Video Games with the Best Graphics

Any game, any console, any year. Which game has the best looking graphics during game play? Cut scenes are not included.

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1 Crysis

This game has the best graphics I have ever seen. Crysis has yet to be bested by any game in the video game market. I am writing this right now because I can't post until I write this.

Feel like real while playing so its great. The animation is next to real so thanks to them. I love to play bot part of crysis.

Ya, I can't even really argue for any of the games on this list. Cyris is the most technologically advanced game at this time. Just to play this freaking game the graphic card to run is at bare minimum four-hundred dollars! Not to mention you have to have a computer powerful enough to run it. The game is so pretty that comparing it to any other game is like comparing the graphics in Super Mario World to Pong! Cyris is not only just gorgeous to look at but actually is a really good game as well; all reviewers seem to give is more than above average reviews. There is no competition in this list; Cyris is the most graphically advanced games. - masongilbert74

By today even battlefield 1's graphics can't match crysis! CRYSIS HAS SO GOOD GRAPHICS! - Easahby

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2 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

MAN! If ANYONE hasn't played this game and claims other games to have "the best" graphics, they are not live breathing humans! REALLY! THIS game kills ANY game out there on GRAPHICS!

this game has the best graphics out of every game.

I can't believe this is rated below a ds game... come on people! This should be number two

Perhaps the best Uncharted game..
Uncharted 4 has the best graphics but this is just legendary I see

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3 Battlefield 3

It is so disappointing to see Call of Duty games even near this. Call of duty's big new feature is fish that move when you are near them. Woah. BF3 features entirely destructible buildings, cover, vehicles, landscapes you name it. Even the gun detail and sound quality far surpasses that of any other shooter. This game is in a league of its own.

Simply stunning. The environments, vehicles, animations, destructibility. Its just fantastic, even more so on the PC. - JoshUK

Battlefield 3 is a well composed, lit, shaded, modelled and overall designed into a brilliant looking and performing game. It should be number 1 on this list.

Best graphics game, crysis best game for 2007 but vs battlefield 3 she totally lose

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4 Crysis 3

What! People of the world, have you never seen or heard of this games as comprising THE best graphics engine in the world at the moment (maybe disputable with the Frostbyte engine) but the visual effects, subtle technicalities and immense detail should automatically make Crysis 3 tip of this list as THE BEST GRAPHICS VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME (preferably with its two predecessors at second and third)

This IS the best graphics game ever created, hands down. Its visuals melt down PCs and are literally jaw-dropping. It really sucks that this website only ranks games on the number of votes because the earlier games will obviously have more as they have been around for longer. If not, this game would undoubtedly be NUMBER ONE!

Crysis 3 easily has the best graphics of any other game on the market. There is a reason that this is usually the benchmark game for over clockers and graphic cards. Because it's the best and most taxing.

Should be no. 1

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5 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Okay who is the idiot that put Call of Duty on this list. The graphics for those games suck, I've seen better two dimensional graphics. This game has the most impressive graphics thus far, but that is sure to be surpassed by later games. Also I would like to know the point of this list? It seems ridiculous considering the fact that my vote will be completely wasted just three years from now.

Really... Skyrim's graphics are way better than oblivion's... And really why all the mario and nintendo games, the graphics haven't changed since the 64

I don't know if you guys are dumb or what, but anyone who has even seen Skyrim knows that it has the best graphics ever made in the video game yet, and if you think that its not, just try it, I bet you couldn't get past the intro without saying that its true


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6 Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid has great graphics. The graphics complete with gameplay make it an extremely fun game. It has better graphics than a lot of PS3 games out there.

The game is kind of like a very long movie all together. the graphics in the cinematics are unbelievable.

NAHH this should be the number 1 best graphics in all console games. I don't know maybe because this is an old game but imagine if hideo kojima will create another one. I'm sure all game consoles will wish they have metal gear on them. Haha PS3 for the win!

This game is sub hd but graphics like movie type

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7 Grand Theft Auto V

BEST Graphics Game EVER!

This is a joke made on april fools day:(. Best gaming graphics ever until Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA5 is the best of the generation!

Are you kidding me with Grand Theft Auto 4 being ahead of this game in graphics you people must be colorblind to see that.

It's better than Call of Duty 4

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8 Call of Duty 4

This game is a superb realistic game of battle you will ever play... If any one has missed it then I bet you get it now!

I am amazed by the Call of Duty programers for such realistic games I really appreciate the programmers

The bright areas in the game look really wonderful!

The graphics are only good on the Xbox version though. - Extractinator04

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9 The Last of Us

This should be number 1 best graphics and I can't believe it on rank 9. That's unfair. This game is a visual treat for everybody. Many breathtaking worlds to explore, tons of amazing characters. You know what, this game is a champion and top visual masterpiece. Many beautiful characters and handsome characters. This game is a eye candy and I suggest you to play on PS3. You will fall in love with fascinating worlds and many best beloved characters.

The minute the game started the first thing I said was "Oh my god, it looks so real! " Best graphics ever! Same with Uncharted.

A visual masterpiece, The Last of Us was a game with lots of realistic particles. Beautiful, lush environments, mixed in with brown, depressing ones, made this game into a immersive, cinematic, experience. The blood and gore was pretty real and the animations were very smooth. This game had no flaws in facial expressions, yet the game would sometimes loose frames and lag.

One of the most legendary game ever created

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10 Halo 3

Halo 3 is the best game since its released millions of people buy it upon its release and satisfied its a great game with great graphics for an X360 game best story many servers online X-Box Live the best yet unbelievable game many people are inspired with Halo Combat Evolved the egg of CTF game types the best game I'm in love with Bungie Halo Reach is way better althought just buy Halo games and you wont regret it!

