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Ice Cap Zone - Sonic 3 and knuckles
Ice Cap - Sonic Adventure
Cool Edge (holoska- Day) - Sonic unleashed

Whats so special about them? They are all awesome

Ice themed levels look beautiful!

Who here doesn't like ice levels?


The best levels in New super Mario you were forest themed. (giant forest)

It makes you smarter, and more strategic. D&D


I like factory themed levels;
I mean, who doesen't? Many people hate factories because they're tiring and boring and smelly and bulky, but for some reason people like factory themed levels, with that reason probably being seeing others work instead of themselfs and also getting to see all the still beautyful mechanisms that make the factory work. One example would be "Grunty Industries" from Banjo-Tooie, one of the few and still best factory levels in all videogames in my opinion

Mediamaster127's favorite level theme is factory or industrial

They are good and great


I live in New York so I have to choose this one XD


Should be number 1. These are honestly harder than Final Boss and fire.

Flashbacks to Ludwig's castle from Super Mario Bros. Wii...

I think this means Sky levels. Sky levels are awesome!


So like...90% of all Uncharted games


I don't know about you but ancient Egypt it's a thing I've always liked, both in real life and in videogames, such a mystic and fascinating time and culture with many dark aspects so that's why

There was a level like this in Uncharted 3


I've often heard about water levels being hard and frustrating and slow, but not for some exeptions like Jolly Roger's Lagoon, still from Banjo-Tooie, that gives you the aility to totally remove the oxygen problem. Also I love sea: I was born in Italy in a very coastal area so I've always loved swimming and exploring the seabeds with all it's sea creatures swimming around.

Water levels may be hated for an air meter mechanic, but they make up for that with beautiful music, awesome scenery, and memorable enemies. Bubblemans stage, buoy base galaxy, and lets not forget the beautiful aqarium park

Dragon Palace from Okami is just amazing to look at

Dolphin shoals from Mario kart 8 is awesome


I've always loved silly colourful things such as clowns and circuses and fairs and all of that stuff so I strongly feel like choosing this one, also because it's a "Rare" theme in videogames (never liked the animal slavery in circuses though)

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? Mix & Mash
? Mythical Tomes
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Space it's such a mystic thing that we still don't even know everything about, so putting that theme into a videogame it's surely to come out interesting and good

Long Night of Solace from Halo: Reach got it just right if you ask me.

Pretty much all of smg1/2

Those are fun to play.


Ehh.. These are ok, the modern fire levels are easy though.

Most of my favorite levels in gaming are fire levels like Crisis City from Sonic Generations and Meltdown Mayhem form Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Japanese Themed

100% of Okami and Okamiden


Squidward's Dream from SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom
Melody Town from Kirby's Epic Yarn

Inside a Computer

Really creative and meta!

War Zone

The whole Call of Duty

Dark Energy/Matter

You know, like, purple or green clouds of bad stuff! They're usually near the end of the game.

I love these, most of these give an epic nod to the final boss!

Fallen Structures
Bug Nest
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