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1 Leyla ile Mecnun

Leyla ile mecnun is the best

First of all there is no T.V. series in Turkey as leyla ile macnun. secondly so stupid and so funny

2 Ezel

It's so complicated but its ok

3 Binbir Gece-1000 & 1 Νύχτες

The most amazing thing whit this serial is that the main roles, Sheherazad (Bergüzar Korel) & Onour Aksal (Halit Ergenç), marries in reality! That's very cool, isn't it? This is a must-see turkish serial!

4 Ask i memnu

World-level excellence.. will be the Turkish cinema classic, when many other serials would be forgotten.

The plot line of Beşir - so serious, true

This series is the only best turkish T.V. series in my opinion...and I love beren saat and kivanic together...BEREN SAAT IS SO HOT!

5 Feriha

Feriha is the best...that's called a true. Love story - 0744rose

Feriha should be number 1 - 0744rose

6 Gumus-Ασημένια φεγγάρια
7 muhteşem yüzyıl

This serial shows the history of Turkey, and actually the history of the world! This is a must see for everyone!

Although I assume that this ranking and list are relatively old ones, frankly; there exists by far better series now.

This serial is historical... I love it.

It's so good

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8 Kismet
9 Menekse ile Halil

Please, don't tell me this isn't a piece of crap.

10 Fatmagul

This is not a show for superficial people who are looking for their next guilty pleasure. This is a show that teaches an important lesson, with a beautiful and unique love story. Loved this show.

This is a different drama that shows how an impossible love can be possible. I love it.

Best drama best than aski memno

Good drama love engin akyurek

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11 Guldur Guldur Show
12 Survivor
13 Oses Turkiye
14 Aci Hayat-Το αγιάζι του έρωτα
15 Bir bulut oslam
16 Carkifelek
17 Xfactor
18 Ben Bilmem Esim Bilir
19 Iste Benim Stilim
20 Kelime Oyunu
21 İşler Güçler
22 aşk ve ceza
23 Asi

Beautiful story with the beautiful Tuba as the main role, but honestly I think it is a bit overrated..
Kara Para Ask deserves to be higher than Asi, and I totally recommend you to watch it although you'll get addicted once again, but come on guys!

24 Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki

It should absolutely be on the top of this list. One of the best series I've ever seen. Amazing, it has it all!

25 Medcezir

Seriously? Medcezir is a copy of The O.C and honestly you shouldn't waste your time on watching crap. This absolutely doesn't deserve to even be on this list

26 Karadayi

Karadayi shouldn't be on this list because it is just a crappier version movie Kabadayi. Seriously...

27 Yabancı Damat-Τα σύνορα της αγάπης
28 Sila

, how much do I want to say that this is bull.

Rhis is a vert beautiful T.V. serie and the best MAA

I agree with you mate^, bull to the fullest

29 Çocuklar Duymasın
30 Avrupa Yakası
31 Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu
32 Ezo
33 Yer gok ask
34 Lale Devri
35 Ferhat ile Sirin
36 Suskunlar
37 20 Dakika
38 Pepee
39 Cennet Mahallesi
40 Yalan Dunya
41 Adanali
42 Beni Böyle Sev
43 Yaprak Dökümü

I really loved the series so much, cause it's about family that bond that cannot be broken

44 Kara Para Aşk

You guys are mad if you don 't agree. Sila 20th? Really? That makes me get bored out of my wits. This is action, mysteries, drama and romance baby

It's the best T.V. series I have ever seen.

This is why this should be first:

1. It contains it all.

Binbir gece has romance? Oyle bir gecer zamanki has drama? Karadayi has mysteries and murders? Muhtesem Yuzyil has action? Medcezir is modern? This is a simple mix of everything except history. In fact, KPA gives you all the feelings, moments, tears and furious heartbeats that all those other series also do. So if you're wondering how you're going to get the time to watch all these amazing Turkish series- Stop, wait a minute. I know we all have different tastes, but honestly you just cannot dislike this. You just have to watch this especially if your interested in dramas, romantic series & mysteries. If you liked Sila, Medcezir, Binbir Gece, Gunesi Bekleren or Oyle Bir Gecer Zamanki, you NEED to check this one out as well. I can assure you that you'll totally fall in love with their love.

2. It will make you realize lots of things.

3. It will probably make you a better person.

4. It might give ...more

45 Leliko
46 RGG Ayas
47 Kiraz Mevsimi
48 Karagül
49 İffet
50 Alın Yazım
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1. Fatmagul
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3. muhteşem yüzyıl
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