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1 Leyla ile Mecnun

First of all there is no T.V. series in Turkey as leyla ile macnun. secondly so stupid and so funny

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2 Ezel V 1 Comment
3 Binbir Gece-1000 & 1 Νύχτες V 1 Comment
4 Feriha

Feriha is the best...that's called a true. Love story - 0744rose

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5 Gumus-Ασημένια φεγγάρια
6 Kismet
7 Menekse ile Halil

Please, don't tell me this isn't a piece of crap.

8 Ask i memnu
9 Fatmagul

This is a different drama that shows how an impossible love can be possible. I love it.

Best drama in the world due to story cast and characters best best best best best best best best best best best best drama in the world I like engin akyurek and beren saat in this drama I am big fan of engin akyurek

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10 muhteşem yüzyıl

This serial shows the history of Turkey, and actually the history of the world! This is a must see for everyone!

Although I assume that this ranking and list are relatively old ones, frankly; there exists by far better series now.

This serial is historical... I love it.

IT should Be number one
The best serie forever. Even though there are newer series now, IT remains the best forever. I still watch it

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11 Guldur Guldur Show
12 Oses Turkiye
13 Survivor
14 Aci Hayat-Το αγιάζι του έρωτα
15 Bir bulut oslam
16 Xfactor
17 Ben Bilmem Esim Bilir
18 Carkifelek
19 Iste Benim Stilim
20 Kelime Oyunu
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1. Fatmagul
2. Bir bulut oslam
3. muhteşem yüzyıl
1. Fatmagul
2. Bir bulut oslam
3. muhteşem yüzyıl
1. Oses Turkiye
2. Guldur Guldur Show
3. Survivor

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