Top Ten Reasons Why The Legend of Zelda is Better Than Super Mario Bros.

Seriously, Mario usually gets all the praise, but look at this. Stunning graphics, a princess not as nearly annoying as Peach, and great plots,... it's The Legend of Zelda!
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1 Ocarina of Time is the best Nintendo game ever

Trying not to fangirl, but it's hard! This game had great visuals for a game made in 1998 for the N64, and really brought the series into 3D. The plot was very interesting compared to ones before it, and the characters are very memorable and so is the music. This game is so good that even after 21 years of its release it's still high on the leaderboards for best game of all time and has younger people who weren't even around when the game existed flocking to stores to buy the 3DS version. Good job, Nintendo.

Good everything, extremely memorable, brings back the child in ya!

Of course duh Link is way way way better than that fat Plumber.

Take out the word Nintendo and then you have a true statement.

2 Has a different plot every game

I mean, in a way, SMB did pretty much save the gaming industry. It's very important, but that's the only thing that Mario beats Zelda with, aside from more successful marketing. Everything else about the Super Mario Bros games are basically bland and literally the same thing.

The mario rpg's are the only mario games with different (and good) stories, where zelda has excellent stories every single game.

Mario has very little variety in the plot. I like how you do different things to find the triforce in the zelda series

Unlike Mario, Zelda has some amazing plots, but Mario just has to save the princess!

3 Not as many annoying characters

Rose Gold Peach, five different baby versions of the adult characters, Metal Mario, 8 filler bosses, Dry Bones Bowser...

Birdo, toad, peach, Waluigi, Wario, Hammer bros...

Yep. Only the royal family is annoying. And Tatl.

Unless if you're talking about zelda. she don't respect npcs and link.

4 Better boss fights

Yeah, in Mario games to kill Bowser by touching a button or an axe. But in ocarina of time, u get to play ping pong with a sword or an EMPTY BOTTLE! Ah, the hilarity

Ugh. I'm tired of the krapalings for every boss fight or an axe you have to hit to defeat Bowser. Mario bosses need more variety!

Mario bosses are often a matter of jump on their head 3 times to beat them.

Anyone who disagrees:
Go play breath of the wild. Come back.

5 You get to ride a horse

Whats a dinosaur compared to a horse who you can ride into battle

You can ride a horse in Minecraft and RDR2 as well. I made my point here, good day.

But a horse is faster than a dinosaur.

Like a cowboy warrior!

6 The games are simple but not easy

What I mean is, most levels are medium level of difficulty, but some, plain easy!

Its actually challenging, which is fun cause its just boring if it ends soon. it took me 5 months to finish BOTW

7 Ganondorf is much more evil than bowser

Bowser kidnaps Peach because he want somebody to take care of his sons.

All Bowser cares about is the princess. Why?

Ganon is my favorite Nintendo villain: period.

Ganondorf has the power to take over the world, Bowser has no no chances against the king of evil. Ganondorf can also change form. He has the power to destroy. Anything. Bowser doesn't! He only has the power of being an annoyance to Mario, by constantly kidnapping the princess.(This should go up by 6.)

8 More things you can do in the game

You can ride a horse, swim deep, fight a boar who almost destroyed the world, meet a fairy, save a world beneath hyrule from a moon and you can get a motorcycle in BoT if you get DLC.

9 There are more possibilities

One time in SS, in Faron woods, I used a tree to get outside the border of the world. It was fun!

Big worlds, side quests, great stuff!

10 More badass powers and items

Link has the Ocarina of Time, magic powers, turn to a wolf, has the Triforce of Courage, and the Master Sword. Mario has a fire flower and a feather.

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11 Zelda is not as annoying as Peach

Zelda has been consistently more helpful than Peach, and this is a different Zelda that is kidnapped by a different Ganondorf, while Peach is the same dumb royal heiress with the same, completely noticeable spiky shelled turtle dragon every time!

Peach gets more kidnapped than Zelda and she can use her powers like magic, transform into Sheik, use the triforce of wisdom, arrow and bow, and teleport just like in Smash.For Peach she only does is slap, use random items to attack and moveset with a lot of pink hearts and even waits for Mario to come and get rescued from Bowser.Zelda attacks way more better than Peach does.

