Top Ten Greatest Russian Military Victories

Russia has been involved in many battles from the Kievan Rus' all the way to present day Russia.
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1 Stalingrad / WW2

Germany began its global conquest in 1939 starting WW2 when invading Poland. In 1941, more than 4 million German troops invaded one of the Allies (Russia), devastating everything in its path. By 1942, the war's course would be determined at the Russian city of Stalingrad. 2 Million Russians and Germans fought the battle until 1943, the battle was won in a decisive victory effectively turning the course of the war to the Allied side. If Germany won the war, we would all probably be speaking German, or Japanese (Axis Power) if you were in Asia.

2 Moscow / WW2

After the German Invasion of Poland in 1939. The Germans attacked Russia in 1941 and approached the outskirts of Moscow (Russia's Capital). However thanks to the Winter the German advance failed. After Moscow, the Germans attacked the city of Stalingrad which resulted the decline of German power in Europe. If Germany took over Moscow it would have possibly took over all of Russia.

3 Ugra River / Mongol Yoke

During the 240 years of Mongol Rule of the Kievan Rus' (Russia). Moscow was a thriving Russian city that eventually grew into an Independent Nation. After one of Russia's greatest victories against the Mongols in 1380, Moscow gathered parts of the Kievan Rus' States and met up with the Mongols in 1480 at the Ugra River. The battle was won by the Russians and ended Mongol Rule of the Kievan Rus' and soon Moscow established it's Tsardom of Russia.

4 Lake Peipus / Northern Crusades

During the Mongol Yoke of Russia the northern part of the Kievan Rus', Novgorod Republic was spared from Mongol Destruction but forced to be part of the Mongol Rule. However in 1242, German Crusaders (Teutonic Knights), sought to capture the republic. The Teutonic Knights captured Pskov (A city part of the republic) and then met up with Novgorod at Lake Peipus. The Teutonic Knights were outnumbered 2-1 and eventually defeated. As a result, the crusaders dropped all claims on Novgorod.

5 Poltava / Great Northern War

Swedish Emperor Charles XII invaded Russia to destroy the Anti-Swedish Coalition led by Russia during the Great Northern War. Despite most of the battles ending in Swedish Victory, Russia met the Swedish at Poltava for a decisive battle. The Swedish lost and retreated from Russia, after the war Sweden lost it's European Power to Russia.

Best Sabaton song; also confirmed Russia as a European power.

6 Kursk / WW2

Shortly after the Decisive battle at Stalingrad, Russia advanced through occupied German territory causing one of the greatest tank battles in history, Kursk. More than 8,000 tanks where involved in the battle until the Germans once again lost to the Russians.

They only won because they outnumbered the Germans largely.

7 Leningrad / WW2

At the start of the German Invasion of Russia during WW2, Germany, Finland and Italy laid siege at the Russian City of Leningrad for 2 years until it was lifted after the battle of Stalingrad.

8 Berlin / WW2

The Battle of Berlin would mark the end of the Eastern Front of WW2, when Russia advanced through Germany and made it to the German capital of Berlin in 1945. At the end of the battle, Russia took control all of Eastern Europe and Berlin from 1945 to 1989 possibly.

Although the battle fought in Stalingrad was bigger, this battle was the one that ended WW2. It was the battle in which the Soviet flag rose over Berlin and marked Germany's defeat in the war.

9 Siege of Kazan / Russo-Kazan Wars

Shortly after the establishment of the Tsardom of Russia, Russia expanded it's territory through the Urals and Siberia. However a Mongol successor state (Khanate of Kazan) was left. And Russia sought to capture it after what the Mongols did to Russia. After years of fighting Russia took over the capital of Kazan and continued to expand.

10 Battle of Molodi

The battle decided whether Russia would cease to be or become the major power in the region.

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11 Kulikovo / Mongol Yoke

Kulikovo would be one of the greatest Russian victories over the Mongols. After 140 years of Mongol Rule of the Kievan Rus'. Moscow set up an army to battle the mongols, however outnumbered 3-1 the Russians managed to destroy almost the whole entire army and win. However after that, the mongols sacked Moscow.

12 Battle of Borodino

Although technically a loss Napoleon gained a pyrrhic victory which ended in a rout as he lead the grande army back to western Europe with huge losses of men from which he never recovered much like Hitler.

13 Vistula-Oder Offensive / WW2
14 Battle of Leipzig
15 Operation Bagration / WW2
16 Battle of Kunersdorf
17 Battle of Trebbia
18 Battle of Vyborg Bay / 1790
19 Battle of Lemberg
20 Battle of Kagul / 1770
21 Siege of Corfu / War of the Second Coalition
22 Battle of Gumbinnen / 1914 Eastern Front
23 Battle of Kunersdorf / 1759
24 Battle of Reval
25 Battle of Cape Kaliakra / 1791
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