Best Types of Magic In Skulduggery Pleasant Books

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1 Elemental Magic

Elemental magic is the manipulation of 4 types of matter, fire/plasma,water,earth, and air. Light and darkness might also count as well.

Great powers, who wouldn't want these.

Fun and Useful

2 Necromancy Magic

Necromancy is raising the undead to have them do your bidding, so you can have an army of skeletons with you.

Awesome power, but could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

I mean, who wouldn't want to throw shadow everywhere?

Necromancy magic is awesome

3 Symbol Magic

This is more like runes magic. And this is a frigging awesome power. Imagine, you're tired, press a power and everything is better. You're dirty? Press a button, hello cleanness. Someone is invading your mind? Fight back with imaginary razor-sharp thorns in with the click of a button.

Did everyone also forget this is China Sorrows' discipline? She doesn't usually fight but has been shown to be incredibly powerful and that whole attraction thing is basically mind control

You can adapt to the situation a lot more then the other powers and if you stay inside your house or domain your always safe.

Is a different type of see through tattoos

4 Energy Throwers

It's better than nothing, but there's a limit to how much you can do with this type of power.

Very powerful discipline, fast results, strong in combat

5 Wall-Walking

This falls in the same category as Adept.

6 Bonebreaker

A pretty cool magic type, I mean, you can shatter people's bones just by touching them for heaven's sake!

Does this mean you can break through SHINgles

7 Teleportation

You can literally teleport anywhere you want!

Its really an awesome power and as long as you've traveled around you can get yourself out of certain death, drop people in the ocean,teleport behind some one and give them an unsuspected punch and steal a lot of things

8 True Name

When you know your true name, you have extreme power, but you kind of loose control.

Literally makes you a God, and if you can control it you're basically unstoppable

If you know your true name, you can:
-"See" and affect the magic of others
-Share magic with other people
-Learn new abilities simply by experiencing them
-Read Minds
-Repair any body damage, unless the brain is completely destroyed

True name should be number 1
if u use your true name correctly u could be the most powerful person on in the world
true name includes all the magic

9 Adept Magic

Depends, but I love it!

10 Dimensional Shunter
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11 Gist

This power is awesome - people will surely take you seriously if you have this power. Though, you need a powerful soul to do so and have to be careful how long you release it.

12 Earth Magic

It's cool to tunnel under the ground, but this magic can be used by an elemental.

Better than earth elemental magic as you can go a lot faster and travel through many more materials, with the drawback of less versatility... oh and you have to gouge out your eyes.

13 Science Magic

Well, I don't quite know what this discipline actually allows you to do, but hey, it's Clarabele, s discipline, so who gives a damn?

14 Magiphage

Only on Magiphage but still...

15 Sensitive

Can read your mind

16 Kineticist

Can absorb kinetic energy and turn into raw power falls under adept.

17 Warlock

One of the most beast powers there is

18 Lightning Magic

Lightning Daves magic

He probably is a Neoteric.

He can travel on power lines and shoot elecricity

19 The Magic with a Name
20 Time Magic

Fun and cool!

21 Parasite Magic
22 Valkyrie's New Magic

its white lightning that can kill souls, she can see auras and she can use other people's magic temporarily and probablymore

23 Corruption Magic
24 Enhancements
25 Concealing
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