Why Soulection is Better Than Most Modern Pop Music

Soulection delivers a timeless journey future bass, modern-funk, uptempo soulful melodies and generally music that makes you feel alive, while most modern pop music is catchy, bland, stupid sounds and lyrics, and many people will hate most modern pop music.

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Soulection is timeless while most modern pop music is fading into obscurity.
Soulection has more interesting sounds and chords to feel than most modern pop music.
Joe Kay, the founder of Soulection never plays a wack song, just like a stupid modern pop song.
Most modern pop songs lack feelings and imaginations.
Mr. Carmack, PYRMDPLAZA, Sam Gellaitry, and all Soulection type producers are better than The Chainsmokers, Skrillex, Martin Garrix and more popular producers
Soulection can be an art, music, etc.

Soulection is not just a music, it's everything. - waraypiso

Most modern pop is annoying.
Joe Kay Respects Other Musicians
Most Soulection type singers and rappers don't need autotune.

Most modern pop music is alnost totally awful. SOULECTION, HWW, Soultiquette, and others are the best.

Examples of this are:

Tiffany Gouche
Ravyn Marvanne
Chris McClenney

(and many more of this.) - waraypiso

Most people will hate most modern pop music forever.

So that is why people are most likely listen to other genres except pop. - waraypiso

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