Top Ten Islands in the Philippines

Philippines is widely recognized for having over an estimated 7,000 discovered islands in total, and a country with one of the most number of islands in the world. Here are some of the best picks out of over 7,000 islands.
The Top Ten
1 Boracay

Considered one of the most popular islands to visit, featuring a wide range of services, recreational activities, coral & marine life, and some of the best beaches. If it's your first time visiting in the Philippines, and/or seeking quality vacation, this island may completely satisfy your vacation needs. White Beach is widely popular for tourism services (resorts, restaurants, hotels, etc.) For recreational water sport activities, Bulabog Beach is also popular as a spot for especially diving & surfing. Receiving up to a million visitors annually, Boracay is known for achieving multiple awards, consisting one of the best beaches & islands to visit not only the Philippines, but worldwide.

2 Palawan

Mainly recognized for consisting diverse wildlife, glowing beaches, eye-candy landscapes, and for its sight-seeing sceneries; all this makes the island one of the most beautiful islands considered by many. For nature vacation seekers, this island gives a strong feeling as you were in paradise. Residing people in the island are generally friendly & welcoming, elevating the experience. This island is also notable for consisting some of the well-known mountains in the Philippines; named Mount Mantalingajan, which is the highest place on the island. Overall, it's one of the best islands to visit.

3 Luzon

The most largest island on the country; more than half people based on total population on the country reside on this island spanning over 50 million people & counting; well recognized for its history & culture. Luzon features varieties of mountains, forests, volcanoes, beaches, etc. In the north parts of Luzon, consists of mountains & forests, along with some good beaches; in the south parts, Luzon is also known for featuring the largest lake in the Philippines called Laguna De Bay, along with other features consisting of widely known volcanoes. For tourism purposes & activities, the island provides countless tourist spots and quality restaurants, along with some famous landmarks, and various cities, including the capital city of the Philippines (Manila).

4 Bantayan

Home to numerous coral species in the island along with a few bird species; mainly known for having eye candy glowing beaches; for vacation, it's a suitable getaway place, giving the sense of peace & paradise, along with some good restaurants & services; however, the place is somewhat littered with trash; unfortunately, many are dumped in some spots on the island. It's considered the largest island belonging on the Bantayan island group.

5 Mantigue

Personally one of the best islands recommended for island hoppers. It's best for especially for diving, sunbathing & other various activities; also a very suitable island for relaxation, while providing some of the best natural features, glowing sands, along with diverse marine life. This island also has some of the clearest waters and also known for having a sanctuary.

6 Coron Island

One of the best islands home for seeing historical ship wreckage, making diving or snorkeling here some of the best experiences. Not only because the island features numerous shipwrecks, but consists of crystal clear water and is home to species of fish; due to its overall features, this is one of the popular spots for tourists and is somewhat crowded.

7 Siargao

This is an island not only consisting of glowing white sand beaches, pleasing atmosphere and appealing greeneries, but has great if not perfect for mainly surfing and home for some of the best waves spots, especially cloud 9, considered very popular in the Philippines; overall, a perfect place for surfers and as a getaway place.

I have been to Siargao and there is no way there are better islands in the Philippines then Siargao.Siargao has beautiful sunsets,beautiful beaches,rhinestone islands.

8 White Island

White Island is not your average island, as typical islands feature sands, mountains, greenery, etc. Unlike other islands, this island only consists of sand; no other features. White island is surrounded by a mountain & volcano. It's somewhat popular for tourism, and considerable for snorkeling. Sunblock is definitely recommended if you're willing to visit this island.

9 Malapascua

Mainly recognized for having diverse coral, marine life, especially sharks & rays along with an overall suitable environment. This island is relatively small compared to other islands, but consists of some of the most splendid looking sands; services specifically restaurants offer fairly decent food. If you're willing to see sharks and other marine life, this place is the location also perfect for diving.

10 Negros Island
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11 Mindoro

Consisting of numerous nice beaches & overall greenery, it's a considerable spot for sight seeing views, snorkeling & diving. A notable feature of the island also consist of a well-known but large mountain called Mt. Halcon.

12 Leyte
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