Top 10 Worst Canadian Prime Ministers

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1 Justin Trudeau Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP (born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician who is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (assumed office November 4, 2015). He is the leader of the Liberal Party and the second-youngest Canadian prime minister after Joe Clark. His father, Pierre more.

Justin and the Liberal government agenda have succeeded in driving all businesses away from Canada.
The oil sector and the auto manufacturing sector have all but deserted the country. Poor political representation and dialogue (Saudi Arabia and USA) has created various animosities with political allies.
Lack of strong leadership in dealing with Indigenous peoples has resulted in a display of anarchy amongst them.
It is very frustrating as a Canadian voter to observe the Canadian economy in a free fall with no obvious leadership to steer us in the right direction.

He is a case study as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. All about ethics and fairness and is completely unethical and unfair/ especially to the West. His failed compromises and weak cabinet have collectively killed the economy and upset numerous groups while preaching virtues to his base and using his b-acting skills to promote soft issues. No strong policies taken on and the reason why many have lost faith in Canada as a viable provider of economic opportunity and social liberty. Sad.

Self centered. Went on a lot of vacations at the Canadians expense. Reinvented "Selfies". Does not have Canadian views in mind. Proposed and supported censorship. Allowed refugees quick status so they could vote in the next election. Was an embarrassment to Canadians at the Summit. Has no idea about policies. Favors Islamic values over other religious views. Does not support the oil sands. Introduced Carbon Tax on Canadians. Re established Parliamentary meetings to better support his personal needs. Increased his income. Over spend unnecessary upgrades to PM home. By far, the WORST "prime minister" ever for Canada. Written by a long time Liberal supporter.

Trudeau is a complete failure at everything he does. Welcomes radicalism into Canada, runs $20 billion deficits to no purpose. He is killing the economy and business. Responsible for killing 3 pipelines that would have added billions to the economy. Has totally screwed up immigration while using the RCMP as bellhops for illegal immigrants. Has removed the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and is slowly turning the country into a police state. Bought off the mainstream media with a $600 million bribe. Thinks Canada is only 100 years old. Is apparently unaware we have already had a female prime minister. Has implemented a crippling carbon tax despite the fact that Canada is, in fact a net negative carbon dioxide emitter. Gets India to invest $250 million in India, but we have to invest $750 million in India first. Continuously complains about identity politics--and then uses identity politics. He is an ignorant, immature trust fund baby who has never grown up and has been ...more

2 Stephen Harper Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian politician and member of Parliament who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015. He was the first prime minister to come from the modern Conservative Party of Canada, which was formed by a merger of the Progressive Conservative more.

The most useless PM ever in the history of Prime Ministers. A right winged religious nutter who muzzled scientists and was a pathological serial liar to boot. Should have been locked up for treason and lots of other stuff too many to mention here. his total disregard for the S.C.O.C. was sickening.

Use to think Brian Mulroney was the worse, thanks to Stephen Harper Mulroney is phenomenal.
Stephen Harper, "Arrogant and Self-serving." This is why we (Canada) should copy the United States 2 term limit for the Leader.

Never saw a recession because he used Billions of CPP and taxpayers hard earned money to bail out the corrupt banks, car manufacturing etc. Banks today keep screwing us thanks to this ass hole.

He's hypocrite and a liar, he hate province of the Canadian East like Quebec, New Foundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Mad peoples from Quebec like Montreal, St-Isidore and Gatineau can beat him out

3 Pierre Elliott Trudeau

The man single most responsible for the destruction of Canada. Junior is expediting the process because he's an idiot and has Agenda 21 advisors. Pierre actually did it on purpose and for all of his sins, he was definitely NOT a stupid person.

He altered the lending rules to neuter the BOC and borrow from world banks. He ran up a $200 Billion debt unprecedented in the face of 15 + % interest rates. The federal budget was $90 Billion and he added $30 Billion a year in interest payments compounding. Canadians have paid over $1.5 Trillion in interest since 1974.

He did more to divide Canadians and increase Western alienation than any other PM past or present excepting his spawn Justin. PET was certainly a most arrogant and narcissistic person. Should have stayed with the Communist party where he was first.

He dropped us into a stagflation hat took years to resolve. I don't care what else he's done because it doesn't fix his frivolous spending and incompetence in keeping Canada's finances afloat.

4 Paul Martin
5 Brian Mulroney

Total American Arse-Kisser. Gave us the 'beloved' GST and today we are still paying HST in Ontario.

6 Jean Chrétien

This is the man who infamously stated that "A few million dollars may have gone missing" in the sponsorship scandal. He came within a percentage point of losing the country, and was set to make it worse by talking of using the army to keep Quebec in Canada if the separatists won. He called an early election because "Stockwell Day challenged him". He was incredibly arrogant toward the west referring to westerners as "The forces of darkness" during an election, and told British Columbians that we didn't have any real issues as we fought a lonely battle against the Americans during the softwood lumber dispute. Finally he stood beside Hedy Fry as she stood in parliament and falsely accused the city of Prince George of "burning crosses as we speak". No one person has done more to hurt Canada's unity than this walking disaster.

9/11 he didn't address the country like a true leader should. Thought Canada started in ontario and ended in quebec.

The amazing do-nothing that got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

7 Kim Campbell

Did not do anything for this country lost her seat in a landslide in q993 so shame on champbell we do not think she would be first women pm she disgraced me.

Easily, Not really her fault though she only ran for a few months.

8 William Lyon Mackenzie King

An anti-semite who's government did not allow jews fleeing Hitler into the country, in his Canada the magna carta was trampled on, communists were outlawed, Quebecs padlock laws, trusted Hitler, did not do anything about Danny Draper, led the nation with "visions" and crystal balls, ignored the Depression, and more.

He should be first but surprisingly he is not in the top ten list I mean at leased put him in third

9 Joe Clark

Served less than one year between 1979-1980.

10 R.B. Bennett

The worst. Was not a bad guy or ruthless or tyrannical just not a good politician and made everything worse during the great depression.

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11 John Turner
12 John A. Macdonald

The worst... Google The Indian Act!

13 John Diefenbaker
14 Arthur Meighen

I had never even heard of this guy!

15 Lester Pearson
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