Top 10 Cities in Cebu, Philippines

The Top Ten
1 Carcar City

Carcar City is simply the best because of its placid environment, and they really strive to be known. As the newest city of Cebu, it is expected that this city will be known in a couple of years.

The people in Carcar City are helpful and hospitable, but the area needs some improvement. I hope the mayor will do something more to make Carcar City number one on the list.

This city is the most desirable city in the heart of Cebu Province. The people there are hospitable and lovable. They always smile at you even if they don't know you.

2 Mandaue City

This is my city! Despite its dense population, Mandaue still has a small-town atmosphere where people are nice to everyone. And you don't have the hired killers of other places in the same province.

3 Lapu-Lapu City

This is the home of the country's first hero, which is why it's called Lapu-Lapu City. Long live Lapu-Lapu!

Is Lapu-Lapu City really a province of Cebu? Just asking, it's for our project.

4 Talisay City

For me, Talisay is the best city in Cebu. I have grown up there and have seen all the effort the people and the elected barangay officials have put into making Talisay City a great place.

5 Bogo City

I'd rather say that Bogo is the place to be. Though this place is not highly populated, it is still striving to be the center for trade and industry in the north of Cebu. Bogo is the gateway to Manila, Masbate, and Leyte, so come and invest in Bogo. "I love Bogo, I care for Bogo, Bogo is not for sale."

Bogo City is considered a pilgrimage city in the north and a progressive city.

I like Bogo City, one of the best young cities in Cebu.

6 Argao City

Argao is the best town and a better place to live. It is peaceful, the people are hospitable, and the environment is green and secure. There are beautiful spots, and so on. I love Argao, my place, my town, my pride.

Argao is like a hidden gem among cobbles! From the high tops of Mount Lantoy down to the marvelous beach resorts of Maayo, there are many unique tourist spots that are definitely worth your time!

The people living in this town are very funny. They are hospitable and nice, with no snatchers, kidnappers, or any criminals lurking.

7 Naga City
8 Danao City
9 Toledo City

Toledo is a safe place to live, where the crime rate is very low. The people living there are polite and hospitable. And the food in the market is very cheap compared to other cities in Cebu Province.

10 Mactan Island
The Contenders
11 Liloan City
12 Dalaguete City

Dalaguete is the vegetable basket of Cebu, supplying 80% of the province's vegetables.

13 San Remigio City
14 Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is a place where everyone feels more comfortable. In terms of safety measures, the people there are nice and hospitable. I think there is no single word to describe the greatness of this place.

Bantayan is great, with helpful people and very nice beaches.

15 Minglanilla City
16 Malabuyoc City

There are lots of waterfalls and dolphins. The church is so big and newly built. The park is open 24 hours. The falls are called Kabutongan.

17 Oslob City
18 Balamban City
19 Boljoon City

The best place ever. I am not from Boljoon, but I really love the crystal and pristine waters of their beaches. It is a very refreshing place.

20 Samboan City

Waterfalls are everywhere! Nice people!

21 Santander City
22 Tuburan City
23 Ronda City
24 Alcoy City
25 San Francisco City
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