Top 10 Best Disney Superhero Movies

Let's talk about the best Disney superhero movies! By the way, not every movie on this list has to be a Marvel film. There are some Disney superhero movies that aren't Marvel.
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1 The Incredibles

Yeah, this movie is beyond awesome! It totally lives up to it's name! An absolutely perfect superhero film! The best of the best! It's not just the best Pixar film, it's one of the best animated films of all time! Maybe even one of the best movies of all time! I don't even think I need to explain why the Incredibles is so great! It is such an awesome movie! I don't think I've met anyone who hates it! I feel like it's impossible to hate it! But if you do hate it then something's wrong! A superhero family working together to fight crime is so cool! Syndrome is a really great villain! The action scenes are also very cool! Much better than the action scenes in Cars 2! Not that the action scenes in Cars 2 were bad. Just kind of weird when the characters are cars. The Incredibles is definitely an incredible film and I am really excited for Incredibles 2 in 2018!

2 Captain America: Civil War

Civil War is basically the best Marvel film of all time! It's my second favorite movie to come out in 2016! It is such an awesome movie! Seeing all these superheroes battle each other is very epic! That airport battle is the best scene to be put in a Marvel film! Seeing Black Panther in this movie really makes me excited for the Black Panther movie! And I'm also looking forward to Spider-Man Homecoming! Tom Holland is the best Spidey ever! And Aunt May is hot! Captain America: Civil War is what Batman v Superman should've been!

3 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I didn't particularly care for the first Captain America. It was ok but not something I would watch again. Winter Soldier, however, really exceeded my expectations! It is such an awesome sequel! It's much darker than the first movie! The fight scenes are very great and very well choreographed! This is the first Marvel film to include the Falcon! He's a great character and a great fighter! Cap and Black Widow also work together! It's great seeing Black Widow involved in the story! The twist involving the Winter Soldier himself really surprised me! I even found the last fight scene to be both entertaining and emotional! I really love this film! The Russo Brothers did an excellent job!

4 The Avengers

The Avengers was a movie that everyone was looking forward to seeing! And it didn't disappoint! It was very successful! Very awesome film! We finally got to see Marvel's greatest heroes team up with each other! This leads to some great action and some great dialogue! Loki is the main villain in this movie and he is very intimidating! Most of the MCU villains are pretty bland and forgettable, but Loki is definitely memorable! Avengers really lived up to its hype! It's not my favorite Marvel movie but it's the one I've watched the most! It is such a fun movie to watch! I really Justice League is good!

5 Guardians of the Galaxy

There are multiple things that I'm looking forward to this year. One would be the Nintendo Switch and another one would be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! But the Nintendo Switch is what I'm excited for the most. Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely one of Marvel's best films! It is absolutely hilarious throughout! And just like Star Wars, it really makes it feel like they are actually in space! Despite the amount of humor in this movie, I feel like it's one of the more emotional Marvel films. That beginning scene with Peter's mother dying is pretty sad. Groot sacrificing himself to save the Guardians was awesome and emotional. And that scene where the Guardians are holding hands while Peter is holiding the infinity stone is very powerful! Especially when it flashbacks to his mom telling him to take her hand! As much as I love this movie, I have no idea why they are replacing Tower of Terror with a GOTG ride in California Adventure! It makes no sense! But this is still a very great movie!

6 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron is the sequel to the Avengers! In the first movie, we saw our favorite superheroes trying to get along so they can fight evil together. Here we see more of them working together and they have gotten better at it! We are also introduced to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver! This Quicksilver isn't as awesome as X-Men's Quicksilver though. In fact, he kind of sucks. I was glad when he died. Scarlet Witch is such a cool superhero though! And she's very pretty! I'm honestly surprised there are people who hate this movie. Sure it's not as great as the first Avengers but it's not bad. Some people have said that there's no character development in this. I feel like the characters were developed enough in the previous films. Although in this one, we get to see Hawkeye's family! The action scenes were very great! And I thought Ultron was awesome! I thought the romance between Banner and Romanoff was VERY forced and out of nowhere though. The movie is not as good as the first one but still enjoyable!

7 The Rocketeer

I should've watched this movie a long time ago! I find this movie to be very underrated! It is very entertaining and fun! It's about this pilot named Cliff who finds a jet pack and becomes a hero with it. Billy Campbell certainly gave an excellent performance as Cliff! All the actors were great! Especially Jennifer Connelly! This movie has almost everything you would expect from a superhero film! And it's all done very well! The action is great, the scenery is great, and the musical score is brilliant! An absolute classic!

8 Big Hero 6

I am very excited for Kingdom Hearts III because Big Hero 6 is such an awesome movie! Big Hero 6 is loosely based off of a Marvel comic series. In fact, Stan Lee makes a cameo in this! So in a way, this movie is kind of considered as a Marvel film! And a very great one! Every single character in this movie is hilarious and likeable! My favorite character is Gogo! She is hot! And she's voiced by Jamie Chung so that makes her even better! Baymax is an expressionless robot but I still felt the connection between him and Hiro! We really cared about him! Disney is really good at doing that! As awesome as this movie is, I don't really think it deserved the Oscar considering How to Train Your Dragon 2 was also nominated! That movie, in my opinion, was WAY better! And why didn't Lego Movie get nominated!? I still really like Big Hero 6 though! Very fun movie and a great superhero film! Looking forward to the T.V. series!

9 Sky High
10 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is such a visually entertaining movie! Total mind trip! This has some of the best visual effects I've seen in a while! Well actually I felt like the CGI for Dormammu was very obvious! But other than that, great visuals! Each actor gave excellent performances! They were perfect for their roles! This movie has some flaws though. How was Strange able to create a time loop in the Dark Dimension if time doesn't exist in there? That scene even had the most popular line in the movie! Also, there are two post credits scenes. One is a mid-credits scene and the other is an after credits scene. I felt like the two scenes should've switched places since the after credits scene was more important than the mid-credits scene. In Avengers, the more important end credits scene was put in the middle of the credits whereas the comedic one was put after the credits. That's how it should always be! Despite this movie's flaws, it's a great movie!

The Contenders
11 Black Panther
12 Avengers: Infinity War
13 Avengers: Endgame
14 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
15 Thor: Ragnarok
16 Iron Man
17 Incredibles 2
18 Up, Up and Away
19 Iron Man 3
20 Ant-Man

An Ant-Man movie can either be really good or really bad! In this case, it was really good! Which surprised me! Paul Rudd was an excellent choice to play Ant-Man! There's a lot of CGI in this film but it looks excellent! Of course, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids used practical effects and looked awesome, but with the kind of technology studios have these days, they like to take advantage of it. I also find Ant-Man to be the funniest MCU film! Almost every joke had me laughing out loud! I am really looking forward to Ant-Man and the Wasp!

21 Lilo & Stitch
22 Leroy & Stitch
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