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Help me search the best utaite ever! It could be male or female utaite! Don't forget to mention the best songs they cover!
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1 Mafumafu

I really like his voice, and ultimately I really like him as a producer. I love his songs and the thoughts put into them when he composes for another utaite. Like he cares about the singer voice range to let them be comfortable while singing his song. But his voice... It's so powerful, and I love it. Being able to sing with all your heart like Mafumafu does is amazing.

He's the one that led me into the utaite world a few years ago. He has a very unique voice and his songs can sometimes be dark but very relatable. Some of songs that he writes are fun and random (e.g. RPG, I want to become a cat & Look at me!).

He has a really fun (and cunning/evil ) personality too. His videos with his friends are never boring and his pranks never fail to make me laugh. (I may sound like pervert but) His laughs and giggles are adorable and I love his voice too. The more I look at him, the more I like him.

He will forever be my NO.1 utaite and I hope he can take care of himself a bit more (your cats need you!)

He will totally amaze you! Mafumafu has to be THE BEST utaite and singer! I just love his voice, his energy and meaning he puts into his songs, his personality, looks, laugh, and so much more. I knew about utaites for a pretty long time but he has to be the one and only best one :)

I personally do not think he's the best utaite on a vocal standpoint due to preference (he screams too much; I would prefer more emotion changes in dynamics), but I can clearly see why he is regarded the best. When I was into the utaite community 5 years ago, I knew mafumafu would become big (kradness and reol were too tier at the time). What sets him apart from the other two is the amount of connecting he does with the fans. In turn, all of the YouTube content he puts out attracts his fans to both his music and personality. This is a powerful combo that brings a tide of fans. Mafumafu is an excellent example of successful musician, singer, composer, YouTube entertainer, and ikemen.

2 Soraru

I don't know why, but there's just something about his voice that completely hooked me in from the beginning. I first originally found out about Soraru when I was scrolling through YouTube and found Mafumafu's version of Roki featuring Soraru, and the art was really cute so I clicked on it! I mean, it had 24 million views, so of course, it had to be good. About 1 minute in, I had already fallen head over heels for his voice. Mafumafu is amazing as well, but something about Soraru's lower ikemen type voice just made him stand out that much more to me. So, I made it a daily thing to have that song on repeat, whether I was in the car or the shower, it would always be on. After a while of listening to Roki non-stop, I finally decided to do some research, and I discovered his personal channel. While I prefer to listen to After the Rain rather than Soraru's solo covers, I still enjoy his own covers. Something about After the Rain though is just really fascinating! Their voices compliment ...more

Today marks the first day he's absolutely drawn me into the community. His voice is so soothing and husky; it's very comforting yet charming.

His voice is deep but clean, comforting and beautiful. He's like the opposite of Mafumafu (this is what makes After the Rain special, they're so different in terms of personality and voice range but still can make magic happen).

He has a moody and quite personality but its adorable.

When I first discovered Utaites, I just randomly was listening to 'Roki'(his version with Mafumafu) and it just blew me away! They both compliment each other's voices perfectly, Soraru's is kind of the lower cooler voice supporting Mafumafu's slightly higher voice and they both put so much dedication and emotion in all of the songs they sing...

3 Eve

My favorite utaite. I love how most of his songs are bop. I can't explain it but his voice fits in every genre in a unique way. His voice is also soothing and gentle when it needs to be in a song. His songs always take me to another world and give me plenty of feels :')

Eve's voice is super duper unique, I don't know why! It's soft yet strong, it's heartwarming yet intriguing. He makes heavenly good bops too that I can't help but play his songs on repeat. He truly deserves all the love and fame he's getting! Stan Eve!

Eve has a rock type of voice and I get really hyped when I hear him sing. Especially his ownly song anime OP! His voice really makes me tap to the beat!

I love Eve's songs, their vibe is just unique. My friends finds Eve's songs weird, but I love them. He's my favorite producer. I'm really happy to see his songs being recognized, with Inochi no Takebata and Kaikai Kitan.

4 Amatsuki

My very first utaite and always be my number 1 utaite forever. His personality and his voice just drive me crazy. I have heard other utaite soundsI have heard other utaite voices but to me Amatsuki still the best

I know that he doesn't always hits the notes, but I love how he has really good control of his voice, despite so. I love the genuinity that his vocals provide.

I really like when amatsuki sing a song ft mafumafu, I think they voice match. And their lipxlip cover really cool and amazing! amatsuki song's also earcatching!

