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1 Duke Fishron

Yes I know he's hard I go on normal mode he's (of course) easy. I have the meowmere and it was (again) easy but I still had a friend with me. My friend and I defeated the pillars and then come the moon lord. Even on easy mode with the best sword in the game, full heath, and a friend with the expert type of the best yo-yo and we didn't get the moon lord to half heath when we both died. When we fought fishron my friend died first but I got the final blow and we defeated him in a matter of minutes.

Travel through walls and cannot camp it out without dying if not using a slime statue farm. You need wings and titanium armor instead of chlorophyte or hallowed in case you failed to dodge one of his dashes. Together with the hardship of catching his summoning item, he is easily the hardest boss in the game even beating the moon lord who you can farm easier.

2 Moon Lord

Endgame boss, high damage, the eyes are very hard to dodge. Without a nebula or vortex armor, you may find it very hard to kill with a nebula blaze or vortex beater. A solar eruption is useful if you want to beat it easier. When fighting him, make sure to keep the percentage of his eyes similar, and destroy them at about the same time so you can beat the heart straight afterward.

Moon lord definitely is the hardest boss. I had to cheese him multiple times before I got a good enough weapon to fight him with. As for duke fishtron, it is extremely easy as long as you have the right arena. (Asphalt on the floor, campfires and heart lanterns). As for enraged duke fishtron, I killed him 26/27 times without a proper arena. It was only after, when I smashed him in expert mode, did I realise that he was enraged.

3 The Twins

Hardest mech boss by far. Some people think that skeletron prime, or even the destroyer is the hardest, but the other two are relatively easy with a good strategy. With the twins, you need quick reflexes, precise aim, high mobility, strong weapons and armor, lots of buff potions, a carefully thought out arena, powerful accessories, the best modifiers, a bit of luck and a lot of practice. Doesn't help that you HAVE to actually fight this boss to progress through the game. Still a fun and very creative boss and he remains a fun boss to fight post-plantera due to his difficulty level.

4 Plantera

Remember to clear the terrain and be prepared when fighting it for the first time, or you can hardly do any maneuvers in the jungle. It is a large boss with high damage. You can hardly kill it with melee weapons besides spears at that stage of the game. Your bullets are easily wasted since its hitbox is not as large as its reach. You don't even have a raven staff as a summoner and there is no corresponding class set up by the new ores you mine.
Try magic weapons for best.

Difficult due to the amount of contact damage she deals and the grabbers she unleashes during her second phase. Many players also break the bulb accidentally, spelling an early doom.

5 Skeletron Prime

Well, this took a long time to defeat! I spent 2 days devising a plan to beat him and it still wouldn't work. I killed the twins for a practice round, because they are pretty easy. I killed him AFTER my friend and I beat the frost moon. I felt weak compared to terraria, but I know that a lot of others feel that way also.

Skeletron Prime has a lot of limbs. Some of them are useful, some of them aren't. He's still strong, but being on platforms basically immobilizes one of his limbs. Just kill the limbs, then kill the bone man.

6 Eye of Cthulhu

Eye of Cthulhu was pretty easy, if I beat it I get some red and black ore (I already wasted it on a sword and bow ) that I found in caves. I got somewhere about 24 or less ores. But it was a little annoying since he goes up into the air and I am horrible with the diamond staff so I just waited to use my rainbow claws and I killed him. Took me a total of 2 minutes.

This boss should be easy when you join hard mode. If you are a beginner or started a new character it would be best to fight king slime before you fight the eye of cthulhu. It is recommended to have a musket with a couple hundred bullets and at least 10 defense points.

7 Wall of Flesh

Pretty hard, but not too hard. If you come in with hardmode gear he's the easiest thing ever, and even pre-hardmode is still pretty easy. However, if you're not prepared you are going to struggle with this boss. I recommend getting a minishark and molten armor.

He was so easy I had a physician skull water walking boot combo and had ended up with a glitch world where I went above 0 level in the dungeon before killing skeleton and found a rainbow gun in a normal chest took me 10 seconds.

Difficult usually due to lack of platform bridges in hell and demons sniping you with spells.

8 King Slime

People are RETARDED! "I beat him in 20 seconds, and all I had was end game weapons and armor, fighting a pre-hard node boss! ". This should be for what you WOULD have at a certain stage of the game that the boss is found!

Bruh this is easily the hardest boss in the game. I think it is literally impossible to beat and definitely needs to be rebalanced. If it is even beatable does anyone have any tips on beating this monstrosity.

Not so hard I mean it's a giant slime just it has a ninja and crown, oh and it also does s butt load of damage. that's why I hate all the bosses they make me use a greater healing potion then they attack me and then I can't use the potions and then I DIE!

9 Ocram

It used to be in the Mobile version of terraria so I know. It has a lot of forms of attack and is hard to dodge. It easily kills a player in hallowed armor if he is not dodging properly. The summoning item was expensive to make.

