Top 10 Ways to End Liv and Maddie

When the day comes for this cancerous show to end how will it end? I don't know but these are my ways that I would end Liv and Maddie. This will be the last list I make abbout Cancer and cancrie enjoy.

The Top Ten

1 Liv and Maddie both being strangled to death by Gilgamesh

Yep. Gilgamesh doesn't like hateful women. And Liv and Maddie are definitely the most hateful women on the face of the Earth. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Liv & Maddie are adults/older teens, according to the last season. So yeah. Let's call them women. They have thick, feminine thighs. They have big, round butts. Their feminine skin is soft. Their teenage hormones are getting lesser.

The end no more.3.

2 Liv going insane and becoming a murder killing her family then herself

Homicide plus suicide ending.

Sounds like something I would do if I ever made a show! - NikBrusk

3 Maddie experiences the real world and then gets run over by a car afterwords

Another dark yet worthy ending.

4 A disease breaks out killing everyone then the credits roll

Irony at it's finest.

5 Goku blowing up Liv and Maddie

And BAM their dead instantly.

6 Drake & Josh from Drake & Josh beating up Liv and Maddie

Because they both deserve it.

7 Leafyishere roasts them so bad they explode

'Cause why not?

8 Having the entire household getting blown up

Then the credits would roll the end.

9 Jason Voorhees killing both of them with a machete

Hell yeah! Best ending ever! - jack2244

It'd be blood yet enjoyable.

10 Chester Bennington Screaming so loud that Liv and Maddie fall down dead.

Maybe Maddie won't fall down dead, even though she is supposedly a nobody according to Disney Channel's ill-fated perspective. Many rock bands need love, at least compared to modern boy/girl bands.

Chester: PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY! Liv and Maddie: *Drop dead* Enough said.

The Contenders

11 The louds visit and ruin the whole house and lisa nukes everyone on the show with her experiments

No, just no. Liv and Maddie is bad, but so is The Loud House. - KennyRulz244444

12 Dead metal musicians come back to life and kill Liv and Maddie
13 Having Liv shoot herself and Maddie shoot herself rolling the credits

A bit dark but it could work.

14 Mr Krabs drives liv and maddie to suicide

Plankton didn't deserve it they did - epictoonsfan1

15 Thanos disintegrates them
16 They make a good episode for once

Who am I kidding? That will never happen. - 3DG20

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