Top Ten Worst Clarence Characters

This is the list about the worst characters from the cartoon network show Clarence, and remember this is all my opinion so if you don't agree with this list then you can vote some of the characters.

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1 Clarence

Aaaahh! When I grow up, I would be a critic. Why? This is the weirdest cartoon/character I have ever seen who is the largest moron in all history of cartoons! They repeat the same unneeded cartoons which are frustrating, annoying, and a large waste of time. The characters are the worst. Their drawings are terrible and when they talk, they always seem to pause, like they are thinking of Scrooge McDuck or Yogi Bear hitting someone with a hammer in their heads. The morals are the worst. Clarence never seems to get smarter and the music that plays again and again while he is screwing up will definitely make your ears bleed. Their jokes are the worst. They copy cartoons, companies that include subliminal messages, and they make jokes similar to other jokes in other shows that don't need to be included in any reason. The characters act like they had drugs last Thursday. This show sucks, and it is all because of that drunk, sick man who's name seems to be Skyler Page, the most horrible man ...more

He should be number 1 worst character. What a disgusting, filthy, moronic slob. He is gross - those two rounded teeth in that mouth turns my stomach, his voice, behaviour, just everything about him creeps me out. Everything is "fun" and funny to him - no matter how tragic a situation. He is a smiling face, phoney "happy face" kid that is a devious, little con artist, hustler and thief that has no concept or respect for other people or his surroundings. He is like a bulldozer that tears through life and wrecks everything around him. His character screams the makings of a filthy criminal, bum and pervert when he grows up. This is not even a lame attempt to be a spoof for this character. There is not one second of any episodes that comes close to funny. I got very angry when I did catch a show. Very poor programming for children. I don't even want to every find out who does his voice. The writers? I don't know what is wrong with that team. Epic fail in my book.

It is this guy. Clarence. While Skylar page got this guy, He's probably thinking, "Oh! He must be my leading stars! Just listen to what an angelic voice he has! " Oh, wait, He is the actor of Clarence. Watch an episode with him, I'm serious about his terrible voice. I'm being sarcastic. Just listen how non worse he is than Jar Jar Binks scractching a blackboard while dealing with howling dental patients. I would rather like this to be called Sumo, because watching Sumo destroy a boat for his dad because he is really awesome. Why is Clarence even on?! Critics actually like this piece of crud that they actually like it. Did my critic see poop with flies around it on the chalkboard in the episode of Sumo's boat... (I don't know what it is called. ) Good job Cartoon Network, good job!

I get it, besides he's a fatso. And he's 9 years old, he sounds like an old man on crack

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2 Belson

I actually like Belson because he hates Clarence. Good job, Belson! Woo hoo!

We'll how about Belson, the only normal kid in this insane asylum in which I want him to poke him in the eye and throw him in the ocean. Then In will make him the president. I went to far. Whoops! - PancakeGuy2221

After watching Clarence for some time now, I can't stand Belson and his terrible attitude.

Yeah! Agreed

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3 Mary

Mary? Oh, heck, yeah! This character is also the worst, similar to Granny Jojo from The Amazing World of Gumball, and I blame her and Skyler Page, for making the disgusting, filthy, pig-like animal, Clarence. Mary never seemed to help Clarence and show him to be smarter. In fact, I think all she did was play Flappy Bird on her Samsung phone a bajillion times. She never taught Clarence to behave, but only treat Clarence like a slob. A terrible, scary, lazy and double chinned slob. And that smile! Yeesh! I still have nightmares...P. S, I would like to switch Mary and Clarence, and put Clarence on Number One. There is no way I can show my interest on this terrible show. Here is what Clarence teaches to show strength and excellency. 1. He teaches people to act violent and cruel and completely stupid and ignorant. 2. He wants kids to listen to his unnatural jokes, and for kids to eat six boxes of cereal with eight liters of milk. He also wants kids to steal and act as naughty as possible, ...more

If you didn't like that dumb ass walrus, then how about Mary, the terrible parent who barely cares for him at all! She is always playing Candy Crush on her phone and too bad she doesn't take care of Clarence! Because I can't wait when he falls off a cliff! That way I can dance on his grave! - PancakeGuy2221

She's not a bad character she takes care of Clarence and chad especially in later episodes I haven't seen her play on her phone in fact I've seen every episode I think everyone is mixing her up with someone else

She doesn't care about clarence,the only thing this whale wants its eat,eat and eat.

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4 Courtlin

Okay, make up your mind, stupid! Do you like Clarence or not?! You are always saying, "Clarence you're ruining so and so! " Then you think positive! Then you think he's weird! Make up your mind!

I know right. " (Courtlin impression) Clarence, you are ruining and meh meh meh" I mean shut your mouth, Courtie.

5 Ms. Baker

She doesn't yells at classmates when they get in trouble and is a bad teacher

Sexist. She ran that damned test she's terrible

I don think she cares about how good her students are.

