Most Underrated Guns N' Roses Songs

The Top Ten

1 Rocket Queen

I saw christangrant's remix. And agreed with his that he said Civil War is better than Sweet Child O' Mine. Sweet Child O' Mine helps to get into Guns N' Roses. But After getting into Guns N' Roses. Civil War has always been my favorite song of their's. - zxm

2 Coma
3 Estranged
4 Breakdown
5 Locomotive (Complicity)

This is a good song. - Userguy44

6 Mr. Brownstone
7 Don't Damn Me
8 Civil War
9 Nightrain
10 Garden of Eden

The Contenders

11 Patience
12 This I Love
13 Used to Love Her

Sick, but funny. - truckturner

14 Out Ta Get Me
15 Back Off Bitch
16 Sweet Home Alabama
17 Chinese Democracy
18 My Michelle

One of the best songs on the album in my humble opinion. - truckturner

19 Dust N' Bones
20 Think About You
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