Most Underrated David Gilmour Guitar Solos

The Top Ten

1 Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Great choice for number one. The solo during the outro of the song is one of his more complex and fast solos, and gives him some room to show off his chops. Great guitar solo from a man who knows a thing or two about a great guitar solo. - Gg2000

2 The Thin Ice
3 Fat Old Sun
4 Murder
5 Poles Apart
6 Not Now John
7 Learning to Fly
8 Sheep

The solo at the end is the best part of the song.

9 Your Possible Pasts
10 Sorrow

The Contenders

11 High Hopes

This song haunts me its sad and I can't get it out of my head but I love it. David G performs it so perfectly and the instrumental undertones make it a firm favourite!

12 Echoes
13 Careful with that Axe Eugene
14 On an Island - David Gilmour

Listen to the version from the Live At Gdansk release in 2005. He was as good as he was on any Pink Floyd tour.

15 Coming Back to Life
16 Hey You
17 Marooned
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