Zelda gives you cool stuff like Light Arrows and the Ocarina of Time. Peach does nothing.

Yeah. I agree,too. I mean, Peach gives out cake, which is bad for you. Zelda has cool weapons to fight with. Peach has a pan which remind of me of reponzel.

12 Better fight mechanics

Mario: jump on enemies

Link: hookshot bow sword magic

Yup. Play BotW and see.

13 Better graphics

You can't deny this. Zelda has great graphics!

14 Better powers

Mario just runs around eating plant and shrooms and getting power.
Link runs around FINDING weapons, magic, and other items all over the world. Not to mention all the masks

15 Link is a greater and better hero than Mario

Mario has saved the princess again. And again. And again. But Link has saved the world and even small places on the planet like Termina

Mario is A. Pain in the butt to his bro, but link has to put up with "listen! Listen! " and he doesn't snap!

Mario: Saves the Princess, a galaxy (dunno, never played.) and some weird people. Link: Saved the world more than 15 times.

#gametheoryforlife! Seriously though both aren't saints and pure good guys

16 Darker storyline

I could agree with this. But may I remind you that The Legend Of Zelda was supposed to be an adventure game with a slightly more fantasy and darker theme than Mario, so of course.

Play breath of the wild. its definitely dark. and awesome.

17 Bowser is weaker than Ganon

Bowser logic: "I'm going to keep fighting that fat plumber in the same way always leaving my weakness right behind me. There's no way he'll be able to jump over me like in the last 200 games! "

ganondorf could actually one shot bowser

Bowser: just have to destroy the bridge. That’s it.
Ganondorf: EXTREMELY intense, fresh, and rewarding fights.

And his Koopa Clown Car?

18 More memorable characters

Link, Zelda, Ganon, That elf guy, that fairy that says listen...

Midna, Sheik, Saria, King of red lions, Linebeck, Skull Kid, Tetra, Zant, and much more.

The most memorable from botw is impa for me

zelda has much more complex characters

19 Link is stronger than Mario

Mario has beaten some pretty badass monsters though.

Do you EVER PLAYED LINK'S AWAKENING? That game proves Link is stronger than Mario. And that Mario's enemies are stompable.

whoever said mario could beat link of the gamer should be banned from the gamer

20 The "worst" Zelda games are among the greatest games of all time

Wand of Gamelon is still better than any Mario game (excluding galaxy) after sunshine.

I am sure Zelda : The Wand of Gamelon could beat Super Mario Galaxy 2

don’t forget the cdi games. even triforce heroes is still great

21 Mario is too easy

Way. Too. Easy. I beat Super Mario 3D World in less than an hour. :P Zelda, however... name one from the timeline series that you can beat under an hour. (unless you are just that good or that much of a hacker)

True the only hard/troll Mario games are super Mario maker and Mario lost levels

YES I speed runed the original in 30 minutes so it's so easy. especially with all the new powerups in 3d world and other new mario games

I beat Zelda BoTW in 95 hours. It took me 9 to beat Odyssey.

22 Cooler music

Name a more iconic companion than, Navi, Epona, Tatl, I'll wait.
oh and in The Legend of Zelda there's the Fairy Fountains with soothing music, what does Mario have?

Yes! When I'm mad at everyone, I put on my headphones and listen to the Zelda music! I even have a playlist on spotify for Zelda songs!

BotW main theme was performed by an orchestra.

23 It's for a more mature audience

"For all ages"? Zelda was designed for teenagers, just sometimes take a slightly cartoonish form that makes it look a bit childish, but on thing is for sure: ZELDA WAS MADE WITH TEENAGERS IN MIND. (Yeah, some exceptions.)

24 Link is cooler than Mario

I mean, in a fight between a human plumber vs. an wolf-like, sword wielding, tons of items using badass, link would win. Also, Mario uses too many mushroom drugs. Also,#GameTheory

25 Link is handsome

Ok this is a good one

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