Top Ten Undertale Boss Themes


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1 Death by Glamour

It has happened,Someone who has looked at the best theme ever - Sherman

I think this really fits Mettaton. Especially the unexpected transformation t Mettaton EX. - Dawscr

2 Hopes and Dreams

It's the end of the world, but... Hopes and dreams can save the world! - Delgia2k

4 Your Best Nightmare
5 Bonetrousle

It's catchy and it's in 2nd place in my top 10.

It's really catchy!

6 Megalovania

Come on, this is the best. theme. EVER!

7 Spider Dance

Umm...7? seriously? come on... this is awesome

Ze best.

8 Battle Against a True Hero

I really love this theme. It's my favorite. And I also love the meaning of the battle. Through out neutral route. We see her commenting on how much she hates humans. Yet now she is protecting them.

Feel kinda sad every time hearing it because SPOILER ALERT! you have to kill undyne to win

I love this, this is my favorite, here are some songs that I really like ( They Might be fan-made songs )

- Death By Glamour

- Megalovania

- Dog Song

- Bonetrousle

- Uwa! So Temperate

- Alphys Takes Action

- Hard Drive

- Spear Of Justice

- Your Best Friend

- Temmie Village ( you knew it'd be on here.)

- Disbelief Papyrus

- Megalo Strike Back

- Undertale Rap Down To The Bone

- Alphys


9 Spear of Justice


10 Dummy!

The Contenders

11 Alphys Takes Action

None of the people voting on this list have actually heard this theme, have they? - xandermartin98

12 Dog Song

The only logical answer. - Brobusky

Haha really funny

13 Heart Ache

I <3 love love GOAT MOM!


14 Finale

Probably the most underrated theme. It’s fairly simple, yet powerful

15 Metal Crusher
16 Ghost Fight
17 Megalo Strikes Back
18 Woofenstein

Is this Endogeny's theme? Because it sound like dogs getting abused.

19 Amalgam
20 So Cold
21 Fallen Down Reprise

I added this because I like Toriel and classical music

22 SAVE The World

The best in my opinion and a more epic version of hopes and dreams

23 But the earth refused to die


24 Mogolovonio
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1. Spear of Justice
2. Bonetrousle
3. Dog Song
1. Dog Song
2. Your Best Nightmare
3. Spider Dance
1. Spider Dance
2. Bonetrousle
3. Battle Against a True Hero

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