art

I'm listening to Tori Kelly Paper Hearts right now. This song is so emotional and beautiful even my friends think that! You know why? Tori has an amazing voice like an angel, she's awesome and this is my number 1 favorite song I never get bored of it! 😉 This is the type of song that brings people into tears. It's amazing I tell you. Tori Kelly Foreword Album, I also love that. That's my number 1 favorite album. Mainly because of that, Rocket, Treasure, Daydream, and Dear No One. I also like Something Beautiful(mainly because she is something beautiful herself) and also because it's inspiring. Also I like Celestial, Upside Down, and I think that's it. Other than that, her songs from Foreword is amazing and so soft. I think it made people cry. Which is a good thing because it shows that people love it! I mean, just listen to those lyrics! Pictures I'm living through for now, Trying to remember all the good Times. Amazing song, I'm so glad it's number 1! Go Tori! ☺

One of her best songs. She's by far my favorite singer and this is probably the best of all of her incredible songs.

"I heard her for the first time ever, WOW...God has endowed that young lady ultimately"

Paper Hearts is like my most favorite song ever. Honestly, Tori Kelly is number 1

2 Dear No One Dear No One Cover Art

Same! She has the best songs ever! Just listen to the lyrics. My favorite part is, "I would love to have a soul mate, and God will give him to me someday, and I know, it'll be worth the wait". That sounds so beautiful. The entire song itself is beautiful. Here's how I managed to decide. I picked the one that I loved most, and that was Paper Hearts, which by the way, I'm glad is number 1. Here's my list of favorite songs.
1. Paper Hearts
2. Celestial
3. Rocket
4. Upside Down
5. Pretty Fades
6. Treasure
7. Stained
8. Something Beautiful
9. Dear No One
10. Daydream
11. Change Your Mind
12. Don't You Worry Bout A Thing
13. Hallelujah
14. No Body Love
15. Unbreakable Smile
16. Should've Been Us
17. Hollow
18. I Was Made For Loving You ft. Ed Sheeran
19. All In My Head
20. Sunday
21. Masterpiece

How am I supposed to decide!? She has written so many incredible songs. But I have to say, "Dear No One" is so soulful and beautiful that I had to pick this one.

3 Nobody Love Nobody Love Cover Art

Very good song to listen to for teenagers only!

4 Confetti Confetti Cover Art
5 Bring Me Home Bring Me Home Cover Art
6 Mr. Music Mr. Music Cover Art
7 Silent Silent Cover Art
8 Rocket Rocket Cover Art
9 Should've Been Us Should've Been Us Cover Art

Amazing song ever listened to!

10 Hollow Hollow Cover Art

Best song ever!

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11 Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing Cover Art

Best cover ever! Probably my favorite song of all time. Just listen to this whenever you need to do an oral presentation!

12 Treasure Treasure Cover Art

I'm listening to Treasure right now. It's so beautiful, mainly because it came from my number one favorite album, Foreword by Tori Kelly. It's so pretty.

13 Unbreakable Smile Unbreakable Smile Cover Art

This song is why Tori is one of the best modern singers. This song is about her not longing to become a puppet of the record companies who are saying "Hey, start twerking and you will sell more records! " She just wants to be herself and not turn into someone like Miley Cyrus. Don't get me wrong, Miley does have a good voice and some good songs, but her style is garbage and "Dooo It! " Is just nauseating. Glad she won't be like Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea who just twerk to be famous.

14 Daydream Daydream Cover Art

The thing I like about Tori Kelly is that she always harmonizes her voice before the lyrics of the song starts. Like this for example. Or Paper Hearts when there's these harmonized voices singing, "Goodbye love you flew right by love", I love Tori Kelly. She's so talented

Her vocals are sweet and melodious. I keep listening to Daydream all the time. She is so talented. Go Tori...make some more like these!

15 First Heartbreak First Heartbreak Cover Art
16 Hallelujah Hallelujah Cover Art
17 All in My Head All in My Head Cover Art
18 Celestial Celestial Cover Art

Celestial should be number number 2 after Paper Hearts then 3rd place Rocket. And speaking of Rocket, I'm going to listen to it right now

19 Where I Belong Where I Belong Cover Art
20 Colors of the Wind Colors of the Wind Cover Art
21 Crazy

I love her high notes. This is my favorite song by her.

22 Never Alone Never Alone Cover Art
23 City Dove City Dove Cover Art

It's such a meaningful and heartfelt song! My favorite out of all her songs!

24 Upside Down Upside Down Cover Art
25 Something Beautiful Something Beautiful Cover Art
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