Top 10 Weirdest Game Shows


The Top Ten

1 The Intercept

A show where you get to steal a real car and escape from real cops. Not many people get to take the car at the end, though. - Martinglez

2 El Gran Juego de la Oca

The one time Spain got as weird or even weirder than Japanese game shows. One of the challenges involved getting your feet licked by a goat! - Martinglez

3 Tore!

And the first Japanese one here, in this game you had to answer questions and puzzles, but at one point you have to climb a wall, and at another you get mummified if you don't answer seven questions in 60 seconds. - Martinglez

4 Distraction

Now a contest from the UK. The show involved anwering questions while getting distracted in weird and sometimes painful ways. - Martinglez

5 Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!

A very weird Japanese show with weird challenges. - Martinglez

6 Lizard Attack

Japan again. People get foro chops stuck to their forehead and a lizard eats em. - Martinglez

7 Man vs. Beast

We all know this bizarre American show in which animals competed against humans in various challenges. - Martinglez

8 Tonneruzu No Minasan No Okage Deshita

This Japanese (yet again) show involves a panel coming at you with a shape you have to try and replicate with your body to pass. - Martinglez

9 Find the Chair

Oh, Japan, Japan. You have to find a chair while blindfolded. - Martinglez

10 College Mad House

The College Fun House game show in America.
People didn't even bother donating for the Adult Fun House in London for people who couldn't go on the UK Fun House in 1989-1999. It was for kids aged 11-12 and it was a school game.

The Contenders

11 Touch the Truck

Another UK show in which you have to touch a Truck for as long as you can. - Martinglez

12 Knightmare
13 Card Sharks
14 Play Your Cards Right
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