Top Ten Worst Crimes Committed by the Human Race


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21 Kill Thousands of Animal Species

It's wrong what some people do some people are rude and selfidh people don't think they do whatever they want to do they don't think about animals living how mean of people to kill thousands of species it's terrible and it's wrong to do people who do that crap are disgusting and there sick in the head

22 Kidnapping

kidnapping people who kid kidnap other people are rude selfish evil pathetic and disgusting kidnappers are the most disgusting people on earth well one of them kidnapping is stupid and it really needs to end now

Kidnapping is stupid I can't stand people being kidnapped its wrong what some people do people who kidnap need to be sent to prison for the rest of their life because they aren't normal and there sick in the head

Kidnappers are demons they all belong to satan because of how evil they are they are the dumbest people on earth

Kidnappers aren't even people there demons

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23 Suicide Attack V 1 Comment
24 School Shooting V 1 Comment
25 Homosexuality V 1 Comment
26 Arson
27 Rape

It is wrong it should be punishable by death if I were a ruler it would be punishable by death

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28 Domestic Violence
29 Child Abuse

This is just wrong why would someone do something like this

30 Air/Water Pollution
31 Stealing
32 Selling Illegal Drugs
33 Lying

Lying is worse than cussing. It really is.

34 Torture
35 Pedophilia
36 Necrophilia

That's just disgusting. Who would do that. - SammySpore

37 Bestiality
38 Grave Robbing

Show respect for the dead, come on

39 Vandalism

Screw vandalism it's wrong and stupid what people do people are rude and selfish to each other not all of them are though

Kids who vandalize other people properties are rude selfish pathetic and mean they have no life

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40 Grave Defiling
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