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81 Perfect Addiction by claudiaoverhere (Claudia Tan)

On Wattpad, I had believed all books were fantastic- which don't get me wrong, there are lots of brilliant books out there on Wattpad. After reading this, at first thinking when I opened it to view the Author's Note, this would be like any other book, I realised I had fallen in love. Fallen in love with the plot, the characters the STORY. I had an unsettled feeling of euphoria surrounding me for the rest of the week, and I yearned. Yearned for the love and happiness the characters shared, and yearned for more and more of the book. It was addicting. I'd like to thank Claudia repeatedly and praise her for the fact she has turned a Wattpad book into something people can be inspired from. It inspired me to write, and I couldn't be more grateful to Claudia. I was surprised no one had mentioned this outstanding book, and I encourage anyone to read it as soon as they can. I don't say it often, but this is worth reading.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK! I cried a couple of times but it is just so amazing

I love this book, one of mu favorites

I still love this book.

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82 Five Stages (NonFictionSim)
83 The Boy Without a Name by Mander Pander

THIS BOOK WAS REALLY GOOD! it literally had me jumping on my couch to my kitchen in minutes! I'm surprised no one commented on this, but I really recommend readers to read this book. You will be on your kitchen counter in seconds too.

84 Intertwined

Amazing book! And I cried after finish this book

This is one of best stories I've read in wattpad!

Really good book, I loved it a lot xx

How can this book be not in the list! Its purely utterly the best boook I've read.. Travis Cross ♡♡

85 My Facebook Boyfriend by Mayalove1

Bakit ika 40 lang ito and kaya ng story and I love it

Awesome Troy (mokong) hahaa,.,he really loves nads( freak) so much,This story inspires me a lot when it comes to love,respect, trust and the loyalty is the main lesson that I've got Thanks to the author

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86 Bad Boy Isn't My Type by lilohorse

This book is absolutely amazing, I've reread it at least a 100 times and I'm pretty sure that when I'm finish this comment I'm going to read it again. This book is one of my favorites and it's your loss if you haven't or doesn't consider reading it.

I love this. It had romance and suspense and comedy and even a battle scene-thing. Everyone should read this book because it has everything. It even has a sequel!

I just can seem to get enough

I love,love,love the bad boy isn't my type it unique in it's on special way number 1 and 2 have to be two of the best stories I'v ever read

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87 Knight in Shining Suit

AMAZING. No wonder it's published.

First book in wattpad that made me laugh, cry, happy and feel sad...
Truly an amazing story!

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88 A Wife's Cry

Jeez I cried a gallon of tears because of this heartbreaking story. Just a tip before you read this: prepare your tissues.

It was one of the best stories I read here in wattpad...i wanna read it over and over again...

I cried a river because of this story, but it's all worth it. Happy ending by the way.

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89 Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound
90 Heartbroken Heartbreaker

So funny and sad at the same time..

She has rewritten it and I can say, it's one of the most beautiful pieces of literature I've read. Thrilling and beautiful all at once.

SamMadison is an excellent author. Her stories from her previos account are just as amazing!

91 Accidentally In Love With a Gangster

This story makes me laugh and cry, I'm amazed to the flow of story and the twist of story, when Kaye Anne and Tristan Kurt are Engaged.

This is one of my favorite books! I really, really love this story! I actually adore Kaye Anne. Because of her, Nathan learned to love again. And that is no other than Kaye Anne

This story makes me fall in love and I know why. This story is just so good!

One of the best! Wattpad story 💕

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92 Omerta

This is one of the best books I've read. Its funny but at the same time you wish you had a boyfriend like Ferro and a best friend like Sam. I love how at the end everything comes together and its just amazing.

You will not be able to stop reading you will remember these characters and get absolutely hooked! when I was reading it, it literally took up all my time because it was sooo good and all I was interested in was this book. It keeps you interested in what's going to happen next and you become to love the characters and their situations. The sequel isn't completed yet but it is just as amazing.

My absolute favorite! I love this book everyone NEEDS to read it

It is an amazing book!

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93 The Hunter's Mate

This is a really good book. It builds up suspense and makes you want to find out what happens next, if you haven't read it, you missing out.

94 A Splitting of the Mind

I literally cried after reading this. It has real emotion and meaning to it.

So tragically beautiful. Its not like one of those cliché happy books, like, you can actually feel emotion from this story. It broke my heart and made it flip so many times. I recommend

95 Faking it
96 Love Like A Delinquent by 3mmaRawrs

A spectacular story about two teenagers who make it through ridiculous obstacles in life... But the important part is that they did make it. Together.

97 Marrying the Casanova
98 Tales of Gorania II: Rise of the Queen
99 I Knew I'd See You Again by Overadventurefalls12

Overadventurefalls12 aka dipperpinesfangirl618 is a wonderful user on here and on Wattpad. I am glad to be following her on both websites. - Anonymousxcxc

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100 The Manipulator And The Pretender

This story makes you crazy. I Really love this story

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