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161 Diane Young

This book is probably the best book I have ever read on wattpad, which is saying something, because trust me I have read many. Its characters are amazingly developed, with unique and quirky personalities. A well written, beautifully complex story about love and friendship.

162 Raiders by Scott Larsen Falls

Very little reads and very little fame, but a solid plot with great development. Falls delivers the effect of an outbreak that isn't explained, but is terrifying when we, the audience, are given a good view of society. Plus, it's the first of a trilogy, and its published for purchase. Can't wait to see what Falls does with his trilogy.

163 Million Dollar Man

This book is one of the best that I've ever read in the history of wattpad. The plot is amazing. It's intense and exciting. There wikl never be a dull moment when you read this book. It was intelligently written. The books 2 is still on going and just like the first book it's brilliant and smart and intense and exciting!

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164 Handcuffed by JadedViolet

Is one of three books written by JadedViolet. the second is Fractured and third Isolated. The books are AMAZING. From the plot to the character to all the cliff-hangers and twists and irony! This book literally sucks you in lol. MUST READ! all three. Its great from the first sentence down to the last.

165 Notorious
166 The Cool Kid

A little know book, short, but very funny!

167 Finding Cinderella by Author Collen Hoover
168 She's My Alpha V 1 Comment
169 The Borrowed Wife
170 Nothing Wrong with Being a Tomboy
171 The Cellar by Natasha Preston
172 Follow Me Back V 1 Comment
173 One Night One Lie
174 That '70s Style

This story is too good. It perfectly captures That '70s Show. Best fanfiction I've read. - maarilynmaanson

175 Rock Prodigy by jules130

A touching story about a young music prodigy and her journey to find a family.

I wanna read this again and again

176 Burning Moon

It's just an amazing story! It makes you want be a free spirit just like the male lead in the story.

Sounds cool I'll go check it out. - dark

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177 Laced

I love this book like hell! Must read! Ultimate! Brilliant! I love Abby! Love izzysaphire for writing this!

178 Work for Me

I think people should read this book because it's such an amazing, romantic story about this girl who gets ran over, and has to pay off a 'debt' to fix the damage on the car. She ends up falling in love with the man who ran her over. It's so great, and sad at the end. Everyone will enjoy reading this book

179 Life After Marriage V 2 Comments
180 Lala Laitera (Ang Laiterang hindi naman pretty) by owwSIC
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