I first know Amatsuki by the "I Still Want to be Drown with that Moon" cover and I listened to that song many times and now I'm in the UTAITE FANDOMS! (He's too cute for a 27 years old guy. I thought he's 21 :/)

5 Sou

I like how quirky his voice sounds like. I haven't heard all of his songs but when I heard some of them, the emotion of the song usually meet mine.

Has a great voice really good vocal range, and also really unique music, his covers are really good and overall a great singer.

I love Sou's voice, however, I think he sings best with slow tempo/sad/ballad songs, like Harehareya, Akaito, Yumetorou and Kokoronashi.

He has a very special and unique voice. It can go from a really sweet style to literaly screaming and still make it sound amazing. Now that he has started creating his own songs we can really see how he is giving them his own touch. An amazing utaite!

6 Luz

I love his voice, and I found a liking in his covers because of his voice range. His is similar to mine, so if I want to sing a bit to unwind some steam, I always look up to his songs.

I think Luz has a sexy and kinda rough/timber voice which is attractive.

His airheaded personality is adorable. Must protecc him at all cost.

In the first time I heard his cover (all Royal Scandal song), that is the first time I start to like utaite song. I know there are utaite who more popular, but I prefer the song sung Luz. His voice is so beautiful.

I may be a tad biased but the first time I heard Luz's voice, I couldn't help but fall in love. He has a nice, distinctive voice that's really pleasing on the ears.

7 96Neko

She has an extremely strong voice and her vocals cover a wide range. Sometimes she sings like a guy and sometimes as a girl. It's simply amazing!

I like the chaos that's somehow makes me want to scream and dance at the same time.

Her voice absolutely lightens up my day and her range is so surprising

She is just simply amazing with her range of voice

8 nqrse

I'm always amazed by nqrse rap. It's one of the only singers that I like to hear rapping. I usually hate it but not with nqrse, I wonder why

His voice is deep, and his range isn't all that good, but his voice is clear, and pure. And then, he raps and blows you away with the power his voice packs. We stan one cute puppy with a powerful bark! His talking voice is the cutest, too!

He has a smooth yet powerful rap style and his singing is really impactful and emotional even tho he has a deep voice. Those high notes wow

His singing voice and his rapping song is just ugh perfection. Oh he can also sing in high note so yeah he's a perfection.

9 Uratanuki

I honestly believe that Uratanuki should get way more credit that he's getting right now. His vocal range is astounding, as seen in songs like "Trip-Trap, Love Trap!" and "Kaerimichi No Love Song". There's so many more but these 2 songs are what fascinated me the most regarding his voice. In the former song, his voice blends with Aho no Sakata's very well and he shows his talent in switching between a low pitch and a high pitch. In the latter song, his voice is so much more sweet compared to the sultriness of the first song, showing his dynamics are very well thought out per song, and he has no trouble modifying his voice to get it to where it needs to be. Straying away from his music, Uratanuki is also very interactive with his fans, and has a really kind personality to them. He is overall one of my favorite utaites, and he's definitely in my favorite utaite duo (Knives Out, or UraSaka). I am still fairly new to the world of utaites, but I don't think that will change for a while.

Urata is a really nice person! He recently started hearting comments on his youtube videos and I think it's really sweet!

his voice is very unique [I mean, all of their voices are unique ww], and I just think he's a real sweet guy!

I love his energetic voice but he can also sing in a manly voice as well. His height and face are cute.

30? He should be way up there with Amatsuki! I love how cute and short he is but he is so energetic!

10 Aho no Sakata

I really really love EVERYTHING about him. His voice, his personality, his eyes, ajshzsbnaja I hope I could meet him somedayyy 😭

He's currently my favorite utaite! His voice is just heavenly. The way he sang CALL BOY was to die for, and his SARISHINOHARA brought me to tears. He's funny, and the way he spends time with his fans on livestreams just keeps me company when I get lonely. He'd sing and laugh with his fans, oh his laugh is contagious his existence basically a blessing

Ever since I heard him sing 'Ai no Scenario', I instantly fell in love with his voice! I didn't know him at the time so I searched, like, EVERYWHERE for him. Ah, the joy I felt when I finally found his channel! I then immediately listened to his other covers and fell in love more!

AAAAAA ILYM. His personality is so adorable. I want to meet him once in my life. His voice is cool and I love him so muchh and When he doesn't wear a mask his face is really cool!

