Ludicrous Lists: Worst Countries To Live In

Turkeyasylum The list I am doing a Ludicrous Lists post on is "Worst Countries To Live In". The whole list is racist towards Africa, Asia, and many other groups. For example, some racist added a series of about three comments on why you should stop aiding Africa. He claimed, without any evidence, that they will become "materialistic, racist, sexist..." and the list goes on and on. Without evidence to back it up, those comments make no sense, and that's why I made replies to every single one of them.

Also, the list featues places like the United States, Canada, and Australia on there for no good reason. And there are loads of comments like this: "everyone there is arrogant". That's speaking for an entire country, mister. Think before you speak.

Back to how racist the list is, there were another series of comments racist towards Africans, about why they hate people in Africa. They went on and on in a long reply rant, and had zero evidence to back anything up. But here's what I do not get, these comments and replies have several thumbs up. They even said they wanted to slaughter Africans. Why are people so racist? If anything, they are the people who deserve to be slaughtered.

I also saw negative comments towards Middle Eastern countries about them having Islam as their primary religion being bad. Islam isn't a bad religion. That isn't a piece of evidence on why not to love in a country, it's a cultural fact. And cultures should be respected, and respect others.

So, I bombarded the list with replies to those racists arses, saying that they are being racist and ignorant. But this isn't gonna be enough to save the negative nature of this list. In conclusion: Racism still exists, and it's strong. And racism needs to end. Period.

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