Top 10 Weirdest Game Shows


The Top Ten

1 The Intercept

A show where you get to steal a real car and escape from real cops. Not many people get to take the car at the end, though. - Martinglez

2 El Gran Juego de la Oca

The one time Spain got as weird or even weirder than Japanese game shows. One of the challenges involved getting your feet licked by a goat! - Martinglez

3 Tore!

And the first Japanese one here, in this game you had to answer questions and puzzles, but at one point you have to climb a wall, and at another you get mummified if you don't answer seven questions in 60 seconds. - Martinglez

4 Distraction

Now a contest from the UK. The show involved anwering questions while getting distracted in weird and sometimes painful ways. - Martinglez

5 Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!

A very weird Japanese show with weird challenges. - Martinglez

6 Lizard Attack

Japan again. People get foro chops stuck to their forehead and a lizard eats em. - Martinglez

7 Man vs. Beast

We all know this bizarre American show in which animals competed against humans in various challenges. - Martinglez

8 Tonneruzu No Minasan No Okage Deshita

This Japanese (yet again) show involves a panel coming at you with a shape you have to try and replicate with your body to pass. - Martinglez

9 Find the Chair

Oh, Japan, Japan. You have to find a chair while blindfolded. - Martinglez

10 Touch the Truck

Another UK show in which you have to touch a Truck for as long as you can. - Martinglez

The Contenders

11 Knightmare
12 Card Sharks
13 Play Your Cards Right
14 College Mad House
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