Most Underrated Instruments

Everyone wants to play electric guitar. Everyone wants to sing. But these are the instruments few people understand and appreciate.

The Top Ten

1 Bass Guitar

Bass is BY FAR the most underrated instrument. Bass is what holds the entire band together (often), and keeps the rhythm going. People do not understand the importance of Bass Guitar.

Duh it's a bass, that feeling when you play a song with your band, words can't even describe it! Bassists gets so little attention. Why?

Everyone wants to play the melody, but few people realize that without a good ruthenium's section the melody couldn't happen

Bass players are the best

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2 Drums

I know, I know. A lot of people do want to play drums. But few people understand it's importance in the band. Even when the drums are simple, they still move the song foward.

3 Keyboard
4 Tuba
5 Rhythm Guitar

Everyone admires the lead guitar, but Rhythm guitar can be important as well.

6 Organ
7 Harmonica

The only thing on here actually underrated. Bass guitar and drums are really known, but harmonica rules. - Rydershady2001

8 Viola

The viola is just as great as the violin. I would consider that to be a fact! However, personally, I think the viola is BETTER than the violin! The alto clef is based around middle C, the fingerboard is much more comprehensible than the violin, and the overall tone is just more elegant in my opinion. I think it's the perfect instrumental combination of beauty and theory, right behind the piano.

9 Trombone V 1 Comment
10 Ocarina

Ocarinas sound majestic if you know how to play one, but most prior to ocarina of time didn't even know it existed.

The Contenders

11 Sitar
12 Theremin
13 Cello V 1 Comment
14 Bassoon

Most majestic sound of the wind family, and has arguably the most famous solos in orchestras.

15 Bagpipes

The only reason people don't like them is because they haven't heard a GOOD bagpiper play them.

16 Euphonium

This is the king of the brass secton yet cannot even be in a traditional orchestra.

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