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21 Red Dead Redemption

This game had very good graphics but for some reason animals and humans keep spawning in front of me sometimes

You would hardly find another game that brought a historical era to life as perfectly as Red Dead Redemption.

This game is the best game I have ever played. It's got such good graphics and the animations are amazing!

It is the best best graphic it is the best

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22 Half Life 2

Amazing game with good graphics and fantastic gameplay. For the year it was released it, it had great graphics. Very interesting story too, combat system is also good.

This is the best game I've ever played. The graphics are amazing. This is a little old compared with some other but still kick ass!

This game is awesome and graphic is unique and special.
Atmospheres are great and everything from light to rendering textures, from water to fog, to explosions is good. Not too realistic and not too fake.
Have Fun!

The graphics aren't the best at this point, but they've held up incredibly well.

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23 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

It is a beautiful game but Call of Duty black ops 2
Is really beautiful

Black ops 2 is better but the quickscoping is awesome for the record. I love the graphics. GO MW3.

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24 Battlefield Bad Company 2

The graphics are great until when you have high resolution.

25 Mafia II

One of the best games ever... The guy below has said the right thing please play this one time... Only first chapter is boring but after that the fun you will have you cannot even think it... Please don't talk about graphics... Please go to youtube...

This game is my life... This games has the best graphics best gameplay and of the best things about this game is that while playing this we feel nervous Because cops of this game are like new york police... Please guys only one time play The game of mafia 2..

26 Okami

absolutely gorgeous graphics and its on the PS2 as well - mikeyeggo

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27 L.A. Noire

Best facial technology ever

Facial and body movement is astoundingly good

28 Gears of War

Extremely detailed, especially when you stick a chainsaw through them and split them into two - Danielsun182

I Feel as if this is the most underrated entry on this list, but not the best. - CoyRex1

Very textural you can feel the rock and hard environments

29 Killzone 3
30 Resident Evil 4
31 God of War III

Gow3 is the best looking game of this gen character detail backdrops water effects enemy detail the list goes on and what about the size of everything should be number 1

Best looking game of all time, the graphics are amazing. Everything is fully detailed to the point.

Yeah best looking, playing and sounding game I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

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32 Super Mario 64

It is simple to take for granted, but Super Mario 64 is a stunning showcase title for the Nintendo 64. Expansive, multicolored worlds, clever mixing of sprites with 3 Dimensional environments and characters, fun animation, crisp anti aliased character models, cool particle effects when jumping into the paintings, all running on an oil smooth frame rate. Even though the hideous presentation looks extremely dated now, the appealing cartoon art still allows it to stand towering in this day and age. The DS port only took the presentation further, and without compromising the cartoon charm of the original game! - Extractinator04

This should be top 1 if referring to the N64 version, the top 1 best game ever, period. I would give the graphics a 10+/10 score.

Are you kidding me worst graphic ever and a bad game

A few annoying moments with the camera but Super Mario 64 DS is still really good graphically

33 Call of Duty: Black Ops

Graphics are amazing. I also like the combat training.

Weapons of this game looks realistic.

34 Mortal Kombat (2011)

Known as Mortal Kombat 9, this game brought very cool graphics which look more mature compared to previous mk games. I think MK 9 put this franchise on new (much higher) level - Magnolia

I don't understand why this game is ranked so low.
Gorgeous graphics and lots of blood.

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35 Rise of the Tomb Raider

Come on! the only reason this is so down listed is because it was recently released (Barely a month in the pc) and this whole List is several years old!

This game has by far the best graphics right now and is also the most demanding Pc game in terms of hardware. Look for a video and see it by yourself, its incredibly gorgeous and realistic.

Let's get this up where it belongs!

36 Project CARS
37 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Nowadays this is probably the best avalible on console (until maybe God of war comes out)

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38 Portal 2

Portal and portal 2 are the best games ever! Is it? :3

39 Luigi's Mansion

Amazing graphics for it's time. This came out in 2001 I believe, I think it was one of the first gamecube games made, and 11 years later, the graphics are still pretty good.

This game have terrible graphics!

Nothing stood out, even in 2001. - Extractinator04

40 Pong
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