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1 Ice Themed Levels

Ice themed levels look beautiful!

Who here doesn't like ice levels? - Pizzaboy456

Ice Cap Zone - Sonic 3 and knuckles
Ice Cap - Sonic Adventure
Cool Edge (holoska- Day) - Sonic unleashed

Whats so special about them? They are all awesome - Zombieman99

2 Forest Themed Levels

The best levels in New super Mario you were forest themed. (giant forest) - Pizzaboy456

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3 The Average "World 1"

I feel these are just a nice way to start you off, and they are really fun, with sweet and fun music!

4 Factory Levels

Mediamaster127's favorite level theme is factory or industrial

5 City Levels
6 Cloudy Levels

Should be number 1. These are honestly harder than Final Boss and fire. - Pizzaboy456

Flashbacks to Ludwig's castle from Super Mario Bros. Wii...

I think this means Sky levels. Sky levels are awesome!

7 Gold Levels
8 Final Boss Level

It's the last boss, & usually it has the most awesome theme. - ruJILLous

Final bosses always have the coolest themes! - nintendofan126

Yes this is the real coolest one!

9 Tropical Levels

So like...90% of all Uncharted games - letdot52

10 Desert Levels

There was a level like this in Uncharted 3 - letdot52

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11 Fire Themed

Most of my favorite levels in gaming are fire levels like Crisis City from Sonic Generations and Meltdown Mayhem form Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

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12 Water Levels

Dragon Palace from Okami is just amazing to look at

Dolphin shoals from Mario kart 8 is awesome - Martinglez

This should be lower! Water Levels stink - Pizzaboy456

13 Secret Levels

These can practically be anything, so why is this 17? - Pizzaboy456

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14 Wasteland Levels
15 Space Levels

Long Night of Solace from Halo: Reach got it just right if you ask me.

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16 Circus levels
17 Hell Levels
18 War Zone Levels

The whole Call of Duty - Pizzaboy456

19 Dark Energy/Matter Levels

You know, like, purple or green clouds of bad stuff! They're usually near the end of the game. - higgsboson2142

I love these, most of these give an epic nod to the final boss! - Pizzaboy456

20 Scary Levels
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