Top 10 Ultraman Shows With the Best Storylines

The Top Ten

1 Ultraman Gaia

Amazing Story With Conflict Between Gaia And Agul. Totally Amazing Ending Ever. - Syaker

2 Ultraman Dyna

Every Episode Is Great. Never Boring. Amazing Intro Episode And Sad Ending. - Syaker

3 Ultraman Taro

Great Story Life About Boxer-Kotaro. Sad Ending. - Syaker

4 Ultraman Leo

Ultra Seven Return In This Ultraman Story. - Syaker

5 Ultraman 80

Great With Love Story - Syaker

6 Ultraman Great / Toward to the Future

Every Episode Full Of Conflict and Never Bored - Syaker

7 Ultraman Nexus

Too Many Surprise In It Episode. - Syaker

8 Ultra Seven

Great Reuniting For Seven With Ultraman 1966 - Syaker

9 Ultraman Tiga

I don't Know What To Say To Tiga Storyline. laugh out loud. - Syaker

10 Ultraman Mebius

The Contenders

11 Ultraman Max

Amazing Love Story And Happy Ending. - Syaker

12 Ultraman Powered
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