Top 10 Best Utaite

Help me search the best utaite ever! It could be male or female utaite! Don't forget to mention the best songs they cover!

The Top Ten

1 96Neko

She has an extremely strong voice and her vocals cover a wide range. Sometimes she sings like a guy and sometimes as a girl. It's simply amazing!

She is just simply amazing with her range of voice

2 Kradness
3 Mafumafu

Really love heart soothing voice of him.

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4 un:c

His voice is amazing, he can hit high notes well... I love his cover of outer science

5 Akatin
6 Soraru V 3 Comments
7 Himeringo
8 Reol

Reol is by far one of the st in my opinion, she can go from a cute to sexy voice in a flash in her singing. She always seems to be spot on and overall an amazing singer! ~

9 Valshe

She sounds just likes boy, and has some of the coolest PVs (Jester, anyone? )

10 Amatsuki

He is so amazing! His singing is so great and unique. You can definitely tell his voice even if he sings with lots of other utaites. I really love how he sings with his "feeling" as well, it can make you moved 😄

The Newcomers

? Glutamine
? Noir
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The Contenders

11 Hashiyan

Definitely love his creative skills that he puts into when making covers and in my opinion his rapping skills is very different from others which is pretty enjoyable!

12 Kogeinu

His high note is AWESOME

13 Kanseru/KanzentaiCell

He has a really attractive voice, my favorite cover by him is of Facebook Indulging Girl

14 Nano V 1 Comment
15 Lon

Her high pitched voice is just so cute!

16 Piko
17 Hanatan
18 Ayaponzu
19 Shoose

Shoose's voice is just so amazing and it sounds a bit like Levi from Attack on titan would sing!

20 Limone-Sensei
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