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221 TechRadar
223 Apple Judge
224 All People's Talk

The best collection of quotes and sayings, wise thoughts said by famous people from all over the world.

228 Omegle

When you want to mess around with people and show your privates to strangers. I hate this site. It's garbage. - BKAllmighty

I am speaking to the Diamond Minecart

229 SteamPowered
230 Clickooz

Seriously, where else on the Internet can you find a global family of users where we all care and we all share - share our success that is! Perfect Internet is built by the members based on member suggestions and feedback. If you want something more, suggest it - if it is a good idea it will be implemented. It's awesome to have that kind of creative power just as a member. Try it for yourself, explore our galaxy of websites, check out all the awesome free services, and get to know some of the great people in our PI Family, you will be glad you did. ;) Take a tour and join today, it's always free!

Perfect internet is my home when I'm on line. My home is safe, secure and so much more. I have never been on a website ware you can meet people from all over the world and feel like there part of your family. Perfect internet offers me so many free services and more too much to list here. opportunities are endless. you'll never be board. always something exciting to do. very rarely do I have to leave the site. the site is constantly improving some you notice right away some you don't. I wouldn't dream of having another website. perfect internet meet's and exceeds all my internet uses. we have it all, the power of we, we care because we share. come take a tour I'm sure you'll feel the same way.

I love The Perfect, I have my favorite game, 84 of my most used links, chat, a community of friends, free spam free email and secure secure web access. It is just the best and safest bundle of services for internet users out there.

The most useful and fun website on the web. It's free and it even rewards you to use it. Can't beat that.

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232 Pokéllector
233 Wayback Machine

Please push this to #1
It's the best website ever. You can access any old site in their old form (with some exceptions due to robots.txt) - BlueSheepYT

234 Wallpapers Wide
237 Mapquest
239 Dogpile
240 Flixster
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