I hate miss backer

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6 Kimby

This one episode, she was crying because a little bit of her hair was cut off. Hardly any was gone. Is she a spoiled brat who only cares about her hair?

Kimby hardly even talks she is just a side character that shouldn't be in the show

This girl is such a spoiled brat! All she clearly does is only playing with her stupid hair that DOES NOT even look like one. Now I really want to chop all her hair off until she is bald.Oops went to far!

Just...girl! Your hair isn't that important!

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7 Sammy

Sammy is actually friends with a chubby idiot who doesn't even bother to take care of dumb ass Clarence. IF I WAS HIS PARENT, I would throw him off a cliff and set it on fire.

If clarence was my kid I take care of him and teach him unlike his dumbass parents they suck

That's illegal + you can get arrested for that, you know that right?

8 Jeff

This character is the second worst! This guy is really embarrassing. Why? Because he likes to be perfect and weird. He would have a so called friend named Clarence who shows his butt at the screen, is a total dumb ass, steals somebody's fries, would never listen to his best friend (Jeff) that there is fiber glass in the wall, not cotton candy, and would say that life should be like a dead frog. What a total dumb ass. Jeff thinks that he is perfect. But he isn't. Because he is friends with Clarence, he is a derp bag and is a smart aleck.

Everybody who says that Jeff is the worst you are WRONG! He is smart and awesome and even though he looks like Steve or his voice is annoying, how would you like it if you were on this list for meanest person ever? And don't watch this show if you hate any of these characters! Why are Clarence and Sumo on the list!? YOU SHOULD DIE! The creators of Clarence worked hard to get him on the showGO DIE IN A HOLE!

Jeff haters! You do not see what Jeff does
True-He does has an annoying voice, but that doesn't matter
The reason why he is my second favourite character is because he actually is the mature one of the group and actually is the most thoughtful one
Why is Both Jeff And Sumo on the list?

I know right, he dosen't care about no one, all he cares about is himself. He's selfish, weird, nuts, and he is such a brat!

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9 Sumo

Sumo is awesome he is better than all the characters on uncle grandpa put together

Sumo is actually the funniest and smartest in the cartoon. So, to those people who hate this character... SOwwY.

Sumo is probably the first character I liked from Clarence, before liking Jeff.
He is funny and he might sound like he is 90 or dumb as he may be, he is one of the only SANE people in the show

" sumo is awesome" " sumo is the best"
Stupid sheep, just coping each other...

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10 Gilben

Gilben should be the worst character to be honest. He is creepy and all he does is stand there, in the middle of no where and when he talks, everything goes silent and you can here this creepy, heavy breathing. In one of the episodes he punches Jeff without using his fists? It's pretty creepy.

So what is he, some statue? Doll? Something? Does he speak through brain waves or something? Is he a robot? Remember when a bolt hit him in suspended before hitting ms baker's mug, it was freaky, well because nothing happened to him

Gilben I don't know him but I bet he's just as moron as I don't know... Clarence

I have a theory that he's a stalker

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11 Joshua Maverick

Why does he have lots of jobs like Larry from Gumball? And seriously, I don't get how he was some chicken thing in Rough Riders Elementary. Why are Jeff and Sumo on here?

It ain't his fault that Clarence ruined his life for every single job. No wonder he's irritated

He is a sad man, that lost an eye and a hand, I think He will lose his leg too.

This fool rip offed Larry from TAWOG.

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12 Percy

I love the show but I HATE PERCY HATE HIM. He's always howling this irritating scream, he's obviously mentally disabled which is whatever but he's just too hard and annoying whiny to handle

I feel bad for Percy. He can do nothing, and he always sounds sad - Tabbygirl

He should be treated nicer

He doesn't even have fingers,what is this? ,powerful girls?

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13 Ms. Shoop

She takes away their playground in lots playground

She is the worst teacher EVER why would you blame Clarence for wasting 5 extra minutes of his resess after she is in front of Clarence!

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14 Chad

This idiot looks like a gorilla on drugs.

What a big weirdo. Hi looks like a chimpanzee - Tabbygirl

15 Chimney

I think chimney is an outstanding dog.

Chimney is I don't know what kind of dog but he is the second best (keyword; best) character in the entire fecking show

16 Tinia

Even though Clarence is stupid and annoying, he does have his likeable moments and is a great person overall. Tinia is a manipulative, selfish brat who got Clarence into trouble

17 Sandy
18 Mr. Reese

He doesn't do anything seriously

He's not a principal, he's another teacher

How is that guy even a principal

He spits coffee on students

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19 Nathan

He is so Dumb. - blst0033

20 Dustin

I feel bad for Dustin. He is always getting hated on. I wish he wasn't one of those weak links. The writers always make him the weak link. For once in his life, could he just get some respect? He doesn't like Belson, he hates him. I'm not saying I'm judging you, Dustin dislikers, but he might be hiding a secret between his "friendship" with Belson.

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