Worst Bob's Burgers Episodes

Bob's Burgers is a great show but sometimes it isn't that good.

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1 Human Flesh

Lousie was the worst

Disgusting, badly-written with obnoxious, unlikable characters. The main characters were so terrible, Hugo was actually the best character in the episode. Imagine that!

It was the first episode and the worst

I wouldn't say this episode was bad, but there are much better episodes. - LittleLemonDork

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2 Horse-Riderer

Watching Tina perform her routine on the imaginary horse was downright cringey. And then to have the other girls impressed and jealous of her was just unrealistic.

Can't believe they put THIS episode up for an Emmy. Normally, I'd want Bob's Burgers to win the Emmy, but I am SO glad they lost with this one! - courtney1

Both the plot and the subplot were bad. The subplot was subpar, and the main plot was boring. And Jericho was annoying as f***.

It's the worst episode in the world it should be deleted and never seen by any human on earth

3 Sacred Couch

This is my least favorite out of the entire series. Linda is just awful. None of the characters work at all.

INFURIATING episode. They clearly need a new couch, even more so after Louise literally cracks it in half. Louise and Bob spend 75% of the episode convincing the others to get a new couch, spend $500 on it, just to completely change their minds in the last 5 minutes and give the new couch to teenagers to set on fire. Just to save their old, broken, smelly, too small disaster couch. I skip it every time to avoid the headache that comes with watching it...

Louise breaks the couch so they could buys another one. They get a new one. Kids try to burn it. They replace the old couch with the new one. Why? - Ilikegames

Ugh! Stupid waste of 20 minutes.

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4 Spaghetti Western And Meatballs

Louise was such an unbearable little brat, oh my God! People say she developed in this episode because she cried and revealed she liked spending time with Gene and Bob, but I could not stand her. Her becoming immediately jealous and not letting Gene and Bob have ONE thing they liked to do together was so unbelievably bratty and self-centered. When Bob told her to apologizes to Gene, I thought she'd do it, since the show is good at making people admit when they're in the wrong. Instead, she CRIED, and THEY had to apologize to HER! This episode made me HATE Louise.

5 Dr. Yap

Someone else agrees this is the worst episode.

This episode was so disgusting and disturbing! The imagery was highly inappropriate, and Gayle is so annoying!

This episode went out of its way to be very disturbing. I also HATE episodes that have Gayle as a main character! - Heyo_Simba

I Hate Gale, she was REALLY annoying in this episode

6 My Big Fat Greek Bob

Get this to the top was really disappointed after seeing this episode. But even though this episode was bad it is way better than any of the new family guy episodes. Just Saying

This episode was too fast paced

Yeah this one wasn't that good

Not that good, but I liked it still - Fireboy

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7 Mother Daughter Laser Razor

Linda and Louise were both intolerable in this episode. I hate their relationship, it's so damn typical. And the subplot was bad.

8 Bed and Breakfast

This episode is horrible. It's just awful that Teddy has to punished in manners like this. Not only is this episode poorly written, it was a Teddy Torture Porn. I've noticed that some newer episodes incorporate something similar. This episode is difficult to watch, so if you see this one on autoplay or Adult Swim, you should find something else, or find a different episode. 0/10

Characterizations were all off and the episode as a whole was very awkward.

9 Family Fracas

3/4 of the episode shows how hard the Belchers worked to Win a new van, and all that for what? For the Pestos to come in and beat them? Supposedly the Belchers won in the end because Jimmy doesn't know how to change a tire, but guess what? Bob helped him! Terrible episode. - Fireboy

Easily the worst. This is one of the most hated Bobs Burgers episodes

One of the weakest episodes of bobs burgers

Jimmy pesto never deserves to win

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10 Food Truckin'

The only good part of this episode was when that lady was singing that oil spills song

This episode was alright I guess

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11 God Rest Ye Gentle Mannequins

I agree I didn't like this episode

It was just weird

12 The Runaway Club

Tina and Tammy were BOTH intolerable in this episode, and the subplot was stupid and bizarre--not in a good way.

13 Purple Rain-Union
14 Bob Day Afternoon

No. This episode was awesome.

15 Sacred Cow

It was a alright episode

16 Nude Beach
17 Full Bars
18 Synchronized Swimming

Actually my favorite, just want to put that out there...

This one just bores me which is weird because I'm a suuuch a big fan of the show itself.

19 Lobsterfest
20 Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now

I enjoyed the subplot involving the rat, but the main Tina love story was cringeworthy and annoying.

The entire episode was just singing and I hate the way Tina’s character has evolved...she’s just annoying. What a terrible episode to start the season.

21 Lice Things are Lice

Unfunny and forgettable. Ruined Gayle and Frond's relationship for no good reason, and it wasn't even a good episode to make up for it!

22 The Wolf of Wharf Street

Worst Halloween episode yet all of the Halloween episodes have been crap since Fort Night

23 Topsy

Hate. Just sheer pure loathing

I just thought this one was boring and lame



24 Torpedo

Final episode of the first season

25 Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-Mercial
26 Weekend at Mort's
27 The Unnatural

I always skip this episode when going down the list. Gene signs up for a baseball camp and even though he doesn't learn anything he magically wins a wager or whatever in the end, leaving Bob to once again lose a crap ton of money.

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