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11 Reol

Reol is by far one of the st in my opinion, she can go from a cute to sexy voice in a flash in her singing. She always seems to be spot on and overall an amazing singer! ~

Best Utaite ever! Once you hear she's song you will never get out from reol

She's one of my favorite utaite since improving a lot on her singing.

Her voice is amazing, and I love the feeling of her songs.

12 Senra

He's so cool! I could listen to him talk forever! He's very good at singing, and he's overall just a hilarious guy. I love his solo songs and duo songs with Shima in every USSS album, and he even has an album of his own with some amazing songs! I can't stop listening to Nonai Shaker over and over again! Also, he's very attractive, both virtually and in real life (coming from someone who's seen him live <3)

Senra is honestly my favorite utaite thus far! His voice is very sexy and it's distinguishable from his peers. Senra is part of my favorite utaite group (Urashimasakatasen), and I think he deserves more appreciation! I am also in love with his duo with Shima, their voices blend so well together :)

His voice is so sultry and rich, he's honestly my favorite utaite!

His voice is very cute but seductive, I guess? His collab with usss is really the best.

13 Kradness

The first Utaite that captured my heart! I liked him back when I was 11 years old. and now I am 18, still wanting to listen to him more!

His voice is amazing!

Why don’t people like Kradness so much? He’s so good! It makes me so sad he doesn’t get as much attention as he deserves :c

kradness is yet another underrated utaite

his voice is wonderful and his high notes are amazing!

14 Shima

His voice is so rich and sexy! His songs with Urashimasakatasen and his duo with Senra are amazing and I can put on them repeat for hours and hours on end.

Has a husky voice

Ikemen voicee, I love shima

Cute singing :>>>>

15 Miyashita Yuu

He was the utaite that led me to not only utaite, but to vocaloid as well. His singing style is sometimes soft and then suddenly he growls and it gives me instant whiplash. Not that I'm complaining, it sounds super goodddd. And his vocal range is so diverse! He can turn into a high pitched voice that you'd think was a woman and then seconds after he turns into a man that sounds like he hit puberty twice. He is also a very big perfectionist. He once made a Kikuo cover that took him three years to finish, making each cover flawless and breathtaking. I can't even see a song that I don't like from him, whether its his own songs or his covers. It makes me sad that him and his past duo Doctrine Doctrine is so underrated and I hope that he gets more attention for his talent in the utaite community. I just really like him. 10/10 utaite.

He's my first utaite! He's also led me to other utaite's but imma stick with him forever! His voice is so amazing and his vocal range is what attracted me the most. He can switch tones so easily! Regardless of if it's a cover or his original song, he's done the absolute best! His voice has a lot of personality and I love that the most!

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! I honestly have never been so engrossed in the Utaite universe... before I met this amazingly talented guy! I first heard his cover of Wozwald, initially, I just wanted to listen while I do some room cleaning but because of his voice, I ended up spending almost the whole day wanting to know more about him! He is blessed with so many talents, though he is always so humble and says that he has no talent and all he could ever do is to work hard. :'D His vocal range is absolutely god tier, he adds a lot of soul and personality into his covers and harmonises everything, making his covers absolute masterpieces and beyond level. And not to mention he is very artistic too, his illustrations never fail to be gorgeous. All of these are the reasons why he should have more recognition and love, as well as his duo unit Doctrine Doctrine. I hope people will know and support him more! Stan Miyashita Yuu!

my favorite utaite, he has this baby soft voice that tickles you but then he growls- anyways his vocal range is crazy, I can't explain how talented he is. Like honestly I still think he is 7 different people TnT watch SIU for an example! His voice is so pretty to listen to it hurts my heart, like the way he hits his high notes. I love how he doesn't use any auto tune, also everything he does is pure effort and practice. He honestly make cover songs his own uwu.

16 Hanatan

Beautiful and powerful voice, insane vocal range, graceful vibrato... Every song she sung will be full of emotions, especially when she sing a rocks.

The most beautiful voice I've ever heard in my life. Her vocal technique, vibrato, but most of all, emotion that is put into her covers is absolutely mind-blowing. Till this day, I still consider her cover of "You and Beautiful World" the prettiest song I've ever heard, even 7 years later.

She has such a great vocal range and an amazing vibrato. A voice full of emotion! You guys should check her covers, most notable Hanatan - If

She can sing with great variety of song, also her voice is simply amazing. The emotion of the song is very well performed by her. love it

17 Rib

Very unique and nasally yet smooth/silky voice. I can never forget Akaito. That was perfect emotional portrayal and, to date, his most excellent work.

