Worst Anime Live Action Movies

I like anime. Who doesn't? Oh, yeah...Hollywood doesn't. Now, I'm saying every anime live action sucks! I love the Death Note Live Action Movie (2006) but there's some out there that you wish Hollywood or whoever took more seriously with. The anime themselves down below are pretty good for the most part. These movies....ergh. Now, I haven't seen every single one. So I'll put some suggestions in and ones that I have seen. So, here we go.

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1 Dragonball Evolution

I'm sure I would have sinned if I didn't add this one on. This film is legendary bad. Which sucks because I like the actors but the characters they were supposed to portray made them look bad. Goku is an angsty teenager, ChiChi is the forced romantic interest, Piccolo is evil and everyone is a side character. They even did that Star Wars cliche of killing off Goku's family and he sobs out upset. Then it turns into a lame roadtrip movie in search of the Dragonballs. Not to mention these fight scenes suck. I would take Warriors of Virtue any day over this movie. At least the villain was funny. This movie was just pathetic. - RoseRedFlower

I know that I'm personally not into the Dragonball anime but wow this movie just looks bad. Plus why is Goku being portrayed by a white guy when he's very obviously supposed to be Asian? (Oh wait never mind, I figured it out now). - Anonymousxcxc

Yeah it could have done better, but nope. This is an example on how not to do a live-action Hollywood adaption of a famous anime series.

One word disaster. Can't believe they turned a legend into such a joke. And that sappy guy doesn't deserve the name Goku. - Goku02

2 Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Attack on Titan Live Action Movie

Levi and Annie were smart not to come to this party. This movie was astonishingly bad. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I liked the anime but wasn't obsessed with it like other people. This movie just failed. The characters didn't act like they did in the manga or anime, the flying with the ODM gear looked tacky and hard to see, the titans looked like bad CGI in the 80's. It might look cool but pause the titan and look at it closely. You'll see it's not as cool as it might look. Everything you liked about the anime isn't here and I can't believe they somehow made a part 2. - RoseRedFlower

The only live action anime movie worse than this Dragonball Evolution. And Dragonball Evolution was an AMERICAN live adaptation. So that should tell you something. This movie has given anime a bad name. The characters were in no way like their manga and anime counterparts at all, the plot was WAY off from the original material, and they cut out key characters like Annie and Levi! And then they made a sequel that no one wanted or asked or!? WHAT THE HELL, SHINJI HIGUCHI!

This movie has tarnished Shingeki no Kyojin's good name! HOW COULD THEY?! I say this might be as bad as the live action version of Dragonball Z.

I don't know why on Earth they decided to make a part two. Every aspect of this movie sucked. Wait, they did two things right: They spared Annie and Levi and had Eren and Mikasa ened up together! But other than that, this movie made me want to cry for the franchise.

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3 Ao Oni Movie Ao Oni Movie

Yes, I know this is technically based off a game. However, there is an Ao Oni Anime called Aooni the Blue Monster so I consider it anime. However, the movie was terrible. It was not scary. At all. Those cheap jumpscares in January horror movies, those are in here. You know that creepy music chasing you when the Ao Oni is coming? It only plays once though a phone. I'm dead serious. Confusing stuff like how the house is exactly like the one from the game. So the creator of the game, who is in this movie, has to remember what he did in order to survive. Who made the house this way? Why did they do that? Then the main character, she...she...she is Kristen Stewarts Asian counterpart. No expression and heavy breathing. The movie also ended the worst way a movie could end. It was all just a dream. I'm not joking. - RoseRedFlower

4 Parasyte Movie Parasyte Movie
5 Fist of the North Star 1995
6 Devilman Devilman
7 The Guyver The Guyver
8 NANA Movie NANA Movie
9 Gatchaman Gatchaman
10 Black Butler Movie Black Butler Movie

The Contenders

11 Ghost in the Shell (2017)

While I haven't seen the movie yet, it's undeniable that it's gotten quite a lot of controversy for its whitewashed cast, with Scarlett Johansson taking the most heat since she was cast in the role of an Asian character. Not to mention that this movie did horrible at the box office, so it did pretty bad financially. For the film itself in terms of quality? That's... up to opinion, but while I have to applaud the astounding visuals and how Johansson really performs her best as Motoko Kusanagi, I haven't heard much praise outside of that since talk about the story of this live-action adaptation have been quite polarizing. Either way, it's no Dragonball: Evolution or The Last Airbender, but Hollywood can do better than this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Movie

I just finished watching this and I have to say...this shouldn't have been made into a movie. It's like when you're working on a group project and that one group member, just says a really dumb idea. Yet you're forced to go along with it anyways. That's this movie. The acting was over the top, I couldn't take any of this seriously. You know how in anime, there's sparkles surrounding the character and it's supposed to show an emotion. Let's just say it works better in anime and manga than in a live action movie. There's random things that happen, that can work in anime. Like how a heart will pop up and then be shot by an arrow. Yet when it happens in real life, it just looks stupid. The biggest downfall of this movie was the story. Like many other live action anime movies, it falls into cramming over twenty or more episodes into an hour and a half movie. That leads barely any character development and makes the story choppy. Overall, not a great experience. Check out the anime and ...more - RoseRedFlower

13 G-Saviour

This honestly deserves #1 because forget what the Honest Trailer Voice said about Dragon Ball Evolution, THIS is the West's worst insult to Japanese culture since Hiroshima. It's a Gundam movie that feels nothing like a Gundam movie. The plot feels more like it was ripped straight out of a rejected Doctor Who episode than an actual Gundam series. - PerfectImpulseX

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