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Easily one of the most entertaining sites in the known universe, must be able to think "outside the box" or high.


Best computer hardware site! - peeper7


more people are getting on here than they are of my space check it out

364 Runescape

I was actually a dedicated player for 12 years, and continued off and on until. During that time it was the only RPG MMO that you could play for free indefinitely if that was what you wished. The enemies and materials available in the free content are specifically setup to make progressing from Lvls 50 become a rather tedious process. Which was much more generous than it needed to be since it was originally intended to be a halfway point. Might seem incorrect yet if one considers that first game had a lower level cap it then becomes quite clear. There have been many times when I would charm away this slow spell by purchasing a short term membership, yet it took an amazing amount of time to explore even the smallest pieces of the member map. I am confident that there is not and will never be another membership MMO like it. Not only is the software free, I have never encountered another game with so much content for that matter not even one with an amount close to what Runescape had ...more

Yeah man Runescape lets lower everyone's standards... I thought this was a joke sorry I voted for this one...

Over 135 million accounts created, you can't top that... - Zezerex

You're joking, it made it to number 11?

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366 MusicBrainz
367 CD Baby
368 The Huffington Post
369 The Four Word Film Review
371 BOMP! Mailorder
373 The Lefsetz Letter
374 MRQE - Movie Review Query Engine
375 RateItAll
376 Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews
377 Ain't It Cool News
379 Friendster

Friendster helps users find new friends and learn more about them - purplefairy

if u wanna have friends and learn more about others, just sign in and view others profile.

380 U.[lik]
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