Top Ten Undertale Boss Themes

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Death by Glamour Death by Glamour Cover Art

Glad this one's at the top right now! It's definitely my favorite boss theme.

I love the rhythm and the pitch it goes. It is just beautiful.

Death by Glamour gives me amazing vibes. My favourite one.

Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

Megalovania Megalovania Cover Art

It is so catchy! And it is quite easy to play on a instrument which is nice😘 Also I love Sans!
My rank:
2. Hopes and Dreams
4. Death By Glamour
6. Your Best Nightmare
7. Battle Against a true hero
8. Spider Dance
9. Ghost Song
10. Dog Song

My teacher: Time for a math session! Megalovania =?
Every student: The best boss theme ever!
My teacher: No, not quite.

I then grab a shotgun and shoot her like crazy.

Easily my favorite song. (Well, besides 'Song that might play when you fight sans (I love Sans))

How is this not first?! This was my favourite song of all songs for some time!

Asgore Asgore Cover Art

this one is sooo good it starts out kinda sad, sure but the song itself I feel is misinterpreted
the theme goes right along with the type of boss fight it is it is definitely in my top 5

This theme is extremely catchy and always gets stuck in my head. I love it to death and I think it deserves more love.

I love the calmness in this song

The song it's self isn't great,but the remixes it inspired I conclusion I voted this as my favorite

Hopes and Dreams Hopes and Dreams Cover Art

Gives such a cool, ecstatic feeling while fighting Asriel. I dance while spamming the arrow keys!

It's the end of the world, but... Hopes and dreams can save the world!

This should be number 1. I'm not saying it will be, but it should.

Beautiful theme for staying determined.

Spider Dance Spider Dance Cover Art

Spider dance is honestly my 2nd favourite. It's such a fun, cute song, just like Muffet!

So energetic and well synced to Muffet's animations, it's just the best.

This is just so energetic

My favorite, personally.

Your Best Nightmare Your Best Nightmare Cover Art

So nightmare inducing and terrifying that it's catchy, like playing the Geometry Dash level, "Peaceful".

Love the repetition in the songs and it really fits to the boss omega Flowey!

Basically panic as a song

It goes from total despair go absolute hope , and does so greatly the fact that the heavy part hits when flowey's defense reaches zÊro and you star dping a lot of damage to a literal demi god juste mâles it perfect

Battle Against a True Hero Battle Against a True Hero Cover Art

I really love this theme. It's my favorite. And I also love the meaning of the battle. Through out neutral route. We see her commenting on how much she hates humans. Yet now she is protecting them.

Heck yes
1. battle against a true hero
3. death by glamour
4. SAVE the world
5. either megalovania or ghost fight

Such a sad and heroic song!

Feel kinda sad every time hearing it because SPOILER ALERT! you have to kill undyne to win

Bonetrousle Bonetrousle Cover Art

I like the moves on the drumset, it's what attracts me to listen (and sometimes play) the song.

Papyrus is epic. Yeah. That's it. That's the comment.

It's catchy and it's in 2nd place in my top 10.

It is so fun to listen!

Spear of Justice Spear of Justice Cover Art

Just the right balance of awesomeness and hard-coreness

Dogsong Dogsong Cover Art

Literally the theme of God within the game

A true testament to good music.

The only logical answer.

Haha really funny

The Contenders

Dummy! Dummy! Cover Art

Not sure why I like this one so much... It's just catchy! The mood is really cool.

So jazzy it makes you diddly-darn snappity and speako like a speedo in a soothin' and jazzyo of a diddly voice.

SAVE The World SAVE The World Cover Art

The best in my opinion and a more epic version of hopes and dreams

Amazing yet another reason why I love it

Just amazing

Metal Crusher Metal Crusher Cover Art

This is just as good as death by glamour
So why is it 15

I want this at my funeral.

I wish this was higher

Heartache Heartache Cover Art
Finale Finale Cover Art

Once the second, heavier segment of it hits, I really don't understand how anyone feels anything else could top it. Opinions will be opinions and all, but it's amazing whether you prefer another song or not

While this isn't for the best ending of the game, it's definitely a great final battle song.

Underrated, you can hear all of the themes of Asriel/flowey in this, and its amazing.

Probably the most underrated theme. It’s fairly simple, yet powerful

Ghost Fight Ghost Fight Cover Art

I really like it because its just so edicting and it much better than dummy!

I think this is the theme for napstablook

Just so addictive!

Fallen Down Reprise Fallen Down Reprise Cover Art

I added this because I like Toriel and classical music

Sans Sans Cover Art

Sans is probably one of my favorites. You could hum this all day!

Power of Neo Power of Neo Cover Art

In my opinion the worst boss theme. It's just too repetitive.

But the Earth Refused to Die But the Earth Refused to Die Cover Art

Technically not a boss theme, but it deserves a vote anyways

Core Core Cover Art

Surprised nobody mentioned it, I adore how this one gives kind of mid-20 century futuristic vibes

Tem Shop Tem Shop Cover Art
Amalgam Amalgam Cover Art
So Cold

Is this Endogeny's theme? Because it sound like dogs getting abused.

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