With complete turtle armour the Terra blade wings and a twenty by twenty box around you he's easy I've beaten him 13 times and I've spawned him 13 times so...

Not that tough. I beat him with a Nights Edge and Adamantite Armor.

10 Golem

Whilst Golem is easy, King Slime is miles easier.
For starters, King Slime is the very first boss you fight, whilst Golem is one of the last bosses you fight.

Then there's the fact that King Slime can be cheesed by building 30 Ropes up into the sky and throwing shurikens down at him.

I have dragon armour and the terra blade and I still can't take him out when everyone says he's easy. I got up to level 10 with the pumpkin moon but I can't beat him?

Easiest to farm although it might be a bit damaging and tough. Its attacks are very simple to observe and dodge.

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11 Lunatic Cultist

Really deserves to be under Duke and Moonlord in terms of difficulty, but this guy definitely at least deserves the number 3 spot. If you don't have a proper DPS weapon for the cultist himself as well as a decent weapon that can simultaneously attack the segments of the dragon he conjures, you'll find yourself gobbled up pretty quick.

The second latest boss by progression, however, is not as hard since you can build barriers and beat it easily. You can also parry his magic attacks easily. Mind the dragon.

12 Brain of Cthulhu

Not too difficult, but the enclosed underground spacing will make for decreased movement for you, and the creepers will be able to hit you easier. Fighting above ground is usually what I do, as it requires less preparation and manueveration.

Is a complete joke with multi-hit weapons like the starfury. Without them? He's a total pain. Just keep getting better armor and more hearts and you'll eventually beat him.

How is this easier than a green slime?

13 The Destroyer

If you cheese it or you're playing on classic or expert mode, it's laughably easy. If you're playing on master mode- oh wait nevermind, you're already dead. *Destroyer is summoned again* So as I was saying if- and you died again. *a few minutes later* anyways so it's- okay, I'll just assume you've figured it out by now, I'm tired of waiting for you to respawn

I play on Xbox 360 so I'm not sure if this works on other platforms but he's my story anyway. I just couldn't beat him, I had the best armor available at the time and I just couldn't beat him. I found out the hard way that the cobalt sheield helps a lot. Just stand still and swing your sword. The destroyers body will come to you dealing contact damage every time your invincibility wears off from being hit but the drones he spawns will die from the sword giving you hearts. So easy now. Can kill 27 in one night now.

14 Eater of Worlds

Hard without right gear, which is grenades, jester arrows, or water bolt. Be wary of it splitting up.

I literally just swung my sword and took it out first time. Loss 1 heart

15 Queen Bee

I have 9 bee hives in my game and I didn't take one hit with my megashark she was so easy I tried with a cutlass still beat her this is too easy.

Hard as hell when you have no strategy.

16 Skeletron

It was hard for me, I was in expert mode and had full Molten Armor and a Nights Edge.

In normal mode he's a joke. In Expert? It's a nightmare.

He is easy I kick his butt with a nights edge and wood armor. he is a good thing to get the dryad

17 Ice Queen

Real tough boss. Although only a mini-boss, the ice queen is really had to beat and doesn't guarantee a good drop, making its single defeat a low yielding work. It is even more annoying after 12 waves of the frost moon, as you may see a couple of these at the same time.

18 Lepus
19 Pumpking
20 Betsy

Difficult because of its progression, which is post golem, and the fact that it spawns after a large wave, and there is another objective of protecting the crystal as well.

Best pre-Moon Lord drops in my opinion.

21 Empress of Light

Okay so imagine this: You're playing hardcore master mode farming for the Starlight and it suddenly becomes day time. I don't think I need to tell you what happens then.

BUTTERFLY LADY! All jokes aside, this femme fatale will rock your world at nighttime if you aren't prepared or underestimate her. She has a large moveset and is fairly fast, but makes up for it by having many telegraphed attacks. Summons will take her out fairly easily if you keep good range and focus on avoiding her light beams. Daytime is basically the same story albeit with probably a larger arena needed and a complete focus on speed. Easier with friends.

22 Santa-NK1
23 Mechdusa

Trying to outlast this boss without Duke Fishron gear is nearly impossible. Its health is stupidly high, even surpassing that of Moon Lord's, and its hard-to-dodge bullet hell is just...too frustrating for me to keep up. Here's a tip though. HARD TARGET The Destroyer until it's gone, and it'll make the fight much easier.

This is hands down the hardest vanilla boss ever hence why it's only on zenith/everything/getfixedboi seeds, aka the highest world difficulty possible. Its attack pattern is very confusing which is why nobody has done a no-hit kill video on it. Plus this thing killed me in 10 seconds. Like people said here you may wanna fight the duke before this monstrosity.

24 Turkor the Ungrateful
25 Martian Saucer
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