Halo 3 is one of the best FPS on Xbox 360 the HDR is so amazing and the water effects are one of the best. And of course the sound of the weapons and explosions are amazing.

hell yeah go halo 3 and hahahah to whoever put on luigis mansion they must be like 6...
- dissthisnoob

Awesome graphics. just unbelievable!

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The Newcomers

? Cory in the House

This is the best game that ever existed and always will be. The graphics are only what the most powerful Gaming PC in the world could dream of achieving. With Shakespeare as the main writer of this incredibly smart and intriguing storyline, Mozart as the composer of this thrilling soundtrack, and Da Vinci as the art direction of this masterpiece, Cory in the House for the DS breaks all of the previous concepts on man-made perfection and may be the key to human existence, since it surpasses every piece of work made by God Himself, just like the Anime it was based off on. - thunderstar1124

The Contenders

11 Crysis 2

Best graphics I ever seen in a video game and the gameplay is amazing good
sound is good everything is good
i love this game
this game need to me nr1 of the list

Legendary graphics.
It is much better than Crysis already.
I think this should be in the First position.

It has to be the best game of the decade

Best dynamic lightening, HDR's, action, sound effects, animations and massive destructible objects I've seen ever in a video game. It's graphics can also compete with games of 2018. It should definitely placed at least in top 5.

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12 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I do believe this should be on the list. For a game you would expect to be kinda cartoony, think again. Play the Subspace Emissary.

"Can you believe that 6 of 39 characters are taken from games. Those being link, Zelda, ganondorf, Ike, snake, and sonic."

All of the characters are actually taken from the game.

Can you believe that 6 of 39 characters are taken from games. Those being link, Zelda, ganondorf, Ike, snake, and sonic. - Hiii

My favourite game!

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13 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Very Just The Best I have Ever Seen In A Video Game Uncharted 3 Is The Reason PlayStation 3 Graphics Are the best

This belongs in the top 3 and has better graphics than uncharted 2

This should in first position. This is not only best graphical its also best gameplay ever made

Naughty dog really did well on cracking the ps3s code and look at the results. This game is definitely higher than this... COME ON

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14 Halo 4

Really? Skyrim and Halo 3 are higher than this?! Halo 4's graphics are so good that the people look real. And in Skyrim I just don't understand why it's so high on the list the graphics honestly I think kinda suck.

Sometimes I wonder if real people were used instead of computers - Metallicafan01

Why would this not be #1?

Love it

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15 Battlefield 4

Really. This game has to be in the top 5. The Graphics are unbelievable.

I love this game I play it at my cousins house all the time

This game is awesome but its grahic is better in Xbox 360, or Xbox one but in pc this game grahic is not look like real

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16 Batman: Arkham City

Not only does it make slick use of the unreal engine, but it's efficiency is such that it can keep a solid 60 fps while boasting some gorgeous visuals. To me, graphics isn't just about realism, but how the tech is used to create the game world in terms of production design, and arkham city uses unreal 3 to create one of the most breathtakingly detailed and beautiful environments in gaming to date and yet still run smoothly. Everything from the volumetric lighting to batman's cape to the little sparks that bounce from his electric gun form a visual feast for the eyes.

Should be in the Top 10! So much to learn from Arkham City! It has such a diversity of graphics; you can literally feel the way the joker is, because the graphics are so good! I mean in the end it also has a sex scene with harley and joker!

I can"t understand how mw2, half life and some games have got better graphics than this masterpiece.

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17 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

A week ago I would have said crysis 2, but then I bought a new 3d T.V. And suddenly it became a toss up between crysis 1 and oblivion.

Both games have lush vegetation and crysis 1 is possibly technically better in respect of its rendering, the game world is more realistic than oblivion's, both are absolutely gorgeous in stereoscopic 3d - it adds a whole new dimension to the graphics if you'll pardon the pun - but oblivion has a more vibrant palette that makes it prettier to look at. I've been jumped so many times the last couple of days just from standing there staring at things and forgetting to take any notice of what's happening around me.

What? Mario has better graphics than oblivion? You're outta your minds, guys. Either you are under 8 year olds or then you can't afford such a good game as oblivion...

Not most realistic looking, but prettiest to look at, how can you have a 6 years old game above this? Though Skyrim will surely top it.

Boo the graphics are ugly. - Extractinator04

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18 Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto 4 is the best graphic in PC games if we mod the game with enb series then no game can beat Grand Theft Auto 4

Really cool game, you need to see icenhancer (an photo realistic mod) nothing can beat the game. But if course you need power pc to run it, maybe that's why its on 5 position.

I'm actually kind of surprised nobody has voted for Red Dead Redemption... Anyway, this is one of the best games Rockstar has put out, and the graphics were top-notch (especially for a 2008 game). Rockstar is just way ahead of it's time.

My favourite game is all time Grand Theft Auto series for pc

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19 Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy, but more so Galaxy 2, has the most utterly beautiful levels in any game, a fantastic art style and color palette, and brilliantly creative areas, although several of the levels in the sequel were only cut and pasted from the first game, even if they are beautiful to look at. - Extractinator04

This list is just messed up... Oblivion? Mario 64 DS? Really? Mario Galaxy has the best graphics on this list, that's for sure (Halo Anniversary ain't on here? )

Come on guys the graphics are fantastic and this is on the wii for crying out loud the atmosphere looks amazing and the models are fantastic

For a game that came out on a sd console, the graphics look amazing

20 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This game I feel has the best graphics compared to anything I have played because the objects in this game have nice solid and acute edges and every other game has fake and round edges. This game is the most realistic in my opinion.

Very nice game the characters have a realistic movement and reactions also the place have nice textures. Its fun to mw2.

Why it is at number 20? It has to be in number 1.

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