I like his voice. His voice so amazing

His voice is so beautiful!

His voice is so manly

18 Itou Kashitarou

An established musician and utaite, Itou Kashitarou has my literal favorite voice a singer can ever have. It's a warm, kind, and sunflower-yellow voice. While this also means that he is limited in the songs he can **excellently** portray, I still believe that Itou Kashitarou is a unique and beautiful singer. In fact, when I saw the first ending of Black Clover, even after 5 years of not having heard his voice, I immediately recognized who it was (THE MAN WHO SANG MILK AND COFFEE!)! Forever my favorite.

I think that Ito kashitaro has an amazing voice. It may not be modern, but it's strong and full of warmth. He sings only the best songs, the kind of songs that make you feel different feelings like sadness, strength, determination, loss, and at the end gain something.

I hope the people who read this have a look at one of his songs because I promise you you won't be disappointed.

I love it when his voice got strong, but when his voice get soft, it feels so perfect. Love-His-Voice.

I really love his voice. every time I hear his voice it will give me goosebumps

19 Lon

Lon is the cutest thing in the world I love her so much I want her to be happy forever

Lon deserves more love! The whole community needs to realize that she's not just a punching bag for radical SoraMafu fans but an amazing utaite and a precious cutie♡

Her high pitched voice is just so cute!

Must protecc!

20 un:c

His voice is amazing, he can hit high notes well... I love his cover of outer science

he can hit dem high noTeS-

21 Neru

I'm not sure why Neru is on this list, since he is mainly a Vocaloid producer (as I said, not sure if he has done covers as an Utaite before). But as a Vocaloid producer, Oh yes I love him so damn much. He is one of the early Vocaloid producers that I follow surprisingly up until this day. I am a fan of alternative rock and Neru is the reason why. His songs have a lot of dynamics and intriguing themes, and his Vocaloid tuning never fails. He is truly a legend amongst Vocaloid producers.

One of my favorite Vocaloid producers. I mean, he isn't an Utaite but still a respectable artist and musician nonetheless. He created most of the angsty songs I listened to as a teen, and I still listen to them now. Makes me question my life and society a whole lot, but in a good way.

Neru's instrumentals are beautiful. The writing of his music and lyrics really hit you with emotions. A lot of his songs are very relatable, but always contain a feel that can be slightly different from the last. His music is so unique and lyrics contain so much. Upon analyzing you might get to learn something about yourself. There's always a Neru song you can connect with, making his music so memorable.


he made lost one's weeping, a song I really love and kinda relate to. he posts a clip of his instrumentals on twitter every once in a while, each one is amazing and unique.

22 Glutamine

Glutamine is God. His voice sucked me into the utaite heaven. He is one of the best his voice can be cute or strong or sexy and creative. His mumbling is amazing. Try iroha uta, melancholic, all songs of him. He is vastly underrated. I won't call him the best but he is certainly worthy.

I thought he’d be so much more popular? honestly, his voice is literally so amazing. the best utaite, in my opinion

I can listen to glutamine screams for hours, he mostly doesn't take songs seriously (forget lyrics or randomly shout ' MACARON' or 'i want to eat pepper' or 'banana' ) but still produces the finest art

23 Akatin

He's a dork and I love him. He's voice range is also pretty wide.

In love with his voiceeeee! His covered songs bring soul to my life

24 JubyPhonic

I feel like she makes the English version of the lyrics of the songs so meaningful that you just have to listen to it. I know her voice is a bit nasally and high but it works for her. She can still make a song sound completely amazing. I was never really into covers but whenever JubyPhonic does an English cover of a song, I will literally close my eyes and block out the world just to listen to it.

Simply stunning. The improvements she makes with time is just amazing! Not to mention the English version lyrics she makes, they're just the best! Putting aside her lyrics, she's my third all-time favorite, with the first and second being Mafumafu and Raon Lee. But with how meaningful her lyrics are... Score skyrockets. She deserves much more!

I like her lyrics but to be honest her voice is kind of annoying

the way I discovered e ve and vocaloid

25 Hashiyan

Definitely love his creative skills that he puts into when making covers and in my opinion his rapping skills is very different from others which is pretty enjoyable!

Rapping + Singing is really good

I haven't heard much of his, but I love his rapping, especially his FU P.T.A song =>u<=

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